Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your Trust and amazing Courage in this session!  It may have been a bit rough for some of you at times, especially if this was your first experience with remote energy work, as we loosened up a lot of old emotion and also stood and faced some aspects that perhaps we weren't even aware of before.  That could have resulted in feeling a bit exposed and raw.  Don't be surprised if those feelings continue for several days but they will dissipate as you all integrate the changes and new energies you were working with.

Many of you were in need of grounding so if you have access to nature, now would be a good time to be with it as much as you can.  Connect with the energies there and try to find some deep appreciation for all that it provides us with.  Make sure to drink plenty of water also in the upcoming few days at least as it helps the energies flow through all of your cells.  That's very beneficial when you align to the faster frequencies....allow them to flow through all of you, within, through and around.  Expect also that you may notice more vivid dreams and some sensitivity with the emotions for a while.  And, be mindful when communicating with others so that you can respond after the emotion dissipates a bit instead of reacting while under the influence of them.

We were assisted by some very beautiful energies very early in the session.  You may have felt this as comforting and soothing, like someone you Trust telling you everything was going to be just fine and it's ok to let go.  You may have remembered that you can do this same thing for yourself at have always had that power of course.  No outside permission needed!

The main healing resonances were Reconciliation, Unconditionality, Letting go in Love and Gratitude.  There will be much more in the report that you will all receive in the next few days but for now, there is really not much explanation needed for these to continue working with them as these resonances are known by almost everyone.  Try to remember the feeling of the session and be with it as often as you can to continue the processes that you all began today.  The best way is to repeat use of the recording or invocation, but, as some of you already know, you only need to go within to that place where you've felt Love before....Love of friends, family, children, or pets perhaps, even nature or that feeling that beauty brings up, and let it expand from your heart.  Just be that!

We hope you all had a good experience here and that you choose to interact with us a bit more by sharing your experience or asking questions here in the forum!  It is provided so that what we've all begun can continue and expand through sharing and reading.  It's often very helpful to realize that we are not at all alone, we all share in the same experience as that of an eternal soul in a physical experience as human.  Our brightest and darkest aspects are not unique to any of us.  Thanks again!

With Love,
Roger and Remote Prayers members

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transferred - originally posted by bijo on Fri Apr 1, 2016 at 11:09AM

thanks today  litres of water and it seems nothin  ..more faith and trust

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Dear Bijo,

thanks for sharing!

Yes! Energy Work can be like physical exercise!

If you have the time, here an article about "How Our Water Intake Can Influence Our Energy".

Would you like us to share what we saw for your personal energy? Just come back and ask questions if you have any - or simply give us permission to share.

Thanks for coming!


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transferred - originally posted by bijo on Sat Apr 2, 2016 at 1:41PM

thanks to u  i give permission to share yours

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Dear bijo,

Thank you for participating and posting!  We hope you had a good experience!  I'm glad you asked about the water intake as it is especially important for you because several of the codes you were working with went very deep.  It wouldn't surprise me if you experience ongoing changes for many days to come so staying adequately hydrated will be helpful.  You may have felt or are still feeling some discomfort in various locations in the body as you underwent a deep physical restructuring and there could also be a noticeable change in mood or energy levels as you cleared some hormonal and metabolic imbalances.  In addition, some clearing of genetic programming occurred to assist in a higher energetic capacity.  All very good!

Detachment, as the focus, seems to be right on for you at this time.  Challenging life circumstances can often pull all of our attention to what is happening around us and into projection, bringing anxiety and anger for example, in anticipation of some uncertain outcome.  Of course, there are many things that come to us in life that we cannot control but what we can control is our focus and the choices we make as to how we respond to what does come.

You may find some benefit in practice of meditation or regular time in nature for example, anything to help bring Stillness and Silence to the mind.  This can have a very calming effect and helps to become comfortable in a state of non-action, which is sometimes our best response.  Ideally, as you may be already aware, we strive, through practice and awareness, to re-establish and maintain the connection to our Inner Divinity through our heart center.  This is not in attempt to control what comes to us, but is great use of our power of choice to align to the faster frequencies of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness for example, that we have access to within our Higher Power.

