Happy New Year!

Here the 11th recording of our GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS webinar show from New Years Eve (last show tonight at 8PM (MST).

As we were reflecting on Collective Energies we noticed an uncertainty feeling and perhaps even anxiety. It is quite normal in times like this for energetically sensitive people to pick up on this, so don't take this as a 'sign' - meanwhile, there there are several waves of change that can be sensed, and so it becomes even more important to stay grounded and centered in our own energy.

The single most important thing we can do to not be affected by these outer energies is to focus on our heart and to constantly realign - as we practiced yesterday at the end of the session.

As we are discussing how to BECOME REAL I illuminated the basics of Conscious Manifestation and talked about what we CAN do to decouple from collective waves and shift our manifestation energies towards our own goals...

Join in our last session tonight at 8PM MST!

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- New Year's Day

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