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Hi Everybody,

here is where we can share and cheer each other on while going through a light REBOOT DETOX together!

Posting instructions and suggestions over the weekend!

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Here a quick overview on how to do a Light 3-Day Reboot Fast to cleanse your physical, but also to challenge your ego.

3 Day Detox Reboot Instructions


A cleanse is good for kick-starting and rebooting your metabolism and clearing out your guts. An as you all know, emotions are mainly stored in our digestive area, so physical detoxing will also promote emotional detoxing, but can only be done temporarily as the overall goal is to reach a balance from within so you don't have to constantly think about food. By assuring that you are 'always getting enough' you are promoting trust in yourself and your body - and you learn to regulate as you go.


Purpose of the 3 Day Detox Reboot:


As for the 3-Day Reboot Detox I recommend the Light Fast with fruit and vegetable juices, broth, and Dandelion Tea; and of course lots of water.


Basically you just 'eat' liquids like in the juice fast (as much as you want), but you also getting warm meals which makes a difference energetically and also emotionally. You are not loosing much weight during a light fast, but you are not regaining it either.

This is one of the problems with extreme fasts, as they induce ketosis (no carbs) and lead to water loss and muscle tissue, which will makes a person feel lighter but it's actually not healthy. Plus it leads to muscle loss, as the body's chemistry goes into starvation and tries to regain the lost water and body cells in form of fat cells. This is why it's important to drink as much as you feel you need!






Freshly squeezed or blended juices from fruits every 2 hours

You can add carrots, cucumber and green leafy vegetables if you like the mix



Broth from vegetables, miso soup (no solids) warm!

Continue with Fruit and Vegetable Juices



Vegetable broth, or if you feel too spacey, tomato soup or meat broth (no solids).

In case you need more, cook some brown rice and have a few spoons ful or eat a banana.



Most Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Coffee?

For the 3-Day Fast it’s better to refrain from coffee, BUT if it gets you through the fast have your coffee, but no mild or sugar!


2. Alcohol?

For the 3-Day Fast it’s best to refrain from alcohol completely! After these three days you can add alcohol again, but no more than one glass!


3. Juices: Freshly Squeezed/Juiced vs. Bought or bottled?

If you have to work or if juicing (preferably organic produce) is too expensive or not feasible for you, bottled juices will do the job. Just make sure you get the best quality without additives, such as sugars or protein!



4. Broths: Pre-made vs. From Scratch?

I would make it depend on what you are cooking for the rest of your family. If you are single pre-made organic broths are fine - they are just a little bland. If you get pre-made soups take out the solids (meat, noodles, rice, etc). From scratch is always best, but it takes a long time to prepare, so I would not get hung up on it - only do things that work for you! Otherwise it gets too much and too stressful. We are also trying to bring in balance, which means we need to integrate.


5. Only Vegetable Broth?

It depends on how much meat you normally eat and how deprived you may feel. Vegetable and Miso broth are the best for this fast, but before you run out of steam, compromise with Chicken broth for example. 


6. Non-Prescription Drugs, Supplements or Fiber?

Since you are only 'rebooting' for three days I would not take any non-prescription drugs or supplements. If you are taking prescription drugs you need to consult your doctor!


For long term diet changes we can talk about supplements, but as long as you are juicing or blending you don't need to supplement anything. If you juicer separates the pulp, add a little pulp back into the juice (for fiber, so your blood sugar doesn't spike too much).


7. Exercise?

Just agree to slow down for three days and then build your exercise back up after the 3-Day Detox. Walking and hiking in nature is always good. Just don’t do too much as you may get too spacey!



After the Reboot - Consider a 21-Day Energy Supporting Diet

Doing a 3 week cleanse can litterally be life changing! It can not only set you up for a new internal structure and develop new habits, it can help to get rid of chronic conditions and support any form of recovery! If you are considering quitting persistent habits, such as smoking, drinking or other recreational drugs, this cn set a new starting point for your sober life.

During this period all the recommendationsin regards to an energetically healthy diet apply in a somewhat stricter way. Below a list of 'stricter' rules for the After-Cleanse period. After these 3 weeks you can modify and adapt things to what works best for you! 


