Why Future Doesn't Just Happen To Us
By jona bryndis, Nov 6 2018 08:59PM


Most of us perceive our reality as if Life is happening to us. We feel as if it's constantly pushing us to our limits, attacking our status quo, controlling our thoughts, challenging our emotions and ultimately destroying/aging our bodies. If we were simply physical bodies with a mind, emotions and a soul that was true. But we are not. We are SOULS WITH A BODY, MIND, AND EMOTIONS. As living Souls, our life here in this 3D reality, which by the way, was chosen by our True Self before conception, is a temporary, but voluntary experience of restricted time and space. Upon the end of our physical experience, we return to our eternal state of existence.

Regardless of what our spiritual belief system is, the thought that there is an END OF ALL THINGS & EXISTENCE ITSELF upon our physical death is a somewhat childish assumption. Not to sound judgmental, but how could all that exists cease to exist just because your physical form is transmuting? Of course you are not believing this, otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this, but give it a few more seconds of contemplation. Isn't your fear of the future ultimately determined by your fear of 'running out of time', because your death would end everything?

Isn’t the assumption that the future holds the end of all things the reason for all our struggles and suffering?




If I told you that you had unlimited attempts to figure out life, wealth, love, abundance and/or health, depending on which you would pick as your priority for this lifetime, how would this change your attitude towards your life? Would you feel more relaxed? Would you have less fear of making mistakes? Or would you not even try, because you know you can come back and get as many make overs as you want?

Ask yourself, how your life would be different if you were in total control of your circumstances, relationships, money, and health. If there were no fears whatsoever, and if what other people think about you is merely a reflection of their own limitations? What does this question trigger in you?

How do you feel about your current conditions of life?

What is your current struggle?

What is your biggest fear?

What have you accepted as your current 'normal' life?

What would you do differently if you had the power to change anything in the past, present or future?

Let's say, there were no limitations to your co-creator powers, what would you change? Where would you start? Past? Present?

Or would you simply wish for a 'new' future?



Talking about CHOICES and being the co-creator of our future makes most of us cringe. The idea that we are in power of changing our lives brings up negative emotions. 'I am happening to my life' rather than 'life happens to me' makes us feel like a loser, victimized, guilty, worthless or not deserving - if we belong to the more cynical people amongst us we simply dismiss this idea as a fantastical new age meme.

So, how can we turn our existence here into a fun game, something that continually upgrades and grows, a process that we can enjoy and look forward to, rather than dreading the currently perceived perpetual repeat of misery?

First, let's wrap our minds around a few code breakers...



1. We chose to be here. The only way for us to come into existence in this reality is our consciousness observing ourselves into reality. This part of us is buried in our subconscious. We call this Remembrance.

2. Opting out is not an option. The more we refuse to live and love the more we suffer. It may not be apparent, but by choosing to not love ourselves we actually choose to live our own hell on earth. This too is chosen subconsciously.

3. Repeat is a sign that we are not getting something. No matter what we perceive as a struggle, be it continual money, health or relationship problems, they don't just occur to us. They are the reflection of our conscious and subconscious past choices.

4. We perceive what we align ourselves to see. What we accept as our reality may be real to us, but that doesn't make it true. Due to our ego's nature what we perceive as 'normal' to what we subconsciously agree to.

5. The way I see myself determines the way my life aligns itself to me. Our normal is what we believe we deserve. Everything around us is what we settled for; what we feel we can manage; what we feel comfortable coping with. Whether we like it or not, our current life is the direct reflection of what we subconsciously choose.

6. We wouldn't choose this is there wasn't something in it for our ego. All agreements, whether they are conscious or not, promise a pay-off to our ego.

7. Everything is just energy. Every state we experience is merely an energy field we are aligned to. The fact that we can observe our current state (thoughts, emotions, physical sensations) proves to us that there must be a higher state available to us. The vast majority of what we experience is the result of what we subconsciously accept as 'normal'.

8. The way we feel about ourselves right now is merely the reflection of our most recent past. How confident, courageous, lovable or successful we feel is relative to what we have been experiencing in the past 60 days tops. Most of us live in the past to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.

9. Yes, we are accountable for all our choices. This reflects in our fear of judgment. All choices are recorded and stored in our energy field. Incongruent choices haunt us like shadows until we replace them with more congruent choices. Our inner darkness is nothing but our attempt to hide or forget about failures in the past.

10. Karma is a bitch! Unresolved, unconscious or hidden shadow aspects will catch up with us. Either in this or a future lifetime/existence. The record of all choices within us exists beyond our current existence. The present moment is the zero-point in the time-space continuum in which we can change our karma and with it our future (and past).

11. Our present future is merely a trajectory. It is made up by the sum of our all our subconscious and conscious choices determined by our energetic alignment in your most recent past. Changing our alignment in the present changes our future. If we don't change 'We do well on what we dwell on,' and 'What we resist will persist.'

12. Our future is determined by our subconscious choices in the present. Accepting our 'normal' misery means agreeing to live by realigning ourselves to the past. If we do the same as we have done in the past, we will get the same results. Changing the way you see yourself right now changes your future.

You get the gist of it...



