Hello All,

When there are times of energetic intensity or change either in our own personal lives or collectively, we can begin to experience heaviness, depressive or anxious states, or simply feeling ‘off’ our normal energetic level.

Clogged or lower energy also limits our ability to stay calm, let go of the past and move forward into new ways leaving us feeling a bit lost, energetically overwhelmed, and simply not clear.

Adding in that we are in the time of year where new ideas or wants are common, having lower or clogged energy, can affect our ability to manifest or even go for what we feel we need.

For those who are feeling overwhelmed or not sure how to clear or return to their center, you are not alone. And, if you find yourself seeking a bit of assistance in clearing your field to allow higher vibratory energies to aid you in change as well as to experience life with a fresh feel, not so burdened by all that has been occurring, I am offering the Energetic Clearings at a discounted price until the end of April.

The Energetic Clearings offered are interactive and allow me to assess your energetic system to determine where there are blocks in the flow of your energy. I then work with your energy to help remove or unwind these impediments to increase symmetry and proper energy flow in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or etheric part of your energy body.

And with this special, these sessions will also help to remove excessive or toxic emotions, negativity and any attachments that may be keeping you tied to old ways and binds that limit your connection with your Source.

Various psychological or behavioral patterns within you will also show up that are typically unresolved or hidden issues of the ego – sometimes called shadow traits – that need to be integrated and healed.

Energetic Clearing processes are suitable for everyone. They can help to create a more refined energy within allowing for old energies to be released and new manifestation energies to come in.

Typically, these sessions run $250, but for now until the end of April, the price has been lowered to only $150 for the Energetic Clearing session and an included coaching call to cover what came up.


The coaching call allows you to discuss further what was experienced to help understand or recontextualize what occurred or found in the clearing report.

Personal energy clearing work is really a wonderful way to assess where you are at and what is coming up for you to work on to go deeper into your journey.

If you are interested, please click here to be taken to the energetic clearing sign up page and choose the option that you would like, or email me at with any questions.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Founder of Selfunification

To learn more about clearings and energy work read: Energy Healing & Remote Energy Transmission Sessions Explained

Individual Clearing Sessions can really help with:

- Clearing excessive emotions or attachments

- Feeling or obtaining a new perspective on what it feels like to be clear and enhance your ability to go

into self-care and healing

- Enhance overall energetic levels to aid in connection, integration and letting go

- Reframing or recontexualizing various patterns or situations to allow for change and healing

- Chance to interact with a coach to help break down or enhance deeper understanding and what may be

better choices in your life (via email or coaching sessions) to help integrate and live more abundantly

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