FORECAST MARCH 2020: Walls of Denials with Jona Bryndis

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recorded 2/26/19 Sacred Self Healing Community, by/with jona bryndis,

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March 2020 Forecast & The Virus Scare

As fast February February energies are showing us how to deeper connect with our inner truth and with it the truth of our STATE OF CONNECTION as a collective we can no longer think or dream our way into what is true and what isn't - we need to have the COURAGE to really FEEL OUR FEELINGS or else our emotions or thoughts mess with our perception of reality. Authenticity and Self-Responsibility were definitely the big lessons of February for most of us. But more so.
With the emerging VIRUS SCARE and heavy media bombardment, we are now looking at a very practical meaning of this inner development. Our SELF-PRESERVATION is being triggered, so 'discerning truth' is suddenly taking on a whole different dimension. Should we prepare, and self-isolate to combat a pandemic March or should we seek support and protection in CONNECTION?
The Virus Scare and incoming March Energies signify a PROFOUND LEARNING & MATURING EXPERIENCE ahead for all of us. We can all feel it - BIG CHANGES are imminent, but where is it going to lead us? There seems no clear concept about the NEXT STEP. Are we going to feel powerless and project our fears onto others, or are we going to be able to connect with our inner signaling - our subtle inner feelings - and follow our CALLING to finally find our OWN MEDICINE?
The way we will remember March 2020 will depend on our dedication to our conscious awareness, which we will find out, is not something that develops organically, but something that needs to be CULTIVATED through to our personal dedication and discipline to wanting truth and growth.
So, for most of us March will feel like 'work'.
We will need to be willing to face our inner wounding and work with our emotions maturely. We will realize that nobody can change our lives for us. Making CONSCIOUS CHOICES that might involve not knowing how things will work out will require us to TRUST IN OUR INNER GUIDANCE and force us to let go of the illusion of being in control - exactly what we need! Bring it on, March!

This deeper connection with your true feelings will facilitate our inner integrity and show the way to TRUE FREEDOM. It will empower our personal energy to recognize the incoming collective challenges as temporary states that help us to adjust ourselves to a higher vibratory level expression of ourselves. The positive aspect of this development of becoming a more AUTHENTIC SELF will make it so crystal for us why we have been struggling the past year or two - because we were hanging on to a false identity - someone we are not.
Once you realize that your TRUE POWER LIES IN THE NATURE OF YOUR INNER INTEGRITY and that your choices then become a natural expression of who you truly are, you understand why when something feels like 'work' it's because of your inner resistance to yourself.
Being yourself means getting out of your own way. It is not about becoming different, better or acquiring more - it's about letting go of what is holding you back from loving and expressing your true self.

Dreaming and hoping that things will change isn't going to work in March. It reinforces powerlessness, externalization, and illusion. We will need to step up and step into a more CLEAR VISION of who we want to become in connection with others. If our vision is all just about us, we are LIMITING OURSELVES to our ego selves. Our True Selves are not separate - they are all connected. Becoming who we truly are is, therefore, always also a process of LETTING GO our core fear of being alone.
In March, there are will be plenty of opportunities to decouple from COLLECTIVE TRIGGERS and move into our inner leadership and self-responsibility, while simultaneously feeling connected to a more MEANINGFUL yet humble sense of self.
Humility is not about thinking about yourself as lesser - but about thinking less about yourself!
Our inner LIBERATION from collective phantom fears and pains which will help us to KNOW WHO WE TRULY ARE will be tested right at the beginning of the month, and throughout March, bringing in the needed reinforcement for our DEDICATION OF TRUTH & GROWTH and with it your EMOTIONAL FREEDOM to recognize the power of YOUR choice.
Through this test, we will begin to understand why ACCEPTING CHANGE AS INEVITABLE EXPRESSES IN THE POWER OF CHOICE, but the way we perceive and deal with outer conditions is up to us. We can trust and try our best based on our own virtues and integrity - or we can blame others and externalize our power.
I am wishing you are a wonderful connecting and integrating - and the relief of finally knowing who you truly are and what your power is!
Jona Bryndis


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