This session hasn't happened yet.

Please use this thread to share your experiences, ask questions or simply comment on other people's posts.

After the session we will post a brief report summarizing the session. We keep detailed protocol of your energy field during the session, so if you have questions please come here.

Have a wonderful session!


jona & roger
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Hey Jona & Roger,

Thank you both (and team) for a truly beautiful session, I started crying my eyes out before the session started.  There has been much for me to release and forgive during the past month and it has been difficult to do so ... until today.  That was the start of my session.  Then came the second wind of tears, and that was my grieving for the loss of my mother last year.  She was my rock, and the one who always listened even when she her self was in pain.  I miss her heaps, but know she is always near by - Mum, I love you to bits!  (one of mums favorite sayings).

Thank you so much for a great healing platform, and safe space to grieve and let go ... my heart felt thanks.

Much Love CarMel
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Dear Mel,

thank you so much for sharing!

... and for trusting <3

I felt your grief and I am very happy for you that you allowed yourself to cry and release this pain. There is no shame in admitting this for ourselves - and to ask for support when we cannot find it...

Much of this Group Healing was about FORGIVENESS and REACHING OUT. There is a deep healing healing power in opening up our energy field, without EXTERNALIZING OUR INNER POWER!

There is much love and lovingness in your field right now - more than there has ever been! This is feeling and all sensations that come with this deep reconciliation process you went through today is your NEW WAY to healing, Carmel!

My gratitude and respect to you.

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Remote Energy Prayer

January 2017 Session Flash Report



Hello Everyone,

here just a real quick feedback from our group healing session earlier today.

It was a very beautiful session, albeit deep - perhaps deeper than some of you expected. We had lot's of physical sensations accompany this transMISSION, so if you felt pressure in your head, temples, jaw - but also lungs, diaphragm and heart region - don't be alarmed. The main theme was about releasing the control structures and the restriction around our heart.

There were many different aspects that came forward with really facing our resistance to embracing who we truly are and what is holding us back from TRUSTING. Perhaps we feel unsupported, victimized or traumatized and we cannot see how we could gelt out of our situation on our own. But this is also part of what is holding us back - we EXTERNALIZE our INNER POWER.

Some of you are in states of deep desperation - be it caused by physical or emotional crisis...understand that one of the main contributors is located within ourselves. -If we cannot believe that there is a way - we cannot see any.

One pattern that stuck out for us was trying to cope with our challenges through projecting our pain outwardly - this is weakening our power to self-heal and is therefore something we need to be willing to look at.


Our session was mostly about RECONNECTING WITH SELF and our INNER HIGHER POWER. No matter how low you feel - there was a beautiful expansion and unfolding of tour self-healing energies. In fact, those of you with the most pain also seemed to show the most beautiful unfolding of your inner light!

Through this a deep RELEASE of stored emotions could take place, which freed the way for new powerful downloads received during this session. 

During this transMISSION our Remote Prayer Group worked on each of your individual energy fields and protocoled their observations. Since we are all in different life's situations, all mentioned processes played out differently for us. Please let us know how you are doing and how you perceived the process.

There is HOPE - but we need to be open and willing for a NEW WAY! 

The old ways have gotten us to where we are at - higher vibrational solutions can only be found if we can allow an inner shift to take place, and with it letting go of trying to of all CONTROL aspects.

Some of you may have felt the need to stay in this resonance for a little bit longer - the frequency at the end of session was very high. For now allow the energy work to integrate - take it easy - take a bath or shower, drink lots of water, relax and allow yourself to BE in this space. Take more of your dreams and inner guidance in these following days.

In the meantime - please feel free to share, comment or ask anything here!

jona & remote prayer group




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Hi Jona, Roger and the Prayer Group

Thank you so very much for the beautiful session and love and healing. I felt so very much of what you have described in the Flash Report.  I'll try to remember always just accept and be in the now. When things happen I just forget sometimes.
Had headaches before the session started, and also the chest expansion feeling.  I have had a chest pain and bad headache for a couple of weeks now.  Was I absorbing it from the person next to me, who is actually on medication for these problems.  As soon as I left him and got back home I stopped getting all these pains. I had so much to attend to whilst I was tending to the sick maybe that made me have all these anxious feelings. Unfortunately had things I had to attend to during this Prayer Session too, however, I kept I AM breathing.

Thank you so very much for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!
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Hi Everybody,

Thank you Jona, Roger and Prayer group for the Remote Prayer transmission.

For me in the UK, the transmission was at midnight.  At 11.30 I came over feeling so tired, I just couldn't keep my eyes open.  The urge to lay down and shut my eyes was so strong, I had to go to bed.

I tried several times to read the invocation but kept falling asleep half way through.  I hope I read enough of it to connect with the group.  Ha!

That's all I remember.  I fell into a deep sleep or passed out, until the morning.  Cannot even recall any dreams.  This isn't normal for me as I'm a light sleeper and I lay in bed for ages before I fall asleep.

Over the weekend I took part in the Energetic Adjustment transmissions and had a lot of emotion and strong reactions come up.  Left me feeling very unwell.

But this morning I've woke up feeling much better.  Back in my heart - feeling balanced and peaceful.

Thank you

Much love

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Beloved Jona gang [smile] of heart light people and all participants, brave and strong warriors of the mist [smile]

Sending my gratitude to the field that we all had a chance to feel deep inside and all around. On the way to my heart space I saw red Hawk watching from the side of no time and space and to me medicine that this magnificent bird represent is amazing power of healing. I get very exited with knowing that not only me, but we all will have a chance to touch deeper aspects of our life's and we will be granted healing through beauty and vibration of love. The beginning wasn't that easy as the building vibration had to penetrate what was hidden deep within to make much more space to expand, feel and accept. Within that process I've lost a lot of energy, felt week and sick but I had the feeling it had to be done this way in order to lose the old and welcome the new. After half an hour the journey took a new lead and the light of love and Red Hawk medicine [smile] fulfilled the field with magic [smile] That was the time for me, and I deeply hope it was time for all of us, when we opened up and awaken our own healers within. Blessed be.

