Hi Everyone,

this session hasn't happened yet.

New! Right after our Energy Session we will come together and discuss your sensations, experiences and questions live in a webinar talk. After the live talk (will be posted here) you can also share and comment in this forum thread.

The Energy Session takes one hour 6-7pm ( time zone here) with following Webinar at 7pm

Click here to log on to  webinar right after the Energy Session @7PM (EDT)

Have a great experience!


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What Happens When The Ego Bubble Bursts





Remote Energy Healing & Training Session 

9th April 2020

Click here to go to our FORUM sharing for this session. Please feel free to inquire about your personal energy.

Thank you for coming!

Special thanks to our co-facilitators: Abigail, Becky, Denisse, Cheryl, Alex, Shiela, Gloria, Julianne, Annette & Diana


Jona Bryndis


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Infographics & Slides



sshp inforgraphic chakras aspects.jpg 




SSHP Infographic Psychosomatics Negative Emotions.jpg  


Common Energetic Sensations & Perceptions during and after Remote Energy Sessions


Energetic Releases & Clearing Symptoms

Simple energetic release can happen through: Sighing, jawing, burping, sneezing, passing gas, or coughing, in which our body tries to get rid of stored physical, emotional or mental energies.

More complex releases can be experienced through heat, heat waves, pulsing, tingling or vibrating, body movements, but also pressure, agitation or flaring up of chronic conditions (often skin or digestive system) in certain body parts.

The most common forms of emotional release are spontaneous crying/tearing up, but also sudden anger, fear or sadness (known as catharsis in psychology). But - there are also positive forms of energetic release, which can be just as intense: sudden feelings of overwhelming love, joy and deep relief are not uncommon in energy work!

General Transformation Symptoms 


If you want to know more about the meaning of your inner perceptions, please ask in the forum after session or read articles about this subject here.

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Chloe / Janet
Dear Group,

Thank you. This picture of the fractal lady passes on a feeling of serenity. Thank you again.

Some of the charts are hard to discern. I just put my feelings into them and absorb where the eyes cannot catch the words.

The chart with ...Identifying Energetic Sensations ...solved one recent question about mental energies. One lingering for big help. Love.

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