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Here we will share a brief session report and respond to your sharing, comments or questions about your personal energies.

Have a great session!

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First Impression


Hello Everyone,

here just a real quick feedback from our group healing that ended not too long ago.

The session went well, albeit not without resistances. While there was a beautiful connection right at the beginning the remote prayer group felt a quite a bit of issues with LETTING GO OF CONTROL - which turned out really to be more about not knowing what and what not to control. Many of you felt like they are holding on to beliefs - like an OLD BURDEN. From an energetic point of view this can create a a bit of an overlay to gain more clarity about one's own future and where to go. It felt as if MOVING FORWARD , but not knowing where to is the main problem..

Physically we felt energies in neck, lower back, lower belly and throat/jaw/nasal activities speeding up - perhaps temporarily bringing forth discomfort during the session. The associated Chakras are our 2nd, 3rd and 5th Chakra, which we will further address in our report.

We hope you had a great session! Allow the session energies to further unfold - observe your dreams and aspects that may come up during the day...

Please feel free to comment, share and ask questions about your personal energies here!

It's been an honor to have you all in the session!

We will come back with a report shortly.

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Hi There! While I did fall asleep again, I was conscious for the prayer. I had sent a prayer healing request for me - I was feeling very energetically depleted - as though it was sucked out of me and my heart was feeling heavy and void/numb. My dog has been having trouble with her knee. We've been trying to help her heal but I wondered if this would help. The prayer was so beautiful and peaceful. I felt as though I could sort of snuggle right into it - and I have been feeling anything but snuggly. If anything, I realized today just how closed off I have been from any kind of human physical contact. It's as though something just died off or got locked away a couple of years ago and I think I've lost the key. My partner keeps holding on - and I'm a self deprecating combination of grateful and guilty. I feel a little easier on myself about it today, somehow, and I'm going to try to keep hoping that I'll find my way back. My dog has been her sweet loving self and is sure trying to use her leg more! I'm not sure if the session would affect her but she sure relaxed into it. I have a really hard time meditating but my dogs are naturals! Thank you so much! 
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Hi All

This transmission started out very beautiful although a bit of anxiety was felt in the morning a few hours before the session started.

There was visual of a beautiful golden white grotto/cave- like space and a connection to Gaia and our beautiful earthly existence within the Mother was felt.


There was a beautiful feminine figure on the left of a huge crystal

She had the palm of her hand on the crystal and light was flooding in

The masculine side seemed to be missing or not integrated with the structure.


A geometric golden pattern was seen but it seemed to be stretched out in one area (maybe the road pathway for our future self). There seemed to be a golden grid like a road from here but the geometry felt unfinished, like there was a bit of a gap to be filled in to make the structure strong and complete.


Maybe this was about integrating the Masculine with the Feminine, loving and accepting and all parts of ourselves - as there was some dark spikey circles that showed up and it felt like they were not accepted to allow deeper meaning or integration into the complete picture of tiny aspects that build the blockages, keeping  us restricted into patterns of thoughts and behaviours. For me this felt a lot like inner child aspects that lead to anger and frustration and even resentment and some retaliation.


Feeling into softness and nurturing of the feminine, the beauty within the cave vision and then feeling the strength and courage of the masculine to face the unknown.

There was a feeling of dealing with the significance's of desires, wishes, and impulses as well as trying to balance the ability of freely giving and receiving without the restriction imposed by inner judgments and fears- also in regards to withholding love.

There was a brief moment to recognize what it feels like to let go of all the mind chatter and just drop into peace and serenity for a moment, and feel into trusting that all the solutions are always becoming available-  as soon as we allow ourselves to be open to new possibilities…Trusting to let go and feel into the possibility that things are not always the way they seem...and holding onto rigid views and judgements of self and others is what maintains the bondage to those aspects and beliefs - to remain tightly in focus (our rigidity) and a reason why the same feelings keep arising.


Relinquishing control in the moment allowed the feeling into the ‘choice’ of the ‘now’ moment …about feeling into allowing a space or gap for something else to arise…choosing to stop following the same thought patterns when they turn up…feeling into not judging self or another, or a situation in the moment.


Feeling into the Future Self allowed this way of feeling into a new direction…like understanding the past ways of being as 'interesting' (teehee!) and to Observe without our 'usual' judgement…and to feel into the Future Self (the wholeness of who we are) and  bringing that part of us back here and now, and now living life forward from this awareness of what it feels like. What fun to live 'moments' remembering this.


Thank you Jona, Roger and All for holding this beautiful space.


Love Julianne





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