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June 2020 Energies







Hi Everybody!

Iune 2020 energies will show us what is true and what isn't, it is very important that we are very cautious with what we allow in, what we put out, and what we expose ourselves to. False Dawn and premature letting our guards down out of hope the Corona Situation might be over with, will OPEN THE GATES for a flash flood of false hope and worse, an impossible to discriminate wave of false info and propaganda. Collectively, we can already feel that this untruth is cutting into our FREEDOM, but in June we will be able to see how it is attempting to cut us off from our SOURCE OF POWER.

June and July are very tricky months, as the overwhelm of contradictions will play directly into our inner duality, and triggering the LOWER EXPRESSIONS of collective human behavior (mob/lynch energies.) However, as always the energetic view offers us the bigger picture and larger perspective that allows us to see, feel and sense how our higher powers, and with it HIGHER VIBRATORY expressions and solutions, are being born.

Times like these allow us to experience a new level of heart-expansion, but also a total break-down of our ego-belief-system; often both at the same time. Crisis brings renewal - anyone who has gone through a challenge and learned to resort to their own inner RESOURCES as a new reference system knows that this is nothing to be afraid of, on the contrary! It's the driving pulse of creation and evolution.

However, subjectively, and this is normal, we all fear the challenge of change - until - the pain for staying where we are at becomes greater than the fear of the unknown future. The question is, how much longer are you going to wait?  


Aligning ourselves to truth and our TRUE INNER VOICE is often accompanied by a sudden grounding and purging process of our illusions and projections, and what we are unconsciously holding on to. It forces us to show and accept the TRUE COLORS of what we are in. However, while our ego is kicking and screaming it is the necessary process to become able to DISCERN TRUTH. It helps us to form our very own SPIRITUAL COMPASS - and with it a new roadmap to fulling our deepest SOUL PURPOSE as opposed to robotically being driven by our WOUNDS & FEARS OF REEXPERIENCING those.

The truth of our own INNER DARKNESS is not what we have done or said, but what we are willing to do in order to avoid pain or fear - our EGO-COPING.

Latest by 21st June the deeper meaning of letting go of ego illusions will become very clear to us. In order for this not to come to us as a surprise, particularly affecting our self-worth and inner integrity as we continue to observe the collapse of an old reality, our dedication to truth, heart-based and voluntary clearing of our projections will help us to prepare. This will unlock higher support and in-spiration to adjust to the incoming collective wave of inner and outer resistance and enable us to see through the illusions of the Global Shadow coming forward. 

Important questions for this internal process in June 2020 are:

Who am I? How am I presenting myself? Do I try to be someone else than I truly am?

Where am I? How far have I come? What am I ready to let go of?

Where am I going? Where do I want to be? Am I moving toward my truth?

Is what I perceive in line with my truth or is it based on projections of myself?
Can I (non-judgmentally) accept all parts of me not in truth yet and forgive myself? 

How am I bringing myself into expression? Am I saying what I mean from my heart? Do I mean what I say from my heart?

Do I love what I do, do I do what I love?


The opportunity in such voluntary clearing of inner conflicts and incongruencies is that it makes it possible for you to find your true inner voice. It will not only allow you to feel the needed INNER GUIDANCE & COURAGE but also give you the energy to EXPRESS & ACT on it, while choosing calmly and wisely. It will give you the needed INNER SAFETY to stand strong when having to face inner and outer restrictions (also financially) through collective corrections.

The theme for the coming 6 weeks is 'letting go of projections'. The more clear we are about ourselves the less we will be affected by other people's/collective projections and untruths.

The goal of knowing and embracing yours and other people's shadow with unconditionality and compassion is for your energy field to become permeable enough to not be affected by outer dissonances by maintaining stand in your (heart-) center and better feeling your inner integrity! I call this the  
Most of you have been diligently working on resolving such dissonances and reclaiming your sovereignty. This is going to start paying off for you now (not that we need a payoff, but know that the inconveniences going through your inner stuff was not in vain!). The wave of energized light coming through our collective will barely affect you, on the contrary! It will feel supportive and lead to a deeper inner connection and level of love never felt before! In fact, some of you might actually discover that there are powers working for you...

If you are having experiences that motivate you to feel into the deeper spiritual/etheric realm of energies, go and educate yourself! Do not assume that all entities that dress up as angels are automatically supportive. Apply what you have learned about ETHERIC PROTECTION! Stay in your center and ask for them to show their TRUE NATURE. If you don't know how to do this, check out our ENERGY TRAINING sessions, study my TRUTH TALKS on youtube or read in the ETHERIC PROTECTION SECTION of my blog.


From an energetic point of view, the incoming transformation energies for the next 6 weeks (until November 2021), that are supposed to support our consciousness work cannot be properly integrated if we have too many energetic suppressed restrictions or ego resistances. These can range from unresolved karmic issues, unhealed personal aspects, traumatic memory, or simply our ego's inertia/laziness to keep things the way they are. Often, when our energy system is not prepared to hold higher frequencies, quantum leaps or shifts in energy can be perceived as mentally exhausting, physically tiring and emotionally challenging, as all our triggers will be pushed. Hence the 'upgrade' process can be delayed or even blocked sometimes.

The more we are aware of our inner energy systems, the easier the adaptation. 

Though the conscious connection to our heart and self-love our developing ability to discern energies becomes our TRUTH NAVIGATION tool to get through tough times ("What's mine - and what is not"; "What's true to me and what is ego".)

Understand that the key to your personal capacity and discernment is based on your energetic alignment and willingness to evolve. Regard this energetic download as NEW BEGINNING - a new way of fearlessly living and manifesting truth!  

However, as we all have a different primary channel of processing, perceiving, and coping, as well as different levels of sensitivity towards outer energies, the tune-up process is not the same for all of us! Just like high-density foods, higher vibratory energies need to be properly 'digested' to be metabolized efficiently. 

Much Love,
Jona Bryndis

Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES


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