The First couple of days after the 3 Day Reboot Cleanse

Ease your body back into solid foods - which means, try to have light/easy digestible meals with juices or smoothies in between. When you eat solids try to consciously chew them bite for bite - 10 times each (I know sounds stupid but it works). Starting on the fourth day, you can go back to eating more solids, but this time feel out how the food you ate made you feel afterwards...check in with your energy and allow your body to tell you if the food you ate was ENERGY SUSTAINING or DRAINING... (If you really want to get nerdy about this, you can journal your food intake and record your energy levels)


Instructions for a 21 Days Energy Detox Supporting Diet

In general try to follow your body's BIORHYTHM (your usual up and down rhythm). This is a little different for everyone, so what works for me doesn't necessarily have to work for you, although you and I have a similar daily routine. Sometimes, CHANGING DAILY ROUTINES can also help to shift our energies a bit.

For example, I've recently switched to having dinner earlier and it feels more balanced as I don't go as low before dinner anymore. We used to always have dinner between 8-9PM (mostly because I had to drive my older kids to soccer every afternoon, so we didn't even arrive home until 7.30pm - now that my daughter has her own car and their schedule shifted I could start cooking at around 5.30pm), which got me into an energetic slump between 5.30-8pm and then a serious after dinner fatigue at 9PM.


Take note how brief meditation breaks throughout the day can influence your energy and feeling of hunger or need to eat.


- Drinking Lemon Water on empty stomach

- Eating raw fruits first thing in the morning (no raw fruits/raw tomatoes on full stomach ever!) - the more different colors and the darker in color the better

- Keeping up the Water Intake (2-2.5 l/Quarts per day)

- Eating raw vegetables before main (heavier) meals  - the darker in color the better

- Adding a bite of a high fiber granola bar or dried fruit before eating anything with refined sugar

- Leave at least 2 hours between snacks/meals (if you drink coffee with carbs through milk or sweetener, the coffee counts as meal)


General Tips:

- No deep fried foods in this time

- Add more nuts, seeds (especially raw sunflower and flax seeds) and died fruits to your diet!

- Always have almonds, almond butter and almond meal in the cabinet (they are extreme energy boosters!)

- Use only good Oils, such as olive oil, grape seed, coconut and flax seed oil (cold pressed, organic if possible)

- Consider a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods


Do not be afraid of good fats from seeds and good oils! even unsalted butter is to a thread to a detox diet! Yes, they deliver high calorie content, but they also come with everything for the body needs to break it down into energy which means it will be utilized and not stored in body fat!


Refrain from and Replace with:

- Processed/packaged/pre-made foods:

and replace with as natural and 'alive' as possible (even self-cooked frozen meals or produce, they are better than packaged foods but do not provide as many nutrients anymore)

- Refined Sugars:

and replace with Coconut sugar, Agave Sirup, Unrefined sugar or Raw Honey. (Get dark chocolate if you can't live without.)

- Processed Dairy products:

and replace with rice, coconut or almond milk. After these three weeks, try to stay with as natural (whole) and organic as possible. No low, non fat, etc.! (e.g. instead of ready mixed yogurts get organic whole milk yogurt and mix with your own fruit mash and sweetener)

- Over-processed Cheese Spreads (including cream and cottage cheese):

and replace with ideally goat and sheep (feta) cheese or Brie. In general look for (unfortunately very expensive) one piece cheese chunks, how they come from the dairy farm. 

- MSG's aka Hydrolyzed Yeast/Protein Extract & Transfats aka Hydrogenated Oils/Fats:

(in most chips, crackers, breading and processed meals such as frozen french fires, pizza, etc) and replaced with organic version

- Food Coloring and anything artificially colored!:

You can replace some for kids with natural food coloring in health food stores (hard to get)

- Artificial Sweeteners of any kind!:

Stevia is okay but 'real' sweet is always better as it doesn't mess with your taste buts ad neurotransmitters

- Farm-Raised Fish:

I know, it breaks my heart but they are full with anti-biotics and hormone/neurotransmitter altering substance and replace with wild-caught

- Non-Organic Meats and replace with organic version



- Meat-Consumption:

Even organic meats have fear and abuse energies in them. If you have to eat meat, silently give thanks to the animal (raises its vibration). Replace meats with tuna or Shitake Mushrooms for example.

- Processed Gluten

Processed/packaged breads, cookies, crackers and pasta contain a lot of refined gluten. Gluten in itself is not necessarily unhealthy, unless one already has an allergy. the main reason for the hype with gluten is that it's separated out of its natural compound. Therefore, naturally occurring gluten (e.g. in whole grain rye) is not unhealthy! 

