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In this very insightful session we discussed the effects of stress during the Holidays on our energy system and ability to make 'good' choices. Our panel guest Shiela, an expert of clinical psychology and social services confirmed a significant rise of dramatic domestic or personal incidences during this time of the year.  

As for current collective energies we are still in the influence of the Solstice Energies and their recalibration of light - which is also influencing our way of making choices.

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At the end of the session we tuned into our center 'channelled' FEBRUARY 2017 Energies!
It never ceases to amaze me how we can do this with no effort and within a few minutes! Awesome! Great Job everyone!' 

This 'Talk Show' format is open to everyone and the link can be shared with anybody!

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Our topic is reading and working our own energies, and how to assess our energetic state of progress - and at the end of the session we will channel MARCH 2017 together....
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