When this alignment is what we choose, everything we experience is affected simply through our perception of it.  Another effect in this is its ability to often diffuse the tension in some situations.  When our perception is from Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, we then can see that the choices and actions of another, under similar circumstances may well be our own.  This is an outcome of realization that we are no better or no less than anyone else.  

You may want to feel out your view toward femininity as there was some anger observed in your field.  This appears to be connected to an inner child aspect and is quite possibly something that is currently just beneath your awareness.  If you feel drawn to look further into this, and have time and resources, there is an Inner Child transMISSION scheduled for next April 8th that may help open some of this up.  This particular modality can sometimes turn into a very interesting and eye opening adventure that can result in some very deep healing.

Some dark energies were also noted at your crown.  These can be negative sentiments or thoughts we hold and project toward others.  If you have a safe place for a fire, either outdoor or fireplace for example, spend some time sitting with the top of the head toward the fire, close enough to feel the warmth, and then running the fingers up into the hair and flicking toward the fire, imagining the dark energies being thrown to the fire.  This is a very effective method for clearing but it is up to us then to change what we hold and output.

If you feel on occasion, that you absorb the energies of others, be aware that when we project anything toward others, even in an attempt to be helpful with positive projection, we open ourselves to outside energies with the result being absorption.  Our best protection is to stay in our own heart and avoid pushing anything toward anyone.

In closing, may I suggest that you use the session recording whenever you can.  It can really help us to learn to let go of things and to Trust that there is purpose in all that comes to us in this life experience.

Thanks again!

With Love,

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Session Report & Reflection

Hi everyone,

We would like to thank you all again and hope you are doing well since your experience with Remote Prayers!  It's quite possible that many of you are now looking upon your life from a very different perspective and may have already come to a more peaceful place or were shown through your own inner guidance where changes are needed to help in your return to that.

The group was relatively large with a good mix of age, gender, some who have been with us before and some new, which is always nice for the energetic balance this can bring.

Overall, the session was very clearing, reflecting a high level of willingness for inner change that many of you chose to align to.  This is very positive as willingness is often the key that unlocks the first step upon a different path.

Although it's very common to feel that the hurdles we sometimes face are impossible to cross, from our experience and observations, often it is just the simplest of shifts needed to remove the hurdle completely.  For some of you in this session, Willingness to see from a slightly different perspective is all that was needed to begin the process.  Perhaps that realization was a significant part of your experience.

If you have joined with us before, you are probably already aware that our role as a group is basically to assist in maintaining an energetic environment that will help all participants to once again experience firsthand, possibly for the first time in memory, the energetic frequencies needed to reactivate their own self-healing and to share our observations as to what may be interfering with that.  Our reports therefore, can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming as the focus, for efficiency and most benefit, is often on the slower aspects that are performing as blocks.

It can be helpful to come from a place Gratitude for the inner Courage that allows you to face some of these aspects.   

The resonance that we aim to align to is Divine or Unconditional Love which is accessible through a portal in our heart center or Sacred Heart, as it is sometimes referred to.  Participation in a session is like a crash course in realignment in that the codes needed to clear the blocks are initiated through reading of the invocation as we are reunited with the Divine field of Unconditional Love established through the group connection.

This experience is often all that is needed to remember the path to our heart and inner Higher Power.

The entire process can occur within an instant if we are able to Trust and Surrender our resistance.  Through practice then, we can come to maintain our alignment and return our power of choice, no longer having to live under the control of the programs and patterns that we often unconsciously develop for our own protection and survival.

It is important that we all realize that the Divine field is already and always has been within us.  If we externalize it, we further distance ourselves, relinquish our only true source of power and open ourselves to other, sometimes less than desirable experiences.  The belief in separation from the Divine, if that is a view we carry, may be traced back to the birth experience and perhaps perpetuated by early caretakers or societal beliefs.

