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Please feel free to share any pre or after session sensations/perceptions here. 

After session we will see there to report/discuss the session energies and you can inquire about your personal energies during the session!

Have a great experience!

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Hi Everyone!
  This was a beautiful soft session for me!  It felt very clearing and healing.  At one point I felt beautiful tears wanting to come out. Nice! I had a few resistances pop in but was able to maintain my heart connection.  Mostly jaw, ear and Atlas area. Felt almost like a band around my head in that area. Can still feel it a bit right now but subsiding.   Thank you all for participating! [smile] A wonderful session!
Much love-
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Thanks for this it was beautiful. I found it hard to come back to my heart my mind wondered a lot. I kept coming back to feel. At one stage I felt a deep peace. I became aware of how I avoid myself. I felt the sensations I had some itchiness and some irritation. Before the session I dreamt. Felt like the nightmare was my true self trying to show me that it's time to see myself as enough as I am and that it's time to let go of my fear of not being perfect or good enough. To embrace myself and beote gentle and unconditional in living myself and to love myself as I would my child. My son said he felt better today after the session. I don't tell him about the session. He was joyous and it made my heart smile. I feel so much gratitude for this. Thanks you to all who gave so selflessly to assist us. I appreciate it. 
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Dear All,

we just closed our wonderful session!

The remote healing went smooth and felt very soft, especially in the 2nd half.

We started out with lots of tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back (for some), temples and jaw - indicating that LETTING GO OF CONTROL is a central theme. Many of you had strong mental overlay - thoughts of not being good enough or the fear of making mistakes - meaning too much thinking and inner chatter, which is normal by the way...

The healing energies that came in for us were soft and connecting. The main process seemed to be RESTRUCTURING OF OUR ENTIRE ENERGY BODY, which might have felt a bit challenging for some of you. If you fell asleep, don't worry! The energy work took place regardless! However, you may wake up sore all over...

Work with your dreams...often the energies show up when we are in a less conscious state. Journal perhaps.

On a deeper level, old energies had to be let go of. A powerful erase/clearing of your deeper (in some cases karmic) dependencies took place. Many of you had issues with PLEASING AND CONFORMING, others had issues with ALLOWING ANGER  - both patterns can lead to an accumulation of toxic energies within, which is mainly what we worked on.

inifinity heart.jpg 

Most of our energy work was clearing your field from stored/excess emotional and mental energies. If you felt like crying, or had physical release symptoms then you are right on target! Allow this process - it may take a few more days...

Common energetic releases during energy work show as: Sighing, jawing, burping, sneezing, passing gas, or coughing, in which our body tries to get rid of stored physical, emotional or mental energies.


More complex energetic releases can be experienced through heat, heat waves, pulsing, tingling or vibrating, body movements, but also pressure, agitation or flaring up of chronic conditions (often skin or digestive system) in certain body parts.


The most common forms of emotional release are spontaneous crying/tearing up, but also sudden anger, fear or sadness (known as catharsis in psychology). But -

there are also positive forms of energetic release, which can be just as intense: sudden feelings of overwhelming love, joy or bliss or even climaxing are not uncommon in energy work!

After this initial clearing of our 5th and 6th Chakra, we went on to allow our emotional attachments (fear and loneliness for many) to energetically connect. The healing process itself happened through an INNER FUSION - first of our Heart and Mind and then of our Heart and Emotions. (see email for Chakra Charts)

This could cause a pretty intense feeling of pulsing, rotating or even nausea - if you felt this, know that this is part of your inner energies speeding up and doesn't need to feared!


The important thing now is to internalize your feelings and perhaps use new insights that may come forward in the next couple of weeks to implement changes in your practical life -- What can you let go that are more conducive for you?

Many of you received to prompting to drink more water! 

Please read here how our water intake can influence our energy and with it our state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being/health.

You all did very well! In the end a renewed surge of energy with the COURAGE TO CHANGE came in - and I wish you all that you can implement these changes with GRACE

I hope you all had a good experience! If time allows I will try to write a Session Reflection on the deeper energy work that took place during our session.

If you would like to better understand the deeper meaning of clearing and healing, please read here about the BASICS OF ENERGY HEALING & CLEARING

The Remote Prayer group is sending their gratitude for your trust!!!!

We love your feedback!
Please feel free to share, comment and TO ASK QUESTIONS here in this forum thread! Our Remote Prayer Group members and myself will comment and respond to your posts!

Thank you all for coming!

