Please post your personal experiences or observations here. This is an on going thread... I will be posting occasional (noteworthy) shifts or things I noticed through ongoing transMISSION and energy coaching work that I don't have the time to formulate into a formal Energy Update. STAY TUNED and subscribe to this thread! 

I am looking forward to seeing a vivd discussion going on here! Please feel free to share how you are dealing, what you are confronted with and especially physical and emotional symptoms. This helps tremendously! We all think we are alone with our energetic sensations, but we are not!

Much Love and Gratitude,

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Richard Dacres
Great topic to discuss about the energetics which individuals are picking up on, for me at this moment in time I'm feeling the divide strong feeling of delusion which is hindering progression on the collective level. Ignorance is bliss springs to mind it's hard when we can see with clarity what's really going on around us there is no veil of illusion anymore when you are true to yourself and see through open eyes double edge sword at times, but always beneficial for anyone development.
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Dear Richard,

yeah, moving on or the feeling of progress is a bit  at the moment...everything feels a bit sluggish...and as if 'we are never gonna make any progress!'. Don't get caught in your ego's whining! It's just a bit dense right now... life-force cannot express that well right something that can spark your passion again!

Thank you so much for breaking the silence, Richard!

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Hi Jona,
Over the last few weeks there was a heavy ribbon of anger and hatred running around the city.  There was no place to hide from it as if it were a giant wave that crashed down over and over.  There's also been a palpable undercurrent of fear.  But the last few days there seems to be a little break.  It almost feels like everyone is holding their etheric breath.  It's been hard to deal with and frankly I didn't do the best job of it.  I think the US election is a big part of what's going on.  But I keep trying to centre and find peace within the storm by focusing on other things, playing with the dog, writing and so on.  Wednesday is going to be really interesting.

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Dear Anna,

yes - we can all feel it!

Try to look beyond the elections! There are things 'they' don't want us to see - look outside of the box (US)!

For now, all we can do is to apply EVERYTHING we've learned about energetic consolidation, clearing and managing our energy. There will soon be relief - and then another round.

I am late with the Weekly Energy Digest, but I will talk about what we can do and how to hang in there from an energetic point of view.

Here something I just recorded (7th November 2016)

Here a few tips for clearing absorbed energies:

For energetically sensitive people in particular it is advisable to integrate regular energetic clearing, even if you think you are fine (like brushing your teeth after a meal). It doesn't have to be a fancy technique. It's more of an energetic alignment back to yourself after having socialized or visiting places that are heavy in energies or feel draining to you (such as coming home from work, having gone through heavy traffic, a party, a meeting, traveling, etc). Just allow yourself time to disengage and acknowledge your energy few moments.


Simple Self-Clearing Techniques:

-taking a walk in nature

-physical exercise

-taking a soaking bath or shower

-expressing self-love through listening to soothing music, reading a cool book, cleaning, cooking a nice meal, or playing a game for example - anything energetically/symbolically nurturing yourself


-turning on candles, aromatherapy

-using lavender oil, chamomille tea, sage, (wood) smoke, fire, or anyhting you know that works for you


Advanced Clearing Techniques:

-Clearing Meditation processes

-IAM Breathing Technique

-Grounding Techniques

-True Self or Unified Self invocation (saying it silently or listening to 5 Min Energy Alignment mp3)


The process of energetic self-clearing is very individual. We all need to find what works best for us. Experiment! Here a few personal examples from experienced energy workers.

Much Love,

Thank you for coming here!

Here a recording for all Energetically Sensitives and Empaths like yourself!

Come back and let's get through this together!
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