It is not unusual for the session energies to be of high frequency at the very start and one result of that is the immediate stirring up of anything not in resonance.  This can bring on physical pains or a number of often uncomfortable sensations or reactions.  This session was one of those, bringing almost instant heart pain.

As you might guess, this was indication that many of us were holding painful emotion around our hearts.  This is a common issue, emotion sometimes held out of fear of feeling it, to perpetuate a victim role in some cases or because of belief that expression of emotion is a weakness.  Personally, all of these reason's had to be worked through.

Also read: "Dealing with Excess Emotional and Mental Energies"  and "Dangers of Avoiding or Repressing Emotional Energies"

For some of you, there may have been tears as the safe environment assisted in letting go and release.  Emotion is nothing to fear or avoid, simply allow and feel it and it will dissipate, clearing the way for freer energy flow.

There was quite a variety of other physical sensations as follows;

* tightness in jaws
* tight and clogged throat
* back pain
* heaviness in much of the body
* head pressure
* 3rd eye pressure
* bloating
* limp arms

The most common issues for the group in this session were related to:

- Inner heart connection
- Family and Karmic Relationship issues. 

At a more individual level:

- Externalization of Divine/Source/God/Higher Power
- Dependence on others for self-worth and Love
- Need for Self-Love
- Need for focus and action
- Need for more conscious Gratitude.


In our experience, our inner connection is the key as we begin on a path of change and healing.  For many of us though, being in our hearts may be something new or just forgotten.  If you are drawn to learn more about this, check out this recent informative article by Jeff Casper: "How Do We Know that We Are Aligned to Our Hearts?"  

There is also a variety of services and products available that can provide assistance.  If you have interest but wonder where to begin, please email us for suggestion.

As mentioned in the forum opening, the main healing resonances for the session were Reconciliation, Unconditionality, Letting Go in Love, and Gratitude and you may already have noticed the importance of these resonances in relation to the common issues noted above. 

Session Reflection

There's strong feeling here now as I'm writing, that if you have desire to continue the processes you began by joining with us, some of you might find it very beneficial to make list, an inventory of things that need some attention.  If you're not sure, just sit quietly, align to your heart, ask yourself what needs taken care of, and note what comes.  Don't get stuck with anything for now, just note, shift focus back to the heart and continue.

If you find anger, fear, jealousy, regret or feelings of wanting to retaliate or get revenge for example, all related to past experiences, welcome to life as a human!  This list that you now hold, shows clearly, some of the remaining energetic ties and binds that act as clouds between you and your heart....they are a constant drain of your energy and are very effective at pulling you into the past or future, keeping you from living within the present moment, the NOW, our place of power.

It's quite possible that your list is shorter now than it would have been prior to your active participation here, as many of you were deeply involved in processing these types of issues during session, but know that it's likely there will still be a list.  Remember that our intent here is not to heal anything or anyone, as that is beyond our abilities, it is simply to assist in providing an environment within which you can remember, through direct experience, how to reclaim your own self-healing abilities, so your greatest benefit will be found in continued practice.

If your experience showed you the way to your heart and through that connection, to the Compassion, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love found there within the power of the Divine, you remember now, how to continue forward.  Be cautious of the common pitfall of seeing only the perceived wrongs of others in any experience, try to understand your own role and find the lessons that were offered.  Gratitude can be found in any experience if we are open to that choice.

As additional recommended practice; Take time daily in Appreciation for the Abundance in all that has nourished you; Look first within for Love, releasing others from your needs; Love yourself and reclaim your Soul!

Thank you again to all and know that there is still time to participate in the Prayer Forum if you are drawn to, whether just to share or would like to know more about what was observed for you personally.  Remote Prayers members will reply to all posts.

With Love,

Roger Schwartz

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