Sacred Solstice Iceland Seminar 

20th-22nd June 2019


<<First Name>>, 

if you want to get inspired,
learn how to overcome your old ways and learn new ways 
come and join us in our only in-person annual Energy Healing & Training Seminarin Iceland this year! Learn from jona and jeff how to test and discern truth and its dualities.

Explore how to implement your conscious awakening into your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric body!

if you are actually wanting to explore Iceland, Midnight Sun and magnificent waterfalls and Geysers, stop by and spend 3 days packed with learning, sensing, experiencing and being.


Either way, it's going to be an unforgettable experience!


Info Iceland Sacred Solstice 20-22nd June 2019 Event


Workshop Ticket $399 For Independent Travelers
(no accommodation or food included)

Click here

Workshop Ticket $595 Inc. Bed & Breakfast On-Site
(group housing)

(Sacred Self-Healing & transCOACH discount available)

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Event Location:

The seminar is held in the famous Solheimar Eco-Village 1 hour (1,5 hours from Airport) East of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. This is where we will stay and where the meeting room is located (see video). This is a modern eco-village with community style housing that is modern and surrounded by nature.  

Accommodation Options:

On-Site Solheimar Group Housing:
For the nights of the event (20th and 21st) the cost for housing is $98 per night, per person. The group housing (Veghus - see video) may include sharing rooms and bathrooms depending on availability (limited). The spots on site will fill first and be based on first come/first serve.  

Off-Site Group Housing:
We have rented a cottage for extra housing (same price during workshop nights $98 - (see video) and socializing. During the workshop we will have dinner and clearings at this site past hours (Minniborgir) about 5 miles from Solheimar. Minniborgir has a similar setup with community style living and stunning surroundings.  (See video below).  

Private Cottages:
If you prefer private quarters or want to compose your own mini group which can significantly lower the daily rate, or stay for longer dates we recommend booking Minniborgirs's cottages (Full kitchen - excludes Breakfast - add $15 pp for full breakfast)

Cottage 1 - Sleeps 1-3: $225
Cottage 2 - Sleeps 2-5: $315
Cottage 3 - Sleeps 6-10: $1165

Extended Stay - Housing before and after the Workshop:
The price for the workshop time is a special discounted transCODES rate. Any additional nights before the 20th June or after the 22nd June have to be booked with either of the facilities directly:

Minniborgir Online Booking (prices are approx: Single $225, Double $158, Quadruple $98 per person per night

Solheimar Online Booking  (prices are approx: Single $219, Double $156, Quadruple $84 per person per night

or other online booking services, hotels or airbnb.

Special Needs:

We'll have contact info sent to anyone who signs up so that you can reach out to the facilities themselves for your needs.

Tourist Tours:
Both locations are near the Golden Circle of Iceland and have access to several tours and amazing locations in convenient (1hour) driving distance! If you are renting your own car you can visit those sites on your own. For those who prefer to see more, we will try to arrange a mini group tour if we get enough (10 minimum) together. If you would like to book tourist tours we can arrange mini group tours. Please let us know if you are interested in a 

Mini Tour approx. $150 pp (2-3 hours)
Day You approx.  $250 pp (8-10 hours)

Coffee, water and snacks will be set up as part of the workshop. Meals are not included. However, we'll have basic group meals set up for self-pay at a reasonable cost for dinner and lunch on the days of the event. One of which I would definitely recommend to plan into your budget:

Greenhouse Food Experience with Icelandic Horse Show at Fridheimar for Lunch on Friday $28 pp

3 Course BBQ Dinner (Fish) at Minniborgir on Solstice Night (Friday) $50 pp

(both are optional)

All accommodations have full kitchens. In order to save money we recommend to stop at a supermarket to get your own food.

General Info:

Traveling or living in Iceland is extremely costly. Reykjavik the capitol of Iceland (pop. 150.000) currently ranks as the most expensive city in the world. Expect much! higher prices for food, accommodation, transportation, alcohol, or entertainment outside of the workshop! If you stay with groups or tours you can get reasonable prices. The is a way to travel low budget with hostels, tenting and cycling for example, but in general its advisable to book early to get better pricing. Often there are very good combo packages with hotel and airfare.

Iceland ranks amongst the most popular tourist places in the world right now. All major airlines fly to KEFLAVIK, the international airport outside of Reykjavik. A very cheap but often restrictive (you have to pay for every bag, etc) is the local charter airline WOW Air. They offer inexpensive flights from an to may destinations and also have great offers for stop-overs in Iceland, if you are considering to prolong your stay in nearby European countries or the US. Check here for budget tickets. 

Icelandic Currency:
The Icelandic Currency is ISK (Icelandic Krona). The currency is prone to high inflation rates. Many items and services are also priced in US Dollars or EUROS.

Here a currency converter. 

Rental Cars:

Check if you are eligible for a discounts on car rental with your airfare. Iceland is known for Off-Roading and therefore a perfect destination for traveling through rivers, lava fields, glaciers or other unusual landscapes. If you intent to do off-roading professional guidance or/and fully equipped 4WD cars are needed for safety. For the workshop you won't need a car, but it can increase your freedom to go to local supermarkets. 

We recommend Holiday Auto for budget car rentals.

Transportation from Airport to Solheimar:

There are various transportation. taxi and shuttle companies located directly at the airport. We have arranged a private transport for $120 from the airport (pp). Many people will opt to rent a car - we will try to help you with arranging mini groups from and to the airport. If you want us to help you with teaming up with others, please let us know.

More to come on this as we will have some places that we'll be visiting to celebrate the solstice and some of the beauty and culture of Iceland!

Can't wait to get this one going!

We recommend early booking! The tickets and available spots are limited!

Email us at for mini tourist tours or questions.

To book tickets please use this link TICKETS.

jona & Jeff

More Tips:

Good Recommendations
Planning Mistakes


in Iceland 20th-22nd June 2019

The workshop starts Thursday 06/20/19 @ 4PM and ends on Saturday 06/22/19 @ 4PM (GMT) local time. Included are two Remote Energy Healing & Training transMISSIONS.

Personal Live Energy Clearings will be offered on Thursday night (donation basis) - first comes first serves (available spots limited)

This training is suitable for all levels of energetic self-healing work. 

This intense live energy training workshop will take you through the different layers of our consciousness, how to feel, clear and self-heal blocks and tune into your conscious manfestation energies.


The workshop includes live training, energy sessions, and 1-on-1 exercises. 

The venue location is at a Rudolf Steiner based self-sustained eco-community. Meals and accommodation are not included in the ticket price. Accommodation and travel packages are available. 

SPACES ARE VERY LIMITED! Early booking advised!

Sacred Self-Healing & transCOACH Energy Healer discount available.

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Hello- I'm wondering if there are others looking to share space at this event.  I'm working some money angles and trying to see the most cost effective way to attend.  I can't seem to see the thread right now so maybe someone has commented, so I'll keep checking back   thank you
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Hi Shiela,

I didn't see your post - yes there are quite a few people sharing space and car. Please contact me if this is still something you are considering. Love,
Shiela wrote:
Hello- I'm wondering if there are others looking to share space at this event.  I'm working some money angles and trying to see the most cost effective way to attend.  I can't seem to see the thread right now so maybe someone has commented, so I'll keep checking back   thank you
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