Hi Everybody,

this session hasn't happened yet. Our session time is 8pm Denver/US Mountain Time.

After session we will come here and exchange our experiences, comment and inquire about our personal energies during the session.

Have a great experience!

Thank you for coming!

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Hi Jona and Co. 🙂
The session was quite good
I was able to discern between my true self and my false self on certain scenarios in my minds eye. I had a scene of a light in the distance and between me and it a giant black ball on either side, one was named ego and the other lust. (Could Be lust for anything power etc not only sexual but also sexual at times) I asked how to combat that and my answer was calmness and trust. So that was great.
Trust and as in trust in the divine plan.
I was shown other scenarios as well where my true self’s intentions crossed the boundary into false self/ego payoff. Toward the end of the session I had really cool idea to give back to the less fortunate as in raffle off a free ticket to an ayahuasca session for less fortunate native communities which I’ve been feeling drawn to. So all in all amazing session. Thank you so very much for facilitating this, it’s really such a gift the amount of fruit obtained from one hour 🙂 until the next one, farewell !
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epigentics disruption.jpg 

Hi Everybody!

we just closed the session - hope you are having a great experience! (felt like many of you wanted to stay...)

This was a beautiful session! Very expansive!

We went through several layers of MENTAL CLEARING & ENERGETIC BALANCING. This allowed for a new level of CLARITY .... almost removing our mental fog and emotional numbness. The latter seemed to be a big part of our connecting process! NUMBNESS leads to an inability to discern between feelings and emotions (for some also sensations) and can therefore bring a really big SHIFT in our energy!

Connecting within is a process that almost always comes with an initial clearing - and then later with an integrating part. This session had all three components, which produced a very round and WHOLE feeling in the end.

Most energetic sensations were felt in int 4th and 5th Chakra in the first half (lots of yawning, sighing and heart expansion pain in chest and ribcage, accompanied by neck pain), and then a distinct 2nd and 6th chakra opening in the second half (a bit of lower back tension, pulse, heat, rotations (even nausea towards the end). 

dali disruption.jpg 

Some of us were dealing with Karmic Family and especially the ties to PERSONIFIED DIVINE MASCULINE & FEMININE Energies. If you can remember that our Fathers and Mothers and their lineage are merely incarnated representations of these Divine Energies. They have their limitations and restrictions, which have nothing to do with us it may help you to let go of your inner struggles of your childhood. It's time to become INDEPENDENT and think of YOUR FUTURE!

Energetically, this session was a really welcome OPENING for our energy. Old energetic (and for many KARMIC) TIES were DISRUPTED in this session - which is a wonderful preparation for consciously 'surfing' the peak of Solstice Energies tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for coming! This was one of the coolest True Self sessions in 5 years! Your energies were fully entrenched, working and facing some of our MENTAL LIMITATIONS and PERCEIVED RESTRICTIONS. Your energy truly grew tonight - even if you are struggling with these the restrictions, remember to energize HOW FAR YOU HAVE ALREADY COME through APPRECIATION and OPENNESS! I don't feel this very often in True Self sessions, so THANK YOU!

Please feel free to comment, share and inquire about your personal energetics during this session. However, know that we are in a workshop around the clock, so I won't be able to respond to personal inquiries until Saturday! Thank you for understanding.

If time permits, I will post a session reflection on the weekend.

For more info on Solstice Energies also check the Blog:

If you would like to tune in to current energies, watch the live Energy Report on Youtube tomorrow 2PM (MDT). Link:

Much Love,
and Happy Solstice!


ps/ Special thanks to Anette and Sebasto for co-faciliating!
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Anette E.C.
Hi everyone!

Session just ended. Jona will be back on saturday to comment, due to the live workshop in Florida.
So please feel free to share your experience

From my end it was a very cool session. Started with foggyness,  blockage at the throat chakra, and fear of opening the heart.
What came foreward was some childhood lack/loss of connection with the Divine. 
Heart expanding,  and almost a fusion between heat and mind, as we progressed during the session.
Really intens and dedicated focus on the task. So beautiful at the end of the Transmission. Lots of gratitude.

