Here the recording from our 4th day of our GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS webinar show (daily at 8PM (MST) until 1st January 2017).

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Click here for Uncovering Our Daily Exposure to Energy Draining Energies

As we go along our webinar shows get more and more active! Special thanks to Bryan and Ade who broke the ice and shared some of their personal experiences! In the course of this webinar we talked about the personal insights we took from 2016 and how this affected our lives. We then went on to talk about how aligning ourselves to Truth can mark a very transformative milestone on our journey. 

In context with truth we examined why trying to keep up a False Self or hiding Truth can lead to massive energy draining. We learned about how to prevent inner conflicts, how to assess compromises and how to trust in our ability to come up with high vibrational solutions. We briefly mentioned the nature of mental attachments and the role our mind plays getting stuck in slower vibrational states. In the coming days we will further work with the vibrational scale of energetic states and continue to illuminate how our perception can shift with our energy.

At the end of the session we tuned into our heart center 'channelled' APRIL 2017 Energies!

Our topic for Day 5 of our daily show is about the basics of energetic perception and practical tips on how to self-clear our energies regularly. And of course, at the end of the session we will channel MAY 2017 together..

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