Reconnecting to Our Own Source of Power Through Healing Divine Feminine & Masculine Eenergies Within

Divinity, Feminine Spirit, Masculine Spirit and Divine Love are inherent in all human beings – no matter whether we are male or female. We were created out of the union of both aspects of divine spirit and we all have both aspects of Divinity within us. Only through the reconciliation and 'marriage' of our inner masculine and feminine aspects we are beginning to find inner balance and with it inner and outer harmony.

From my perspective as energy coach a disturbed, violated or wounded connection with our inner masculine or feminine energies is one of the leading causes for inner imbalances, that can lead to chronic illnesses and the widespread cancer of reproductive organs, but also addictions, trauma and manifestation issues. It is also one of the most common problems for energetically sensitive persons and empaths. Personal Energy Management requires us to be aware of our inner inner energetic balance and thus often includes our masculine and feminine aspects. An imbalance here not only manifests as inner separation - energetic schism between heart and mind - but can also affect the way we are able to find and express ourselves, tap into our highest potential and of course our relationships.

The healing of our inner and outer relationships and with it our reconnection with our own Source of Power can only unfold if BOTH our Masculine and Feminine Spirit are healed within!


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Transcending Archetypal Expressions of Masculine & Feminine Energies

The Masculine Spirit is linked to many symbols:

Consciousness, knowledge, strength, protection, direction, father, son, king, sage, warrior, powerful gods, the sun, fire, lightning and our cosmic energy

Masculine Energies typically express in behaviors such as: Controlling, being action driven and solution oriented, directed, forward pushing, competing, fighting, winning, wanting to be first, rationalizing, providing, protecting, and fixing.

The Feminine Spirit is often linked to:

Fertility, maternity, nurturing, softness, healing, wisdom, providing space, mystical beings, goddesses, the moon, the earth, water and our planet energy GAIA.

Feminine Energies typically express in behaviors such as: Nurturing, allowing, emoting, trusting, flowing, being creative, providing space, improving, adapting, and beautifying.

Energetically seen, Feminine and Masculine energies are the two energy frequencies through which the Divine Spirit manifested in our physicality - giving form to the Divine Child. Masculine and Feminine energies represent the resonance of the Soul of the Divine Mother and Father - but not only as genders but within all of us.

The evolution of consciousness in all mammals on this planet went through several stages. The consciousness level of organisms developed from simple protoplasmic cells with a relatively low consciousness level, through reptilian and predatory stages, to higher developed species with complex social networks resonating on faster vibratory levels. Seen from an evolutionary standpoint, it was the arrival of maternal care for her offspring that caused a quantum leap in consciousness in the animal kingdom. The development of paternal care for mother and offspring in species with highest consciousness levels thenexpedited this evolution to forming a bond between parents, family and extended family became the main source of protection, survival, joy and creation.

Collectively, this is where we as human are stuck right now.

If we want to heal the dualistic divide in us as human collective, we will have to seek union within ourselves first!

So, while we are all composed of these two forms of energies, it is our gender that connects us to our PRIMAL SOURCE OF ENERGY at first. As soon as we begin to spiritually awaken we begin to feel the larger context. We can see ourselves as energetic or spiritual beings rather than just 'a man' or 'a women'. We realize that only the union of both energies within us can drive our spiritual journey to the next level - and so the transcendence of archetypal role behavior and expression begins...

Being stuck in the dualistic programming of archetypal principles is the greatest limitation of our Collective Consciousness Evolution.

Collective conditioning, as well as historical imbalances towards masculine energies have lead to many confusions and inner schisms, not to mention battles within our societies and families. In order to find back to our divine inner order and accessing our true power as spiritual beings we need to decode our personal energetic imbalance and learn how to connect with both.


Effects of Disconnection or Imbalance of Feminine or Masculine Energies Within

The most common impedance reintegrating the unified Masculine/Feminine Principle is the lack of inner connection with these primal energies. Again, masculine and feminine energies are two out of three primal energies that connect us to our own SOURCE. Allowing prolonged separation from Source happens when and as a result of seeking identification, validation and connection outside of us or in programmed stereotypical symbols and props. Not showing our true feelings, not knowing how to constructively deal with anger, feeling guilt-tripped or shame for outbursts of raw masculine or feminine energy, or trying to be in control at all times are just a few examples of an inner disconnect with masculine or feminine energies.

Instead of listening within and trusting in the strength of who we truely are, we make our validation as man or woman depend on other people or what society dictates and thus lose our ability to discern what is needed for us to better connect to our own higher power.

Needless to point out how this affects our relationships and ability to connect with tour loved one. The externalization of our inner powers to a collectively conditioned False Self degrades and limits our inner connection. Validation of who we truly are can only come through inner reconciliation and healing work.


Collectively, the main contributors for the violation masculine and feminine inner connection (in both, men and women) are our mainstream media (movies, songs, TV shows, social media), easily accessible pornography and artificial elevation of the Masculine. Sociological phenomena, such as the wide spread absence paternal love/energy during formative years as well as the lack of healthy female role models (e.g. ‘wrathful mothers’) further inhibit a natural connection to the Masculine and can even lead to an alienation and total refusal of either masculine or feminine energies in our lives.

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Integrating the Liberated Divine Masculine & Feminine within

On a practical level, reintegrating the liberated Divine Masculine & Feminine within us means that we have to overcome all collective limitations in regards to the masculine and feminine principle within us first (stored in our emotional, mental and spiritual energy body). This means we need to learn how to let go all programmed memes and concepts of 'how a man or a woman is supposed to be' out of our heads!

However, while there is an overall need to allow feminine energies back into our physical and energetic reality, equality, harmony and balance applies to both, the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

So, while there is much talk about the liberation of the Feminine and healing the ‘wounded feminine’ through rediscovering our goddess energies, etc. it has come to my attention that nobody seems to want to acknowledge the Divine Masculine. The need to embrace the Feminine is true, as most of our collective is still dominated by masculine energies, but it has also created an unfortunate misconception and very misleading understanding of emancipation.

By making the Feminine ‘better’, ‘more divine’, stronger, superior or more important than the Masculine, the movement remains within the vibratory level of separation and dualism, and thus runs into danger to stagnate at a lower level of emancipation, as trying to overpower the Masculine Spirit is not the solution! Emasculation is not what healing the feminine spirit within is about – and can definitely not be done by applying competition, superiority or specialness.

These words may come as a surprise for some readers, but it is essential for understanding this collective healing process as embracing the Unified Divine within us - which embraces both Divine Principles as equally important.


Here examples how to transmute Masculine and Feminine Energies into their harmonized version:



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Thank you for your time!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Healer, Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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