Trusting In the Healing Power From Within Our Heart
By jona bryndis, Aug 16 2018 10:00PM

There is an intuitive knowing that can lead us to health, wealth and happiness – a guidance system that allows us to heal ourselves no matter what the perceived problem is - but most of us don't trust in it. It feels vulnerable and we cannot find words to express what we don’t know we know. We believe that our mind knows better. Without being aware of this, we were programmed to believe that every aliment, pain or dis-ease can be cured with medication, therapy or treatment (even the ones we didn’t even know existed); that the ‘fix’ for every condition can be found somewhere outside of us. It objectifies our own condition and disconnects us from ourselves.

So, whenever there is something wrong with us we not only seek the cause but also the healing outside of ourselves, disregarding our Heart’s Guidance. There is a growing body of scientific evidence shows that our healing process goes much faster, smoother and more permanent if a person’s own spiritual self healing is involved.

How did we forget to trust in our own ability to feel what is needed to truly heal?

We have forgotten how to trust in our own powers!

What if we could access the healing power of our Hearts?


In our western cultures it is generally believed that healing can only happen through something from outside of us. Needless to say that this not only promotes our dependency to for example meds, but it also externalizes our healing powers all together. We feel alone, helpless and often powerless over our own conditions of the body, heart and mind. Not that there is anything wrong with seeking help from professionals, but for as long as we are externalizing our condition to others we are missing out on the intuitive message that lies underneath any dis-ease. What could we do if we regarded the connection with ourselves as the center of the healing process?

Our apprehension to connect within often stems from a fear of discovering a hidden darkness in us. It’s much easier to dissociate, blame or feel like a victim. In that way we don’t need to feel responsible! But this way of coping with when we cannot function or perform the way we expect from ourselves also creates an inner conflict. It builds layers upon layers of stored fear and protection around our hearts making it impossible for us to truly feel ourselves altogether.

On top of that, we are feeling overwhelmed by our developing energetic sensitivity. It makes us want to NOT FEEL and so, unconsciously in an attempt to shield ourselves from others, we are adding to the walls around our hearts. How can we break this cycle? We all sense that there must be more to our awakened energetic sensitivity than just constantly feeling bombarded or drained by other people’s energies. Could the purpose of this developing additional sense have something to do with healing?


Where do does this power reside? In our mind? In our consciousness? How can we re-learn to strengthen our heart-connection - the very part of us that is connecting us with our higher consciousness and higher guidance?

One reason for the ever-growing disconnection and helplessness many people feel is the turning away from spiritual healing. For some it is still obvious that faith and prayer are meaningful tools for getting through a crisis or disease, but for many others, including the modern spiritually awakened person it is still difficult to see hands-on energy practices as pathway for our personal healing or manifestation process. We seek enlightenment through books, articles, videos, workshops or metaphysical teachers and even try to learn about energetic healing techniques, mediations or energy work, but we forget to apply it. When not feeling good, all our knowledge goes out the window!

Healing Is A Process And Not An Event - It’s The Process of Regaining Trust In Our Own Ability To Heal & Love Ourselves Again

One part and this is often where we need to start, is removing the ill-making component; a person, condition or energy. We call this Clearing. The other is strengthening our inner system through inner Connection. It increases our physical, emotional and energetic immune system and makes us feel empowered. Clearing and Connecting can lead to more efficient ways to deal with whatever caused the disorder. It may not fix the problem right away, but our vibratory rate will increase and new solutions will become visible for us. The third and most practical phase of our self healing is Integrating. No matter how many affirmations, meditations or Yoga classes we attend, without our courage to willingness to become real and apply our spiritual insights into the practical we are still missing the link that contributed to our condition in the first place. We can get easily stuck in judging our problems as ‘not-spiritual’ and thus unconsciously sabotage our healing efforts.

Seeing our disease or unhappiness from an energetic viewpoint can help us to bridge this gap between our mental attitude and inner feeling about out condition. We can learn that everything is ‘just’ energy and that healing is a matter of shifting our energetic state to a faster vibrational frequency. Everything can therefore heal from within, provided we re-learn how to connect with our heart and reactivate our coherence with our inner innate self healing energies that allow us to reactivate and trust in our higher abilities to heal through our heart-connection.

Since healing and self-healing are not (yet) part of what is taught to us in school, we often feel lost and left alone with our search for true guidance. We don’t know how to really connect with our hearts. It has to be trained and practiced. Learning and experiencing our own heart’s healing powers is like learning a new language. It cannot be learned from books – we have to experience it for ourselves to trust in it! In other words, we have to become an active part in our own healing process – otherwise we could not internalize that it is OUR power that does the healing!


Here at transCODES we are dedicated to only practice and teach modalities that increase a person’s ability to self-heal and reconnect with their inner higher power.

One of our latest transMISSION modalities ‘Heart-Clearing’ was developed and recorded by Jeff Casper (, a prominent Etheric Surgeon and Energy Clearing Practitioner. In his remote energy sessions he guides us to learn how to clear our own energy field through our inner heart-connection, while observing our energetic process remotely and giving us individual feedback after the session.

In this extremely safe way of involving a person in their own energy clearing the invoked energy frequencies lead to a strong consolidation in our heart-center filling each layer of our energy bodies with the high vibratory resonance of our own inner Divine energy. This induces a high vibratory holographic energy field within a person, which then begins to resonate with any aspect not in balance or harmony and spontaneously clears it.

The main purpose of such an energetic clearing through our heart is becoming the ‘subject’ rather than being an object on our healing process. It allows us to witness our own self-healing abilities and motivates our entire energy system to move into self-correction rather than depending on an outside solution.

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