Here the recording from our 6th day of our GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS webinar show (daily at 8PM (MST) until 1st January 2017).



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Thank you all for coming and listening to the recordings of this motivating show!


As we began to talk about how higher vibrational states feel and how they provide the needed energy to transcend day-to-day or bigger spiritual issues, we noticed that there are quite a few pitfalls in overcoming our attachments to lower vibrations. One of the core issues we discussed in this session was how to respond when someone is bombarding us with Anger...or how to deal with our own Anger. And so, we had a very lively sharing about this practical aspect of holding our vibrational states. Awesome!


Special thanks to Ade, Amanda and Bryan for your heartfelt sharing!!!



At the end of the session we practiced IAM Breathing once more to clear all excess mental and emotional energies and 'channelled' JUNE 2017 Energies together! Very cool!


Tomorrow, in our Day y of our daily show we will talk about the importance of regular self-clearing and what it means to 'take the higher route' At the end of the session we will channel JULY 2017 together..



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