Much Love,

jona & remote prayers group
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Hi Everyone 
This was a very  strange  TransMISSION  for me  I try  connecting  to my heart , All I kept seeing  was flashes  of many things  like  images  of  shape, people , shadows  not sure  how  to describe  the rest
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Hello Beautiful,

Very interesting session. It felt like a tipping point that I was in some way expecting after overload I have served myself in last week. I was repeating day 3 session from our last marathon (master cell) everyday after the marathon (including today a bit earlier), just feeling the need to do so without any particular expectations. Very interesting time.

Remote prayers session started nicely with deep heart connection. After about 1/3 of the session I started to shift away over and over again. It felt like my ego was trying to take me away with some stories, so I was realigning to the heart again and again. My legs were shaking off quite a lot (as in many sessions lately), giving me the feeling of some emotional release. 

Throughout the week I was focusing on releasing of judgement and control patterns/programs and was observing how they dissipate and show up again in different situations. Very interesting process.

The master cell session that I have done earlier today ended up with a visual of a guy "cutting through" the ground he was standing on with a sword. I have smiled to myself. Yeah, I have been there, layer after layer, cutting through ego illusions and perceptions ;-)

I wonder how my energy process looked like on your side.

Thank you all for participating in this session and transcoaches for facilitating <3

Love and Light, 

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As a thank you and for you to keep working on aligning your energy to your higher vibratory self-healing abilities, I am sending you a 10-Minute Mini Meditation Version of our invocation from today.

Click here to listen and download this 10 minute ENERGY PRAYER

I hope you enjoy it!

Please share your experiences!

Much Love,
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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for trusting in this process!  It was a beautiful session that left all of the facilitators with a warm glow of renewed energy!

As posted in Jona's Flash Report, we experienced ourselves  geometrically as in the graphic below...our etheric bodies worked as a mobius strip (like a figure eight).  The cross over point was through the heart chakra.  We felt the participants (and ourselves!) in the midst of this infinite reality that centers through our loving and healing heart.

I was reminded again that the fastest and easiest way to tap into these healing energies is to breathe into the heart...jona's I AM technique works!!!  We don't need to understand why or how this works, we only need to TRUST that it does and to set an intention to open up to our own healing energies.

Thank you for this beautiful experience!

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Ákin Ajóse
Hi all I felt very peaceful during this session. At one point during the transMISSION I didnt feel myself breathing  and had  to regain consciousness to remember to breathe. How long i wasn't  breathing for, I am unsure.

That is all I experienced during the transMISSION 

Much love and appreciation 
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Anette E.C.
hi everyone. 
Thank you for this beautiful session[smile] 
I had to get up in the middle of the night to attend, so I was very tired, and my body felt very heavy, but it went very well.
First I went through my life right now, what I have now, a place to live, a car, a beautiful cat, and so on. I have thought for  a while to make a list, so I could look at it when I feel low, but haven't made it yet, so that was a reminder. I moved to a new place 7 month ago, and still don't feel at home.
I also saw myself giving love/nurture to my self, 
then there was some picture -  kinda future stuff, of me writing about nature, and share it. 
Then there was a very intense sight of an owl, it  just still with closed eyes, like it was meditating, I now, I have seen this before!
I saw some geometrical figures shortly, and then a horrifying picture off a dark man, like one from the lord off the rings. That scared me a bit, but then I thought: don't be scared, and I accepted it being there, just look at it.
And at the end of the session, a green sign with the words THANK YOU written on it. It surprised me, and I thought , are the session finished? and yes it was a few minutes later, and that was quiet funny, and I laughed within my self[smile]

I didn't have any body sensation at all, but in the flash report you mentioned the heatwawes and I have had that several times the last week, mainly in my face.

The session felt very intense, and fast, I used the IAM breathing a lot, and do it daily, it is a fantastic tool:-)

Today I feel much lighter in my body, although I feel SO tired, but I also feel a lot of sadness,  mixed with gratitude.
I just got the feeling that the sadness, is about me,not allowing myself to be hapyy, optimistic, creative. My hole life there has been this heaviness, especially as a child and when I was in my twenties.

much much love to you all
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Kemi Ajose
Hi everyone, 

At the beginning of the transmission I felt pressure in different areas of my body and experienced vibratory and tingling sensations later on. I also saw fast moving flashes of lots of different  things but couldn't quite make out what they were.