Thank you all!

much love
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Hi Jona and Everyone
During the Transmission I had a heat sensation on my foot  , saw the part of me that was light giving me direction 
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Dear Jona, Jeff and All,

Thank you for coordinating this session on the eve of Solstice.  The session was a beautiful opportunity to listen to music from Step 15/16.  I forgot how beautiful this piece of music was to listen to. Nothing to report from the session itself except this morning there's a feeling of peace, freshness, and calm.  Life is funny - just as a typed this there's loud construction starting across the street.  :-) Warmed regards and all the best for everyone at the workshop.  
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Hi Jona and everyone who assisted in this transmission

I came into the transmission about 20 minutes late as I had other commitments, I listened to the music Remembering The Light and within a few minutes began to feel a sense of floating and my breathing was calm. I felt warm and felt the presence of people? or something around me. I lost consciousness but it wasn't sleep, not quite sure where I was, then all of a sudden I became aware of my surroundings again. 

I felt quite relaxed by the end of the transmission. 

With love

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I participated in this session by the fire under a 1/2 moon. 20 minutes in something very strange happend. My vision went double!? I was experimemting with this, here’s how it went : 
when i looked up at the moon, each eye was seeing its own moon. I tried very hard to make myself see 1 moon. But found all I was accomplishing was making my eyes crossed! So i ventured my gaze to the planet southwest of the moon. Brightest one...and same thing. Took gaze to the huge tree in neighbours yard...only one tree, not 2. Took gaze to the fire...only 1 fire and 1 fire pit. Back to the moon...and each eye was seeing its own moon...planet 2, moon, 2. Close one eye-one moon. Other eye-one moon...chased this bizarre effect for 20 minutes. Then bam...only one moon, only one star, only one only one...what a head scratcher. Of course my mind was searching for answers thru it all...1) get eyes checked at Doc. 2) feeling nasuea 3) seeing the split of masculine/feminine 4) wtf 5) yin/yan 6) positive/negative 7) ok all the “polars” are coming in here so notice that Heather 8) then/now 9) did my brain split in 2? 10) remembered conversation with my son the afternoon. He noticed I haven’t been wearing my glasses for a couple days and chattered on how his dad hasn’t been either. 40 minute mark I was no longer seeing double and focused on the session focus of alignment to abundance and you know the rest on that but ya wow...every transmission experience shows up in its ways in my day to day life and its all so blatantly obvious and very direct, but this? Double vision? Eye sight changing for the better and all the allowance and appreciation-I’ve no words. I’m stumped and I’m stunned. And all I can do is keep moving forward and let it all happen
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Dear-dear Jona and happy family,

It was very early morning in Belgium (5 a.m.), read and listened to initiation several times...then at the start of the session felt squeeze around the chest, there was a loooooot of work going on in the heart chakra. Later felt nice liquid energy filling in...and the work continued in upper chakras. Floated in issues that are active in my mind at the moment but quietly, enjoyed the flow...and felt well and quite relieved do the morning exercises...and go to work. Feel well settled in myself as a result and light as well. Lovely, thank you, thank you


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Hello everyone that incredible for me too. Thanks so much to the group and facilitators ❥ 

Felt like I really surrendered this time! After the mental chatter subsided I felt into my energy which is still seems lopsided but much warmer than before..then got heart waves and heat and a push on my solar plexus which triggered nausea. Ive had that sensation trigger nausea before and wondering if anyone could explain why that happens? 

Had some real clarity about my karmic family patterns and saw how its like this "field" that I keep getting caught up in. At the end I had this incredible sense of the Christ light and wept tears of relief and gratitude.

Funny thing though, a couple of days later and Im feeling quite blue. Been struggling with a long term situation and not sure if Im sad because I couldn't maintain the energy of the transmission and have dipped back into false self (cant see an end to my issues in this moment)...or if its that the session flushed out repressed emotions around it all. Despite the sadness I feel more stillness and that Ive made some kind of breakthrough. 
Think I better watch Jonas weekly upload properly I only caught half of it live, Im sure theres something in there about this :-P

Much love everyone and happy solstice.. a winter one downunder...similar but different xxxx mwah
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Hello Jona and coaches, thank you for this session,

During this session I was otherwise occupied and around others preparing for a new wee soul to be birthed. I am happy to find out that I could connect to the field without the actual invocation or any music. I set my intention and went within to connect. As it was a little disruptive I was often pulled out, yet managed to drop back in, and felt deeply peaceful in those moments. 
I truly appreciate these sessions, thank you.
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Hi Everybody!

Sorry for the wait - I'm done with wrapping up the workshop now and will be here for responses later today! Thank you all for your fantastic sharing!

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