Fall Reset/ Online group detox program

One of the central tenets of holistic medicine is that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. If one area of your being is weak, congested, or in pain, it can manifest as an imbalance in another system. Cleansing physical toxicity can be extremely helpful in creating space and clarity for emotional, mental, and energetic toxicity to be released.

Detoxification is a transformational medicine that can create change on many levels. Cleansing the body while intentionally, mindfully examining our emotional toxicity helps us release lingering problems from our past. We are forced to break out of bad habits and needless distractions in order to focus on what truly matters and reset our routines and intentions. When our bodies eliminate toxic buildup both environmental and emotional we feel lighter and less burdened, allowing us to feel our best self and highest potential. 

This is why we are facilitating a group Fall Reset Program to help everyone shift their diet to Fall appropriate foods, strengthen their immune system, and shed excess heat and build up from the summer. This is a great opportunity to get your diet on track with some group support and motivation! A chance to focus on your health, to reset, and rejuvenate.

Unclog the channels of your body, mind, and emotions to have a smoother healthier winter.

If you want to learn how to nourish your body with real food, support your immune system, and rebuild your gut, all while getting rid of built-up toxicity, join us for the Immune-Boosting Fall Detox now. Register by 9/17/17 for only $67. This is an 18 day program to guide and support you in implementing healthy food choices that support the body's natural detoxification processes this time of year.

Group Program Begins September 21st  With 3 Phases. Beginning with 4 days of Prep, time to get your mind, space, and environment ready and set up for your cleanse, and then 14 days to focus on detox.


Sept 21st-24th: Prep Phase- clean out your kitchen, review materials, plan groceries and supplies

Sept 25th - Oct 1st: Phase 1- Take out the sludge! Eliminate inflammatory foods, focus on clean eating, and resetting

Oct 2nd - Oct. 8th: Phase 2- Find your new rhythm

All the information(recipes, meal plans, guides) will be emailed to you. You will be getting daily motivation/support emails throughout the program duration as well as access to a  group Facebook forum to ask questions and join the conversation with other detoxers. Email me at if you would like to share this time with us. Find out more about what we can offer at 


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Hi Everybody, 

if you want to learn how to release stored stress and anxiety, or simply need a powerful reset for your immune system, check out this awesome program that Melissa Hill, Personal Trainer and Health Coach (one of our transCOACHES) is offering! Start is 22nd September 2017.

Check out her web site Whole Be-Ing here.

Thank you for posting it here Melissa!

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