Here the recording from our 7th day of our GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS webinar show (daily at 8PM (MST) until 1st January 2017).

Thank you all for coming and listening to the recordings of this show! It's getting more and more lively every day!

Today was definitely one of those tense days that could trigger quite a bit of energetic distress or unease in us. Depending on where we still have aspects that bind us to our ego (attachments) our experience varied from anger, defensiveness to sadness and guilt (and perhaps all of them together). This was definitely a day that asked us to self-clear and ground ourselves whenever we could. Roger suggested going to the park and sit by a tree - which is often one of the fastest clearing methods. We will continue to talk about self-clearing...

In general we talked a bit about how to neutralize incoming 'negative' or lower vibrational energies from others.

Many of us who have children reported elevated stress levels at home and a 'not so graceful' handling of issues. Oh well...that's why we come together to share these things...

Your questions and comments were really appreciated today - lots of little treasures here! Thank you all for your overwhelming contribution - I had a hard time keeping up reading and talking at the same time...

At the end of the session we practiced IAM Breathing very briefly  and 'channelled' JULY 2017 Energies together! Very interesting...seems like we have a few energetic waves coming at us next year...

Tomorrow, in our 8th Day  of our daily show we will talk about the basics of energetic absorption and how to prevent it. At the end of the session we will channel AUGUST 2017 together..

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Lots of Gratitude to the audience for contributing with your many comments, suggestions and text questions!

Also, thank you all for submitting your questions ahead of the webinar.

Click here to send in a subject/question or issue you want us to cover during the next show. 

This 'Talk Show' format is open to everyone and the link can be shared with anybody!

If you missed the meeting or would like to listen to it again please find the download links for the recording on the left.

Thank you very much for participating, commenting and sharing your experiences!!!
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