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Here we will share the group report and answer your personal questions or sharing.

Have a great session!

jona & remote Prayer group
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Hi Jona, Roger and group,

Thank you for facilitating this very beautiful session <3

I was really happy to see that the theme was Freedom.  This is also a current theme / resonance for me at the moment ... I experienced a beautiful shift during a recent long holiday & break from work - I am feeling much freer, open and ready for change and new possibilities [very un-like me!].  I have been trying really hard to hold onto this resonance and not fall back into the dreaded Comfort Zone [my usual residence]. 

So the opportunity to revisit this today was wonderful and has left me feeling really positive.  I resonated well when speaking and listening to the invocation - lying there with a big goofy grin on my face [hehe] as an image came of my light body stepping out of it's crumbling outer shell, and the FEELING of freedom and possibility so strong.  I turned to the group and encouraged the other light bodies to join hands and stand, shaking off our crumbling shells as we flew free [now I don't know if this was an actually occurrence or just me getting carried away with enthusiasm in the moment, but the feeling was so strong and beautiful].  Anyway, it was really cool.

The wonderful feelings continued for most of the session, though I think I nodded off or went very deep for a while in the middle.  A tight jaw & stiff neck alerted me to my barriers, [control - the usual!] and of course the ego's constant need to remind me how comfortable my comfort zone is.  But I have felt the relief and peace that freedom brings and I have been constantly reminding myself of this daily.

Some heaviness around the heart at the beginning of the session shifted quite quickly.

Thank you again to everyone who facilitated this transmission.  I sincerely hope that the other participants could feel what I did, I want so badly to share it!  Much love and gratitude to you all xx

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Hi  Everyone
During  TransMISSION   All i saw was my son coming  towards  me taking his jacket  off  , sitting next to me and angry  with  me .  A tight jaw & stiff neck  experience
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Hi everyone!

Thank you all for your participation in this session and the sharing already!  I have begun the session report but must rest and will continue in the morning. 

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Hello everyone,
this was a full of light session for me, rainbow colors pouring onto me, short but very blissful feeling. Somewhere in the middle I felt a strong pain in my left knee, after that I drifted away. I felt a bit tired and I dosed off. The energy was very strong all day, since the morning my body was buzzing like crazy, it was pretty funny. I wonder if it's the full moon and/or the collective energy?
Thank you Jona, Roger and all the facilitators,
Much love,
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Dear Ade,

thank you for sharing and for coming!

Yes, neck tension, head pressure and also should pains were felt by us too. This was partially linked to ANXIOUSNESS and FEAR OF MOVING FORWARD.

The biggest issue for the entire group was RECONCILING with the schism between mind and heart.

Therefore, the overall energy of this healing session was about REALIGNING to one's own power through shedding the fear of making mistakes and understanding the larger purpose of our circumstances. Another aspect was to letting go of SELF-CENTEREDNESS and seeing the larger context.

The anger you felt was present, but not directed at you - this is part of your own need to find PURPOSE from within. the best way to be of service to your son is SELF-ACTUALIZATION. Through following your own heart and moving forward based on what is best for YOU, you can find the needed relief from mental and emotional looping.

Ask yourself:

What makes me strong?

and make all choices based on strength rather than guilt.

You will not find answers through projecting everything onto yourself. 

Be strong!

The guidance you are looking for is blocked by guilt.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Margo,

yes, it looked like your energy was mainly working on collective ties (felt linked to victimhood).

The buzzing is something many energetically sensitive experience these days. And yes, during full moon times it can get stronger, but to me it feels like an overall planetary increase in vibratory rate.

Your energy was working independently, which will serve you well. Things are falling into place...

Try to be a bit more flexible (may sound funny to you, but seemed to be an issue) and plan less - this way you can be more in touch with your SELF-LOVE and NURTURING when needed, which seems to be the main theme for you right now...