I am not a fan of gluten free products because they are even more processed than normal processed foods, but because it's practically impossible to get natural food productsI recommend to replace bought or self-made breads with Oat, Quinoa, Barley and Almond Meal (ground up) - as for cookies, cakes and bread try to eat as little as possible during these three weeks.

If you, like me, really don't want to refrain from cookies, make your own from good ingredients for guilt-less snacking!





- Make home made granola with a mix of ground up nuts, seeds (flax seed is always good) and oats with honey, cinnamon, butter and almond butter for a light snack with yogurt in between. Add eggs, more butter, ground oat meal or a little unbleached flower and heavy cream (chic chips if you want) to make delicious and healthy cookies. The kids will love them!

- Always have bananas, raw sunflower seeds and brown rice in the house. If you need food for your nerves try these first!


- Enjoy your coffee (chocolate, snack, glass of wine)! Stevia is okay but Agave sirup would be better. Look at your coffee as meal, as long as you put rice/almond/coconut mild or cream into it. It' okay. Just CONSCIOUSLY LOVE IT when you drink it - don't drink coffee on the run - always ENJOY IT!


- Good bread is full of whole grains and seeds. Make your own or get it from whole foods. Sprouted breads are better than normal breads. The heavier the bread the better. The least ingredients the better. 


- Do not be afraid of calories! Look at what you put into your body as part of your loving yourself. The only thing that matters is whether or not you love what you eat!



Did I forget anything?

The 'prime directive' is to integrate your food habits with your high vibratory energy system. These directives or recommendations are based on providing maximum energy for our bodies. 

After these three weeks of changing your diet, try to stay with as many suggestions as possible.

Last tip: Try to get a friend or family member to join your 3-Day Detox Reboot!

Much Love,


Disclaimer: Please consult a medical professional if you have health concerns. 

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Hi there!

I had mixed fruit juice this morning and tons of water - feeling okay so far (but have a runny nose)

How are you guys doing?

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If you feel low in blood sugar seek bananas or carrot. They are high in fruit sugar and can help you to regulate fast.. A yummy juice from

Carrot, Apple. Lemon & Banana

goes a long way!

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So putting the fruits in a blender, or even the veggies for the soup is fine for this one?

Survived the first day (6pm here) , had a little bit of rice in the soup for a small workout. Onions, garlic, carrots, ginger and an apple made a great soup. Lots of water and tea. Oh, and two cups of black coffee (instead of my usual 4)... let's ses if I can get down to one tomorrow.

I need to ground a bit more, but feel really light, buzzing a bit... not hungry.

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Yes, that's how we do it! In the evening we make sure we heat it up (so more veggie-based) helps with grounding. If you get too spacey out a little ground cheese into the 'soup'.

I have not yet cut down on coffee here, but will have to soon 🙁

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Blending foods helps to pre-digest them. Makes it easier on our digestive system.

If you want to be super serious you can add ginger, drink fennel or dandelion teas. But make sure you load up on water!!!! At least 3-4 liters!

I will have an açaí bowl full for lunch...

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Hey everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the fast...  Here's a good little tomato soup recipe if you are looking for something warm and nurturing...  PDF is attached too!  

Basic Tomato Soup Recipe…




1 stick butter

1 medium celery root (just root not stalks) - peeled and cubed

1 medium onion diced

3-4 ripe tomatoes diced

6-7 cups of purified or filtered water

3-4 cubes of vegetable bullion or not-meat chicken flavored bullion 

(Number of cubes depends upon strength of taste and how much water)

1 large can (28 oz?) of fire roasted tomatoes

1 can tomato paste

14 oz. tomato sauce or 1 jar marinara sauce (either is fine - prefer the marinara myself)

4-8 oz. heavy cream




2 cloves garlic (or more if you like..)

