Here the recording from our 9th day of our GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS webinar show (daily at 8PM (MST) until 1st January 2017).

Thank you all for coming and listening to the recordings of this show! It's getting more and more interesting every day!

Time went by talking about the feeling of constantly getting run over by other people's energies and why this is such a common pattern for energetically sensitives and empaths. We talked about how trying to stay open and nice to others can create a negative backlash and feeling like taking advantage of.  This is a big subject. We could only scratch the surface here, but if you have questions regarding this topic please send in your questions, as today on our 10th Show we will be talking about Energetic Triggers and how to transcend them. At the end of the session we will channel OCTOBER 2017 together..

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Lots of Gratitude to the audience for contributing with your many comments, suggestions and text questions!

Also, thank you all for submitting your questions ahead of the webinar.

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This 'Talk Show' format is open to everyone and the link can be shared with anybody!
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