Much Love,
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Dear Jona, Roger, TransCOACHES and All here,

It was a beautiful healing Session for me.  I kept listening to the FREEDOM prayer over and over again.  I've always loved this invocation.  My right foot is healing well.  This Session was in the morning for me and the previous night I had to put ear drops into my ear and my right ear got blocked hmm.....  I was wondering what's happening with my right side. I hope the energies around this will dissolve soon and unblock itself.  What's going on .. with me ..

Please let me know what I need to work on / concentrate on  to align myself to my TrueSelf.

Thank you so much, appreciate all your help Jona, Roger and all! 
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Hello all it was a very powerful session that came up thank you to all the brave who came ,the energy was very strong and for me helped turn everything inside out ,and show me the things we need to face within ourselves mostly fear and judgement but as  strong and powerful that the energy seemed it was O so loving grace was with us all the way it should we need to step up and not be afraid to step forward .I kepted hearing a Michael Jackson song ing my head ( If we want to make the world a better place lets look in the mirror and make the change hope all had a great session thank you all much love maryanne
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Flash Report and Reflection

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for your trust and participation in this session of Remote Prayers!  Thank you also to those of you who have already shared!  It’s wonderful to hear about your experiences and have opportunity to address questions.  We encourage all to take advantage of our forum and remind that there can be much benefit simply through the reflection and expression that is part of the process.

*Just a brief note before we get into some of the session details:  We have become aware that a few of you had not received instructions.  These appear to have been limited to later registrations.  We apologize and are looking into possible causes.  In future, if you haven’t received our email within a couple hours preceding session time, please let us know as soon as you are able and we will do our best to get them to you.  Keep in mind the time required for you to download the recorded invocation and preparation of your personal space.

Our session was very interesting, and as Jona already mentioned in a post reply; “The biggest issue for the entire group was RECONCILING with the schism between mind and heart.  Therefore, the overall energy of this healing session was about REALIGNING to one's own power through shedding the fear of making mistakes and understanding the larger purpose of our circumstances. Another aspect was to letting go of SELF-CENTEREDNESS and seeing the larger context.”  Thank you Jona!

As we opened, fears of the future were felt strongly but quickly followed by a pull to Love/Lovingness, which is of course, found within the heart of each of us and a very powerful healing frequency from which many things can be transformed or transcended.  One of the challenges for a short time, was coming to the realization and acceptance that this energy is not something external and separate from us, needing to be earned, but available to all as our natural state, simply requiring our choice to allow and align with it.  It can be a beautiful, life altering experience, if we may have forgotten, to remember that Love has no judgment, we need only reclaim it.    

As you might have expected, our beginning revealed clear need for most of us in letting go of everything not of this moment so that we could come to reset and go into the experience true Freedom for reference as we proceeded.  There were examples along the way, bringing our attention to the real beauty and joy that surrounds us, reminding us that life is only fully experienced in the NOW, with our presence.

If we take some time to be aware of where our attention goes, we might notice it is often with fears of some projected future, on meeting other’s often imagined expectations of us, or feeling dependent on one thing or another, imagining that when that thing or experience arrives or disappears, we will finally find peace and happiness.  If we are always awaiting change with our focus in another time or place, what do you imagine our experience will be?  Perhaps we may look back with the knowing that we were there but feeling that we missed it all.

A similar outcome might result from too narrow of focus or too much attention given to any particular situation or condition that is a part of our experience.  Life is many things and each experience just a small part to be integrated into a much larger picture.  Our belief and focus is very powerful so awareness can be beneficial, that we strive to maintain balance and healthy perspective.  Perhaps, if you are so inclined, that of an infinite, eternal Soul in the perfection of Divine expression as human.

If our identity ties us to a particular experience or condition, we might eventually find ourselves wrapped like a cocoon with that identity and forget our natural ability to see beyond, to the knowing that we are so much more and have within us everything necessary to transcend anything.  The result can be a perpetuation of the very condition or experience we might have hoped to move through gracefully.  This can be challenging as our vision becomes restricted and if opportunity to see clearly arises, the ego might need persuading that the freedom and healing beyond our illusory shell, as we reclaim once again, our true power, is really in our best interest.    