Thank You

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At the beginning of the session I felt uncontrollably jittery and twitchy with muscle spasms and anxiety.  In the second half, things calmed down.
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I also meant to say, thank you so much to all the healers, this is a wonderful thing that you're doing and I'm very grateful for this healing opportunity.
Namaste,  Anomar
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Thank you all for your wonderful posts!!!! I am in webinars until later this afternoon - and won't be able to reply until then...Thank you for your feedback!

If anyone s interested, we have our global crowdfunding EVOLVE : THE FUTURE OT HEALTH EDUCATION coming up at 2PM (MDT Denver Time)

Click her fore free access:

EVOLVE future of education webinar.jpg 

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Thank you!

i was working during the prayer remote session. At night I got into my center and did it. Very beautiful process. Tears, heat, and vibrations release. Lots of clearing. Mental and emotional overlays cleared out. Followed by a sense of trust, and my ❤️ inner voice to lead. Sensations on my body, and signals to pay attention specially on area of mental overlay expressed on jaw, as a control mechanism on the unconscious. As emotional overlay, the stagnantion feeling on feet legs, arms and lower part of body., with heaviness on eyes.  I got introduced to what it feels to be in my center, and what my energy truly feels like. Discernment of visual, for collective and internal. Clarity and brig review on How I aggreed to absorption vía my projections, on form of the asking to take on what is not for exchange of what I thought it was love. And the perfect unfolding of all, as of all as a love being reflected outside in a state of readiness. As for fear in my heart being the barrier for love beingness and extension. Very peaceful. The perfection and peace of all being as it is, with no need to change anything, safe, trust and surrender. Allowing different aspects of self to be and express in neutrality. Release of fear, pain, illusion, past and fear future, and even death to life.
Trusting change. The new. And the situations in my life, as inspired to be present and keep flowing and moving forward in the here and now.

I felt prompted to do session again, this morning, from the moment, right after I finish last one, last night. Today I was surprised the light and love working tru my cells, release and correction of stored sexual energy all tru my body. Collective and individual. Very gentle, and full of grace. From slaving self imposed, pain and sacrifice, and even control from within and the male counterpart, to self honoring and honoring others, regenerating and conductive as it is design to do so. God, love, true self, infinite possibilities and peace. Lots of self forgiveness and compassion. Openness and trust, in surrender to my higher power and inner guidence of true self.

It feels like a rebooting. Divine. Calm and centered. 

Thank you everyone for sharing.

Thank you Jona and everyone in transcodes for the support. 

Much love,

Denisse Parada

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Malgorzata Stachura
Dear All,

  Thank you for joining in for energy healing session and thank you for your courage to share,
I know how difficult it might be to share especially when we don't trust our perception fully combined  with fear of being wrong ...
It's wonderful to read your posts.

  Our session felt mostly clearing with realeasing symptoms like sighting, yawning , tearing, sudden tiredness , heavy eyes and a feeling of sadnessto name a few . Clearing of mental and emotional stored energies and with some of us clearing of attachments to either shame and guilt, pain, fear, anger  or  specialness, like Jona mentioned in her flash update some of these attachments are karmic in nature and tie us with 
Pleasing and Conforming attitude. 
  Not allowing ourselves to feel anger  seems to be reflected in our immediate surroundings. We automatically get angry
when someone else gets angry. By practising heart connection and while in a safe space we can allow ourselves to feel all the emotions to a point where they don't dominate our expierience.
  In our session beautiful moments of connecting and centering could be felt as well  ,  with beautiful  sense of Inner Peace.

Take advantage of these monthly free sessions , there are for you. 


  P.S . Also one of the healing resonances for us was to lighten up a bit and not to take life too seriously . Seriousness equals Ego .
Lets laugh sometimes at some serious aspects of our Life or Self , and see if we can find some wisdom there .
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Hi Jona, Thank you to everyone whoa assisted with the session

Within a few minutes of the session I began feeling as if something within me was floating. I felt light and relaxed. I then began seeing purple, white and blue lights. As I tried to look further, I must have lost consciousness because the next thing I recall, I noticed that my hearing was elevated as the music I was listening to sounded louder. I also felt presences around me and heard people talking.

I focused on my heart and felt pressure in my heart area. I felt light and began to see patterns and colours. I felt heat in my lower back and it was soothing. My senses were hyper sensitive but I couldn't quite grasp what I was seeing and feeling.

I felt myself floating again and must have fallen asleep because I woke up refreshed

Thank you

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...still catching up - Report and Responses following soon! Thank you for your patience! Love, jona
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In me all energy sessions of the past 2 weeks are overlapping - not sure how to report all this. Please watch my energy update, that's all I can produce right now!

Referring to Energy Flash Update:

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