1 tablespoon paprika (sweet is better, but regular is fine)

1 tablespoon oregano

1/2 -1 teaspoon curry (start with less…add to taste)

1 teaspoon sugar (or equivalent natural sweetener)

Salt and pepper to taste


Start by cooking butter at just under medium heat and add in celery root, stirring and sautéing for 4-5 minutes…


Add in diced onions and sauté until onions are translucent or slightly brown…then add in fresh diced tomatoes and cook for another 3-4 minutes…


Add in spices minus sugar and stir 1 to 2 minutes…should be very aromatic at this point…


Add in canned diced tomatoes and sauce…stir for 1 to 2 minutes then add in water and bullion…then tomato paste


Cook on medium for 10–20 minutes…stirring often…allowing soup to simmer but not boil…if it does begin to boil adjust the heat down a bit…


Using an immersion blender, blend all ingredients until smooth, slightly thick soup is formed.  (Can also do this in batches via blender)


Allow to cook again for 10-15 minutes (longer the better as long as not too hot…so turn down heat if you are going longer to just above low or around 3 on most burners) and then add in cream and sugar…


Taste for flavor and salt level as well as if slightly sweet from paprika, onions and bit of sugar…  If it feels too week to taste add a bit more paprika and oregano…and of course sugar, salt, and pepper to taste…


Consistency should be fairly smooth and slightly thick…the cream will add thickness as well and should bring the color from strong orangish/red to light orange color


If storing put in the refrigerator and know that the flavor will intensify within 24 hours…and a little water can be added to it if too thick





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Just water and juice so far today.  Feeling good.  I don't normally feel the need for solids until late afternoon, so I'll check back in tonight!

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Who would've expected a vegan to have cravings in such a fast, but I miss my carbs. 

Breakfast- green tea and banana, celery, raspberry, kale, almondmilk, blend 
Snack- orange
Will have a squash soup most likely in a bit..

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Malgorzata Stachura

So far so good.

Had banana for breakfast, and juices so far - brocolli, red radish, ginger, apple, another one was made with  apple, carrot, strawberry, few grapes
made vegetable broth from scratch,  and had  tons of water and coffe as well.
I need to go to the store to get more fruits and veggies.

Craving almonds a bit,  but will try just fluids for the rest of cleansing days.

Thank you,

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I craved oats - my typical lunch. So far so good like you guys - getting a bit lightheaded...

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Physically fine.  Had some vegetable broth for dinner.  The only thing I'm "craving" is to chew!

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Hi there
having water and a dash of apple cider first on waking. More water then a large celery juice.
Juicing celery carrots beetroot apples today.
Out to shop for more vegie supplies now.  Meanwhile No coffee No tea as there is no desire for it ...yet
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We just had Jeff's Tomato Soup - I had two bowls - super yummy! - and I am fully grounded now - think I'm going to bed early tonight.
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Have fruit and veg supplies now and just had an orange pineapple juice and coconut water 12:15pm. I have a huge craving for a cuppa tea with dash of soy milk.  Usually drink 2 to 5 per day. I ate 4 organic dried apricots before lunch while shopping - could not resist them and told myself i was feeling dizzy, then had 2 more later. Looked at what my critical voice was saying here.  Feeling tired, then made another juice with apples celery beetroot carrots. This has felt energizing for the 3pm afternoon slump. Have gotten over the food and tea desire from lunchtime and low energy sinking in at 1 - 2 pm.  Actually buzzing a bit now (3pm)  Late afternoon Dandelion tea and honey for energy to see client at 5 pm
Pumpkin carrot ginger watery soup for dinner with some parmesan cheese. Water.
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Hi everyone, I had a smoothie in late morning and coffee. I had miso soup later on. Later on I felt like I truly needed some solid so I had a rice. Trough the day it went pretty well, I felt a bit spacey at times so constant grounding. New environment, new job starting tomorrow, so lots of adapting. My energy felt like speeding up tru the day on and off. Sleepy at times. Spacey at others, and grounded at other times. It is surprising how disrupting the eating habits, goes together and with other levels as well. How it all goes together.  Lots of witnessing. I cut down on the smoking and also in the coffee. Thank you.

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One thing I noticed is how connected I felt when when I was drinking the smoothie and how present I felt while and after the miso soup. 
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Hi Denisse, I felt the same! It's like a boost in SELF LOVE. Doing this, challenging the ego and knowing that it's supportive for my body!

I needed to chew something last night (like Amanda said, the craving was not for food per se, but for chewing) so I had a handful of walnuts.

With all this my true needs showed, and I finally allowed myself to sleep (10 hours) - yay!

Having an açaí bowl this morning.


So proud of you all!