A couple of the most powerful things we can do to support our own self-healing abilities, are to be present in this moment, in connection with our inner Divinity, our Inner Higher Power, and follow the guidance of our own heart.  A bit of Trust is a necessity at the beginning and increasing Self-Love a result.  The greater our Self-Love becomes, the clearer it becomes that trusting and following our heart’s guidance is of great benefit as it reduces inner conflict which restricts our natural abilities.   You might easily understand the constant energetic drain when the heart and mind are not in agreement.

We all have the ability to connect with our inner guidance but may have gotten used to shutting it down or discounting it in favor of following what might be looked upon as preferred or expected by others.  Fears often inhibit us but can be distorted and are sometimes worthy of review.  If we project into the future, do we empower unrealistic fear or is there trust that within us, within all of us, is all that is needed for any experience?  How often have our past projections been accurate?   Might we underestimate another’s inner power or assume to know their own personal path?

Reconnecting to our guidance doesn’t have to be complicated and taking steps toward resolving any inner conflict that we may discover doesn’t always involve others or lead us toward a situation we might imagine as unsafe.  We might begin with little steps, perhaps a list of things we’ve wanted or felt inner prompting to do, following with the action needed and then reflection and gratitude, maybe just for the experience itself, regardless of outcome.  Any action can be very powerful and an important first step to empowering a momentum that may well bring unimaginable experiences.

So when we bring Freedom to mind, what comes up?  It’s quite possible that each of us will have a differing view and within some of those might be a desire or feeling of need for control.  How else can we truly come to know Freedom right?  If we look honestly at the human experience though, how much of it is truly under our personal control?  There is the continual cycle of beginning, expression and end, and the interaction with a multitude of other souls and nature, all in their own experience of free expression.  Of course, many of us make the attempt but at some point, we may feel overwhelm with the struggle that usually results and ask ourselves if there might be a different approach, one that is more supportive of our health and overall experience. 

This might lead us then to realization of our true power, the power in our choice.  It is a part of what the experience of this session offered in that there was opportunity to look upon our lives from a perspective we may not have considered before or needed reminder of.  That perspective, if we are able to allow it, is not unlike seeing through the eyes of an observer, one who is in knowing of the perfection in Divine expression.  Each moment offers the same opportunity…what choice do I make to look upon this now?

Thank your all again for your trust and patience with this report.  As always, we encourage you to drink plenty of water in the upcoming days to assist continued energy flow.  There may be some unusual experiences unfolding also so be prepared perhaps for enhanced dreams and stronger than usual or unexpected emotions.

With Love,

Roger and Remote Prayers

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Dear Tracee,

Thank you for joining with us and sharing your beautiful experience!  The perception of dropping our shells is great, especially with the feeling of Freedom and possibility that was a result of it.  This is important reference for us as it allows us to experience ourselves once again in our natural state, free of all the illusory hurdles and barriers we’ve created along the way.  At our core, we are still that which you experienced so powerfully!

This is perfect opportunity for you, this New Beginning your holiday inspired!  When we are in this experience, do we feel anything in our way?  There is no need to call on Courage and Trust here because we’ve let go of all illusion and are in the knowing that there never really is anything restricting us except our own imaginings.  As you know, choice is our greatest power and always our own.

It can sometimes be helpful to keep some awareness on what we allow to lead us out of this beautiful, empowered, natural state.  Is it something I need to take care of and can?, A projection giving power to worry or fear?, or perhaps a hope or dream that I allow my inner dialogue convince me is unachievable?  We can look upon the steps ahead as hurdles and just rest in our comfort but what if our true Freedom is revealed within the experience of realizing our greatest potential? 

You might find It helpful to take advantage of the recording received, whenever you need reset, and keep in mind, that the Freedom and Peace you wish to hold on to, have never been separate from you, it is simply our perception of that which we look upon, that creates the illusion.

Thanks again!



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