Hi Everybody,

I am looking forward to the session. Remember it's live! Register for instructions - Check your time zone here
After the session, please share, comment, or report here!

Have a great experience!

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Hi All,

just letting you know, we just closed the session.

Awesome session! - lots of physical sensations and big lights...lots of Third Eye stuff, some of it a bit overwhelming...
If you 'saw' random stuff, don't be afraid! This session was a big Third Eye Opener.

 Let us know how you are feeling, comment or simply share here! We'll reflect back what we saw in your energy field during the session.

Many thank s to all of you for trusting!

Drink lots of water - and take a short walk or shower if you can.

Will get back with the group report shortly!

Much Love,
Special thanks to all co-faciliators:
Gloria, Alex, Diana, Cheryl, Denisse, Carmel, Abigail, Annette, Becky, Sree, Amanda and Shiela
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Chloe / Janet

Dear Jona,

Yes it would be interesting to share more. I fell asleep 20 minutes before beginning. Lately there is much to do. I am finding anxiety and worry slipping in. As well difficulty resting early at night. Listening right now to the Remote Prayer Balance music to make up for not staying awake for the true self group. Thank you and to the group here. It would be interesting to hear your perspective if you would like to say. The picture posted is interesting as well.



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Hi everyone,
Things have been very intense lately, had so many crashing reality hits and Ive also suffered high anxiety levels and intense anger this past week particularly. What a hot mess! I know some is from the collective but also Ive finally been able to see myself and now I can...warts and all. Its been hard to process and also quite scary, but now at long last I see which way I need to be going.
So the session was a grounding of all this new information, I had high anxiety before the session today and it took about 20 minutes to subside and then my heart opened to some old stored grief and I shed tears that have been wanting to come out for ages. I also had lots of white and purple light. No great visions, though I think something was coming in the last minutes but the cat jumped on me and took over. Funny how they like to do that ;-)

Thanks so much to the facilitators, and the reminder to drink lots of water...Im still feeling considerable heat and buzzing.
Off to bed now, it felt like a real workout.
much love everyone
xxx Melanie ❥ 
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Dear Everyone,
Its been a long week.  I appreciated the heart connection time with releasing tears.  My dreams last night were very weird - working to "get rid" of something that wasn't a natural part of my True Self.  I'm physically sore today - then again it's been a highly physical week.  
Thank you for any feedback that you may wish to share.  
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Hi Jona and everyone,
This session was so amazing. I have written "Clean Slate, Chrismas tree in centre. I feel a deep connection to source within my Heart.
I am aware of something greater than me within me." 
There were so many things going on, like in a dream, I know things were happening, snippets of scenes and people I was talking to, but i cannot remember. All this at 1 pm and I was wide awake when the transmission started but was in deep in waves of bliss. From within was a beautiful warm glow. Many colours and Light.
Melly I can totally relate to your post.
I have been feeling angry since the weekend and things were really coming up and the dam walls broke as I realized my anger is all about me. Warts and all is a good description. Owning the shadow traits has been very humbling. Remorse Redemption Relief Freedom. Meeting my own needs instead of getting it from outside and relying on others, which takes a lot of energy and leads to this frustration.  Not beating self up staying stuck in more negativity.
Also a realisation that everyone has to feel their own shadow on their own. We cannot avoid pain and suffering as it is a gift. Only by acting it out over and over again with much pain and anguish caused, finally there is an understanding that I dont want to do that anymore. My ego cant hide it from me now, the shadow traits have been welcomed into my heart. Feels like a deeper awareness to being present and feeling where my energy is at and catching the ego interference programs.
Much Love and appreciation
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Group Report

trine trinity true self.jpg  

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for coming to this powerful energy healing event - in the name of your True Self and all our wonderful facilitators here at transCODES providing the space for you to gently and safely enter and explore this deeper relationship with your Higher Self!

When we consciously connect with our True Self, the messenger between our etheric Soul Self and material body/ego-self, we focus our attention and energy into the higher vibratory realm of our existence.

