The month of January will have a great significance for the entire new year 2019. It starts out with an internal physical and emotional pain that reminds of our need to consciously CONNECT & FEEL MORE
- within and also with others.

This will cause a new level of COLLECTIVE/SOCIAL VOLATILITY. Individually as well as collectively (worldwide political and economic systems), we will experience this as a continual up and down of sentiment - CHANGING BETWEEN EXHILARATION AND DEPRESSION - throughout the entire year of 2019. A great SHIFT IN POWER STRUCTURES lies ahead of us, which will begin right at the beginning of January.

That said, there is no need to be alarmed! 
The incoming global changes will bump us into a NEW LEVEL OF COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION! They will BRING FORWARD THE BEST IN US and allow us to tap into a new level CREATIVITY & INVENTIVE PROGRESS that will excel us into a BRIGHTER AND HEALTHIER FUTURE! 

However, caution is advised. Collective bombardment through new and social media can reach an unbearable peak for the empath and energetically sensitive person. Best to REDUCE EXPOSURE TO NEWS and stay away from extremists and heavily oppionated people.

As many of you know this transformation process has been going on for years, so individually we the greatest challenge will be to WITHSTAND COLLECTIVE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, which will lead us back to our task of overcoming our subconscious EGO COPING AND ADDICTIONS. 

On a positive side, this month will also bring in a RENEWED PASSION & MANIFESTATION POWER. In fact, your ability manifest your longterm goals will be so strong in January that you will have to be careful what you wish for! Anyone who is contemplating a NEW BUSINESS, PROJECT OR LIFESTYLE will feel supported and many circumstances will feel like they have conspired to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It's important to stay on it and not to quit prematurely. If you have a CLEAR VISION & STRATEGY for your new year, you won't even remember what you had been waiting for all these years!

As an overall experience, January will make us want to EXPERIENCE THE ZEST OF LIFE AGAIN and lead to powerful new experiences on an individual level, but also bring in the need to KEEPING OUR LIFE BALANCED (between Love, Family and Career.) EXCESSIVENESS can be an issue for some. It will be of utmost importance for us to BECOME AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN OUR LIFE.

Any kind of numbing, suppressing, denying or ignoring will backfire and make us feel powerless. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INNER COPING PATTERNS AND CONSCIOUSLY FOCUS ON YOUR INNER KNOWING!


Spiritually, and for the entire coming year these awakening waves are continuing. Unfortunately they will also bring SPIRITUAL CONFUSION  and a new level of HOSTILITY BETWEEN WORLD RELIGIONS as followers continue to crumble. Many will feel spiritually lost or insist on only their view as the only view. This will cause a bit of social unrest in countries with COLLIDING SPIRITUAL VIEWS.

If we have not yet found a community of likeminded January will be a good time to join mediation/discussion groups or even START LOCAL COMMUNITY PROJECTS.

Earth and climate changes as a result of the overall EXPANSION will continue to bring EARTHQUAKES this month.  There is nothing we can do to prevent them. JUST LISTEN TO AND TRUST IN YOUR INNER GUIDANCE TO BE AT THE RIGHT TIME AT THE RIGHT PLACE!

For the conscious spiritual seeker this month will be a wonderful opportunity to FEEL A DEEPER INNER CONNECTION! The more we can allow ourselves to internalize our own connection to divinity the easier these YEARS OF GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION will be for us. For years I have been predicting that the time will come where all your consciousness work will pay out.

This time has come!

Welcome 2019!


ENERGY FORECAST 2019 For Empaths

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Part 1 - Collective Themes
Part 2 - Energy Tips
Part 3 - Month By Month & Comments
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