Many blessings to You dear warriors of the heart 
Let the rays of the sun lift the mist so we can experience knowing where are we going [smile]

With deepest gratitude 
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Hi Jona and Roger
Thankyou to all the coaches who helped with the transmission.

At the beginning of the transmission I felt relaxed but as it went on I became quite frustrated with myself as I drifted in and out of consciousness. About 3/4 of the way through, I felt presences around me muttering and felt a sense of calm. To my left I saw a bright yellow light in the shape of the sun. I felt my body feel light as if something within was leaving. I felt the light presence move around me to my right side and got brighter, then I felt calm and began seeing lights of violet/purple, green and yellow in the form of a kaleidoscope pattern.

I was eager to experience more then out of the blue frustration kicked in again and it was as if I came back into my body with a bump. I was still experiencing the light patterns but the presence of the bright sunlight began to fade. By the end of the transmission I felt relaxed and calm.

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Dear Tismar,

Thank you for sharing!  It’s quite possible that some of your physical symptoms were from absorption as you ask.  That is not uncommon, especially for those that are energetically sensitive.  It’s great that you recognize the affect this can have! 

The best protection we have for these types of situations, and often our greatest gift, if we are caring for someone in need, is staying connected with our own heart, in TRUST, and in the moment as you mention.  This is nothing new to you and as we continue practice, it eventually becomes natural to us again, as it once was, and then it is not something we need remember, simply where we return to through the power of our choice as we come to quickly recognize the discomfort of shifting away.

One of the key things Jona pointed out in her report, that is related and can affect all aspects of our lives is that we sometimes EXTERNALIZE our INNER POWER, in part, meaning that we allow our inner state to be determined by what is going on in our immediate or extended environment.  Our greatest power is found within our choice….in this moment, what do I choose to align to?: Is it the Love within my own heart or is it not?  When we are present in our hearts, we can still be in touch with and feel what is around us but are no longer giving those things control, more so just observing and allowing.  This is something that many of us in the experience of human must work through as we are taught early in life that what happens TO us is responsible for our level of Peace, Happiness and Fulfillment.

It’s cool you practiced the I AM breathing even though busy during session.  As a reminder, the recording or written invocation can initiate the energies again at any time and are provided for continued use so you might enjoy another go when you can find some quiet time.

Thanks again!

With Love,

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Dear Jackie,


Thank you for participating and sharing!  No worries, you made the connection. [smile] The invocation and recording align us to the session energies most quickly but it is your intent that allows connection with the group.


The Energetic Groundwork weekend can be intense so I’m not really surprised that some things were stirred up for you.  Integration can take days, even a week or more, depending on a variety of factors and often shows up as a need to rest so it’s good that you allowed that.  The choice to participate in the Remote Prayers session so close behind was very self-supporting in that it is a perfect environment to re-activate our own self-healing abilities which would support the integration.


Even though you were asleep in 3d, you were quite busy in the session, with some focus on reconciliation around past trauma memory and then a very nice process of consolidation and unification that helped anchor the new state.  That process in itself can bring the feeling of balance and peace which you woke with.  Very nice!


Apart from review  of Jona’s flash report, which addressed most issues for much of the group, you might find benefit in changing tactics a bit if you feel there are aspects holding you back from moving forward…if there is fear for example, try to walk into small fears first and just be with the fear and see what is beyond it when the feeling is experienced and allowed to dissipate.  The practice can often be incredibly empowering.  This works as well with other issues mentioned in the report, for some the only action is really not action as we normally think of it though.  If we look at the need for control for example, we can make choice to allow smaller things at first, just let them unfold, be with the feelings that arise, and see what awaits, same as with the fears.


Our session had some very empowering lessons in it, one of which was related to the New Way mentioned and can also support us in areas we desire to change.  Simply explained from my own perspective, in part, it was felt as having risen above our old beliefs and existing in the resonance of Love where none of the old rules apply anymore.  There is amazing power within our hearts.


Thanks again!


With love,


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Dear Valerie,


Thank you for your trust in what we do here and for sharing!  It’s very cool that you shared a form of resistance that many of us experience, not only in sessions, but in many other areas of our lives as well.  Although we may not recognize it as such, the resistance is often in our desire to have things go or be in a certain way.  What may have happened if you would have allowed yourself to drift off? 


The energies of the session were quite high in frequency so feeling tired or drifting in and out of awareness is very common, especially if we are in need of rest or rejuvenation.  There can be times too, if we have a lot on our minds, that our Higher Self will actually assist us in drifting away so that the interference caused by the mental activity can be bypassed.  Try not to be concerned at all when this happens as at the level you are working here, nothing is missed.


The presence of others you felt was likely while the transCOACHES were observing and working with your field.  There are often releases that occur during this time and could have been what was happening as you felt that something was leaving your body.  It’s good to hear that this was a pleasant experience for you.


You actually allowed yourself to go into a deep Surrender, even after experiencing the frustration, so that’s very cool!  Forgiveness came in for you also, and with alignment to that resonance, many things can be let go without us seeming to have done anything.


There’s a very nice unfolding process you seem to be going through now that you will likely experience much benefit from so I want to encourage you to stick with it!  You may notice some things becoming clearer or more obvious like fears or guilt perhaps….know that if these things come up, they need to, so allow them space so that they can be addressed.  So glad you returned to relaxed and calm by session end!


Thanks again!


With Love,


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