Regardless of our personal belief system, many of us have this prompting to seek and communicate with this part of ourselves, but we don't know what part of us to speak to or look for. Often we need to define this inner connection first, as it might be preoccupied with a religious understanding, a masculine or feminine representation, mystical spirit beings, or a materialistic/atheistic understanding of Higher Power or Divinity. Therefore, in the beginning, this urge to seek to connect with our Higher Self can produce an empty or void feeling inside at first. We may feel lonely, disappointed or angry; abandoned or not good enough, and thus often end up questioning our ability to connect.

It takes a little practice and deeper understanding of the human psyche to realize that this is just the layer of our ego-self not being convinced that it is a safe practice to do. After all, feeling inside can also bring up our 'negative' feelings, fears or anger...and so, this connecting experience can turn out to feel more like a struggle or battle rather then what we hoped for to be a 'positive' experience.

You can tell by the ' hyphens I used to describe this inner battle that there might be a different truth hidden in our experience - something we may overlook in our quick ways to judge what energy work can do for us. 'Postive' or 'Negativ' is actually not a very sophisticated way of labeling our inner-self-experience, especially if we aren't even sure what to expect or look for.

I mean, how can our experience with 'who we are' be negative? What in us says that?
Do you know?

Who says you are not worthy?
Who says you are not good enough?
Who says this isn't working?

By asking these questions we can find a way to untangle our individual connecting experience. Being and communicating with our True Self is not only our birthright, but it's basically our umbilical cord on our journey of embodying our Soul Self! Therefore, don't let this part of you tell you you can't! It's simply something we need to practice. Be patient with yourself!

If you haven't felt this connection in a while, you will first have to go through all the protection mechanisms of your ego self - that were put into place BECAUSE it couldn't feel connected in the first place. In other words, it's the coping with your disconnect that disconnects you - not your ability to connect! (I hope this makes sense)

Each time we answer the call to connect with our True Self, be it through coming to group events such as this or individual meditation/contemplation, we are expressing our WILLINGNESS to see and feel ourselves as more than just a material/physical being. It strengthens our etheric and activates a deeper form of communication with our Higher Self. Never forget that! Every attempt does! 

All this would be so much easier if we were properly taught how to do this from early childhood on. But many of us had experiences that disconnected us from our True Selves. We were told to be 'nice', to shut up, to do as told, or that we are responsible for how others feel  - all these typical conditionings that distance us from our True Self. They form the False Self in us. Now, as we are trying to reignite this innate relationship with our AUTHENTIC SELF, we naturally have to deal with all those False Self aspects first. Do not worry about that. Keep going!

Many of the participants here sharing their experiences with their True Self tried for years or decades.

Please, those of you how know what I mean, can you let others know how long it took you to get the first glimpses of a connection with your True Self?!

Only a very few people have developed a  proper way to express and understand their own SPIRIT LANGUAGE. Engaging with our True Self no matter how experienced we are, takes nurturing and loving care so that this inner relationship can grow and expand.


Most of the sensations during this session seemed to derive around 1st, 3rd/4th and 6th Chakra. I've included the Chakra Charts and Work-Outs below, Help your energy body to relax into this relationship by loosening up those expectations and false beliefs about yourself!

Not being able to connect is not a failure - it's merely a consequence of not nurturing the relationship with your True Self. That's all! You can change this now!

Take a few moments of contemplation and talk to your True Self. Tell this part of you that you are there and that you want to feel it. It will answer you back! It always does!

Thank you all for your trust!

Much Love,

Also read: 10 Most Common Obstacles Connecting With Your True Self

Chakras emotional-energy-centers.jpg


Here a brief CONCEPTS FOR EMPATHS Video on what is meant with DIVINE WIFI 

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Hi There, 
thank you for posting!

I will return with reflecting on your posts later tonight - in session until then. Keep posting!
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Hi Jona and thank you to the beautiful souls that assisted with the transmission

I came into the transmission a little tired as I had tried to stay awake as it was 4am where I am. The first 10 minutes or so I was awake and aware but I fell asleep and woke up after the transmission had finished. I wasn't aware of any sensations but would be interested in what was seen in .y energy field.