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Malgorzata Stachura

I caught my ego inner schism pattern -  right from the post I shared above : )

So when I made a choice yesterday in the morning the goal was Self Love with extra nutrients for my body, along with helping the body to release extra residue  of  stored energies after deep  Sacred Heart marathon.

I decided right then to do blended veggies and fruits and make them watery since I do not have a juicer.

After coming here and reading your posts my ego said well that is not a challenge for you doing watery smoothies, juicing is a challenge!!!
Ha ha, my ego set me up for compering myself to others and unrealistic expectation since I don't have a juicer - but that was not the goal.

Had thicker smoothie made with avocado for dinner, felt Self Love and ego chatter mixed with guilt dissipating  < 3

Thank you all for sharing.

What is acai ? 


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I had some dandelion tea before bed last night, water with lemon this morning, and apple pear mango juice this afternoon.
Interesting to see other things I "think" I need showing up.  As my ego quiets down, it feels good to communicate with True Self more throughout the day and ask what it is I really need.

Love, Amanda
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Feeling a little bit lightheaded... added sheep cheese to the veggie soup, but still. Other than that lots of energy, buzzing... thoughts are very fast, but decoupled if I pay attention to not be drawn in. Drinking juices, some fresh, and a detox herbal tea.
The pain I had in my stomach is almost gone.  A layer of self destructing thoughts which came up the recent days seems to surface faster now, and I can let them go and replace them with nurturing feelings - the 3-day-detox intention gives the good feelings definitely a better hold - more convincing than the inner critical voice. It's like copying the detox code into these places (mind and body). Oh yes, way more clarity.

One or two times "eat pizza!" came up, but nothing serious 😉 Maybe because I am used to low-carb eating which I've done a while ago for a few months (not anymore now though)... I just dismiss the thought instantly, and as long as I am busy and connected cravings don't show up.
The few times it came up, decoupling the feeling from the thought that junk food (or nuts, cheese, whatever) will cure any cravings is helping.

Oh, and only one coffee today 🙂 

Going for one more tea, and that's day two (7pm now).

Hope everyone is doing fine, keep it up!


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Thank you all for sharing! So cool to follow other people's thoughts and schisms - it's really all the same!

I am not feeling a lot of conflict with my ego, other than feeling progressively brain-fogged...makes it hard to do coaching sessions. I will have to come up with ways to pace myself out a bit more...seriously not sure how I'm going to be able to do the training tonight...a wordless training for a change?

Gonna go meditate now to see if I can center my physical energies this way...


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Yes... on...brain fog...  But, loving how the detox allows you to slow down and really feel how foods feel to you, affect you, and aid you!

Thanks everyone for sharing!  


Just made french onion soup for the broth and will be using that for today...along with juices...

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Really cool Boris! I feel the same way about coffee (who would have thought!)

Thank you for sharing!

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Jeff, can you share your phenomenal French Onion Soup Recipe with us?

(it's really good!)
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Preparing food for the kids and not eating any of it makes me hangry!
And yes, please! French Onion soup sounds wonderful 🙂
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Feeling somewhat sluggish but pretty light today. I’m trying to stay away from external stimuli like internet articles or some tv programs on food. It’s interesting and funny to see how they influence me to want to cook some non detox friendly items.
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Malgorzata Stachura
Thank you Jeff for sharing with your post my perception shifted.
Somewhat feeling more balanced> And yes please share your French Onion soup recipe.

Thank you all.
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French Onion Soup Recipe (vegetarian)…




1 stick butter

2 White Onions sliced (all onions sliced long way)

1 Red Onion sliced

2 Yellow Onions sliced

7-8 cups of purified or filtered water

4 cubes of vegetable bullion or not-meat beef flavored bullion 

1 1/2 Tbsp Flour

2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

3/4 cup dry white wine (can use white grape juice if alcohol isn’t option)




1Tbsp sugar

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Tbsp browning & seasoning sauce (mostly for color and a bit more spice)




Start by cooking butter in large soup pan at just under medium heat and add then in all sliced onions…stirring them around so the butter coats well.  


Cook for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally and then add in 1/2 of sugar to help caramelize… will be very strong smell after a few minutes (good to breathe in if have lung or sinus issues)


Keep cooking for about 30-45 minutes adding rest of the sugar in about 1/2 way point and allow onions to cook (stir every few minutes) until they have caramelized and turned a golden brown or darker brown (varies per onion type)…some should look a bit burnt...