No matter what you think has caused your life's circumstances, suffering or successes, chances are that 80% of your choices weren't even conscious. They were determined by karma, social conditioning, family values, current collective energies and most recent events in your life.

The reason why you feel your life is happening to you is because - it is.

While this may be a frustrating realization, the simple truth of this insight could help you to make a leap into a changed future trajectory. How can we use this knowing and turn it into tangible results and a better future?

Most of you already know that intellectually understanding these paradigms alone is not enough to change our future. Sure, it somehow feels soothing for a moment to mentally retreat into the concepts of karma non-duality, retro-causality, entanglement, and universal energies, but does this really help?

Energetically seen we cannot really cut ourselves off from our ego-mind. We need to find ways that allow our mind to advance while still gnawing on the old bone. In order to get our ego into the boat of out-vibrating the matrix of human thinkingness and mindsets, we will have to work with mental phrases and affirmations. But ultimately, it isn't the mind that will make these changes - it's our heart that remembers the truth in these statements.

What can motivate us to grow beyond our own limitations of the past is not our mind, but a renewed heart-based Vision of Ourselves as co-creators of our lives.



#1 Remember, the ego/mind cannot transcend itself.

So, don't try to approach your FUTURE SELF with wanting to maintain your current status quo. Most of what you experience as comfort or control is an ILLUSION OF YOUR EGO. As I've laid out above, 95% of your reality is, in fact, the result of unconscious choices based on EGO COPING with reality.

#2 Don't push into nor wait until you get a more clear guidance.

Chances are, even though it's always there, you aren't trusting the existing True Self guidance anyway. Instead, ALIGN YOURSELF to simply not repeating your past. DISRUPT ANY KARMIC PATTERN by simply stating to yourself that this will do nothing but produce the same results as in the past. even if you mentally understand this, the GRAVITY OF YOUR EGO is more than anybody can handle, as it's linked to our fear of death. So, don't try to bargain with God, that's just another way how your ego thinks it could outsmart the dilemma of the duality of human 3D life. Understand, that whatever you perceive as manageable is what's most likely below your standards and ultimately holding back from becoming the GREATER YOU you can feel in there somewhere.

#3 Take an Honest Inventory of Your 'normal'

Investigate which of your circumstances (that you have subconsciously accepted as 'normal') are conducive for you and which aren't. Work with your body, emotions, mind, relationships, and make CONSCIOUS CHOICES that reflect a more self-loving and life-embracing attitude. If your most recent choices are LIFE DEMOTING, such as lack of exercise, poor food choices, scarcity of money, absence of love or joy in your life, presence of guilt and self-berating thoughts, your current reality is based on a NEGATIVE VISION OF YOURSELF, which inevitably set's you up for failure or often even sabotages efforts to change.

#4 Accept Your Ego Won't Agree With Change

The truth of your EGO REALITY is that it won't agree to change until the pain of staying where you are at becomes greater than the fear of the unknown.

#5 Embrace Your Unknown Future By Renewing Yourself

Understand that life is a continual RENEWAL AND EVOLVEMENT OF SELF. It only takes 60-90 days to completely realign your energy to a NEW VISION OF YOURSELF - and no less than 1-2 years to manifest a NEW REALITY. Is this too much time for you?

#6 Invest In Yourself

Unless you invest in something your ego won't commit. The only reason why your ego keeps pulling you into what appeared as manageable in the past is because it makes it feel familiar. It invested in your life's circumstances, no matter how dysfunctional or painful they were and wants to know it wasn't for nothing. Familiar means 'less unknown - more manageable - less fear' for our ego, but is therefore also the reason why your circumstances are unlikely to change. Instead, do something you've never allowed yourself to do, that challenges you to invest in yourself. Start your own business or a new job to become financially more independent, hire a personal trainer to get your body back in shape, get massages, hire a cleaning professional, learn how to meditate daily, open yourself up for a new level of vulnerability and connection, or work with an abundance coach to do all of the above at the same time.

#7 Conscious Co-Creating Your Future Happens Primarily Through Letting Go of False Identity

Due to being human and having an ego that prefers what it can handle we constantly have to deal with our own duality. The gravity of being human pulls us into IDENTIFYING ourselves as a body that slowly deteriorates, emotions that keep reminding us of our past traumas and thoughts that judge us for our lack of better results. If we approach our life based on this duality there will be no end to our suffering! Without DISRUPTING OUR EGO/FALSE SELF CYCLE we inevitably keep re-energizing our past - which is exactly what subconsciously allows life to happen to us. Understand that, more of this is not better! Trying harder is not better! You energize what you identify with. Your FUTURE SELF is the extension of how you see yourself in the present and past.

#8 Reinvent Yourself Every Moment of Your Life - Become a True Self

If you want to change your future, then make your TRUE SELF happen to your life. Say No to your ego and your past failures. Internalize ALL successes and failures as needed learning experiences to evolve! Make it a daily game to challenge your ego and enjoy REINVENTING YOURSELF! Give yourself permission to BE YOUR TRUE SELF!



Thank you for your time and dedication!

Special thanks to all all participants of our recent COMING FULL CIRCLE energy work training combo who contributed to the creation of this in depth reflection!


Much Love,

jona bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Coaching




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