Valerie 😊😊💜💜
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sacred heart centre trc.jpg

It has taken me years to experience what I now know as my True Self at 51 years. Thank you Jona  <3  There is a question that comes up always, how do I know this is my True Self? When who I have believed to be the True Me (ego) for most of my life was really only a construct of all the trauma and pleasure I had experienced from programming in my life and was really multiple ego versions of the false self, built on its survival or feeling good. Ego = protector of all that it (false me) had to learn to cope with to ensure survival and position (to feel safe and happy maybe) in situations.
Ego includes opinions and judgements. I used to think my opinions were who I was. I had to have an opinion so I knew my place and role in the world. All based on judgements from what I had been taught or discarded. Many things, all of it based on Ego in relationship to wounded inner child, shadow self that remains hidden to us through projections of emotion and keeping opinions so we can justify our reactions as righteous...or so the ego tells us.
Underneath is a sadness and loneliness that comes from separation, because the Heart is not a part of ego games or being right or self -sacrificing to 'get love' or 'keep/achieve' a (false) sense of security.
The pain is the separation from our Heart when we have  been 'doing' from our ego.
How do I know this is my True Self ?
There is only one way and that is to FEEL into that space in the centre of the Heart. If I am questioning my self then that is the mind ...and we have to get clear of the mind in order to FEEL. The way to feel is to agree to bypass the mind and feel/sink into the Heart and breathe until we feel clear and feel the warmth of the Heart and allow feeling in here. What am I feeling /seeing about this situation ? Do I see my hurt inner child or angry inner child there? Am I really feeling afraid and then manipulating to get something. Meet my own needs: What can I do right now to feel into what I can do to meet my own needs instead of getting it from outside or the situation. Or am I trying to please and afraid of rejection and abandonment?
Realizing: these questions and answers can only come forward by feeling them out from the Heart space first. Feeling into this loving neutral space. It is a feeling of coming home and feels soft, safe and nurturing. In this space we have time an no need for quick fixes from anywhere outside of ourself. Feeling out the questions I need to ask from within here. Trusting the next action is from a feeling that comes from honoring our Truth of the True Self - not pandering to the Ego that will make things up to justify and argue its case. It has taken years of practice and the Discernment can only come from the Heart. Diagnosing situations is ego and the feeling of having to question if a decision is Ok and True for me is a sign I am using my mind. Only the Heart feels True Love and from here discerns Truth. Emotions are ego and Mind is ego.  Bypass the mind and dive right into the Heart. Relinquishing ego control mechanisms. Understanding that any time, diving into a peaceful, centered state to feel out the Heart first. Coming to play in this place a lot while in nature and getting a good reference feeling for Heart Connection. 
Love julianne
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Thanks Jona and Julianne for the report and responses,

It helps so much to see this unpacked in terms easily understood. This time round partaking in the True Self Transmission has been very profound after having that total meltdown last week..which had been needing to come out of me for a while but I was desparately shoving it away with old coping mechansims....trying to control, projecting, lashing out..then not being able to see my own light enough to go into self forgiveness, which has passed now in the light of re-connection. Phew.

I loved what you wrote Jona, about how this would all be so much easier if we had been taught it in childhood. Wow that puts things in perspective. 
This year I turned 50 and my first meditation attempts started at a yoga class back in 1987 which I now consider a 'true self intervention'. I bought a couple of books at the class, one by Louise Hay and another called 'Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle' by this crazy British author Stuart Wilde. Im still working on dropping the struggle. What a journey. :-)

Much Love to all, Melanie xxx


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Chloe / Janet
Dear Group,

Good day.
One thing surfaced today. 
That approaching a person daily...usually means we first meet 'ego'. 
This helps me keep center more with new people. And have better discernment. 
As well as the potential for more authentic interactions and listening.

This I have known over all these 18+ years after first learning about inner connection.

Thank you for these efforts here.

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Thank you all for your wonderful posts. I have been incredibly busy with sessions this week. I will still come back to you - in the meantime, you may enjoy this new episode talking about GROWING INTO YOUR TRUE SELF

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