In this lively session we discussed the effects of energetic stress on all our systems. Our panel guest Eloise, physic therapist and energy worker explained how unreleased negative energies can lead to physical manifestations. In the course of this session we illuminated the different vibrational states of energy and how we can feel what energetic state our energy is aligned to or even stuck in. Lastly we talked about how to neutralize incoming negative energies and defined that the most important aspect of energy management is about becoming able to be the observer of our energies.

We further discussed the effects Solstice Energies in the Southern Hemisphere and came to the conclusion that both aspects of the Winter and Summer Solstice were linked to the emancipation of Masculine and Feminine energies. 

At the end of the session we tuned into our center 'channelled' MARCH 2017 Energies!

Our topic for Day 4 of our daily show is about observing energy draining energies and becoming aware of the patterns that we can witness in those moments.   And, at the end of the session we will channel APRIL 2017 together..

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