It's official! Our updated Forum and Community for anyone interested in learning, reading, and sharing the deeper aspects of Consciousness, Self & Self-Healing is open now!
As part of transCODES ongoing effort over the past years to build a platform for people interested in information and connecting with others who are navigating through their journey of evolving consciousness and energetic perceptivity the new forum community offers a tremendous source of information and personal sharing. It combines free resources as well as tools and a database for participants of our ongoing remote energy transMISSIONS, Workshops and Intensives as well as members of our Sacred Self-Healing and Heart-Warrior programs.
We are asking everybody to respect this space as such! 
This community is based on the integrity and the synergetic understanding that sharing can assist others. In here you will find only find sincere posts of people who are actively working on their inner self-healing and implementing practical strategies for high vibrational living. Our transCOACHES, moderators and myself are carefully screening every single posts and spend our personal time to respond as soon as possible. 
The transCODES Forum is not a place to share profanities, degrading comments, random opinions or beliefs. We do not support advertising of any kind other than our own services which created this platform in the first place. Inappropriate posts will be deleted immediately and user accounts warned once! 
There is no time for for explaining or convincing others to live according to higher vibrational standards. Please help us keep this space free of disturbing energies!
If this resonates with you, please feel free to join our transCODES Community. You don't have to be a participant of our free or paid sessions. Simply enjoy reading and interacting with like minded people from all over the planet!
I am excited to see our community grow so rapidly and wish you all the experience that you are not alone!
With Love,
jona bryndis
energy coach & founder of transCODES
Here you can set up your new Forum User for the Healing Circle Workshop tomorrow. All forums are consolidated into one now, so only one user is needed. You can create the same or a different user, this is up to you.
The access rights have to be added manually, so please give a few hours to install your new user correctly.
Pease let us know if you have technical problems!
Note that we are still transferring data, such as all training videos - some parts of the forum services are not yet complete...
Enjoy playing around with this new community - it has wonderful new features, such as chatting, watching videos and of course everything accessible from your phone/tablet!
Much Love,
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YAY!  I found my way "in" and it seems super easy and I LOVE IT!  Way to go guys!  [smile]
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Welcome, Shiela!!!! 
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