Add wine or grape juice to deglaze the pan and add sweetness to the soup (basically getting rid of any brown bits from the onions)…stir until liquid is mostly evaporated…


Then add in flour and stir onions slowly for about 2 or 3 minutes…creating a bit of a roux


Add in water and bullion cubes…and worcestershire sauce and browning sauce…


Cook on medium low for at least 45 min (longer if possible as it adds to the flavor)


Add in pepper and salt to taste and a bit more sugar if you well as worcestershire sauce if like that taste!  

Should serve 4-6 depending upon how much you like…


The soup is mostly broth, but very healthy and makes you feel really warm…  Normally you would add in bread and cheese, but not for this option…



If storing put in the refrigerator and know that the flavor will intensify within 24 hours…and a little water can be added to it if too thick



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Malgorzata Stachura
Hi all!

Really reflecting on my relationship with food! I really miss cooking that’s for sure as of late I started exploring and loving healthy cooking from scratch, but on the other hand not cooking but having smoothies gives me extra time to focus on things I want to focus on.

Like with any other relationship, I’ve noticed that’s it’s good to check with intention behind it, for example chewing was my physical need so I actually had few almond nuts today. ( Thank you Amanda for sharing that ). 

I also had a piece of feta cheese today for grounding. 

So I am happy that I am learning from this, and will definetly have a new relationship with food after.

Looking forward to day 3


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Hi Everyone


Waking this morning feeling fine except for slight headache and recall waking from a nightmare I cant remember now. Drank lots of water and lime juice and had 2 Dandelion teas.

Juicing carrot celery beetroot and apples.

Started to feel dizzy and scattered so for lunch I made a Banana Apple Lime smoothie with water. This seems to be helpful so now I am making the tomato soup now for tonight. Feels like lunchtime is the hardest. I have a craving for sugar and chewing too.

Yesterday seemed like I was preparing to starve, today things have settled and feeling Ok to go along with the day without too much thought about food.

Drinking water with lime. Peppermint tea time while cooking and listening to Step 14 that I missed Sunday night at 2 am when you guys were recording

Love and onwards!

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Almost done. Felt a bit flue like this morning, but got better during the day (It made me change a plan though, which turned out to be a great idea later!). My body feels very light, everything is buzzing comfortably. A bit ringing in my ears. 

Had some juice, for breakfast, a cup of coffee, and since lunch veggie soup (mostly greenish) with a bit of coconut cream in it, and teas. Found myself biting on everything in the soup my blender didn't catch completely 😉 I'm so looking forward to have some boiled cereals tomorrow morning, since my body begins to feel a bit empty. But all good I'd say...6pm, confident to make it 🙂 Only very short ego-distractions "oh a look in the food cupboard won't hurt", and "you need to go by car, better have some real food". In fact, now thinking of meat makes me sick... but nuts would be great 😉

Interesting thing with the brain - I can't make it focus on things that don't feel congruent, just feels too exhausting and not even desirable. So  not a bad thing actually. All in all, I feel way more connected to my truth, didn't expect this at all... 

Great idea, thank you J&J for coming up with it and thanks to everyone participating. I'd say it's a nice supporting field we're in, and it has a nice frequency 🙂

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Hi Boris, Hi Julianne and all Fellow Truth Seekers!

Yes, it's amazing what happens if we consciously choose to challenge our ego in this simple way! We go into inner turmoil and can observe the entire cascade or mental and emotional resistance. The physical resistance is normal when we ingest less carbs - the brain fog and lack of focus comes from low blood sugar, which is something we need to learn to respond to in healthier ways than we normally do. If you think about it, all we have chosen to cut out is the daily comfort foods and quick fixes! There is no talk of lessening our calorie intake, just refraining from coping with foods that our ego likes!

The interesting part about this is that it intuitively makes us make other (better) choices, such as refraining from coffee or drinking tea or water instead of whatever we normally do. 

So, in essence it's really about understanding how our ego, mind, body and emotions work together, and how tiny shifts can shift our energy/perception, including our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Challenging the ego ALWAYS brings new insights, even if it's just seeing the patterns of lying to or sabotaging ourselves. That's why I keep drumming to keep changing little things in your life, cause you never know what this 'thing' ends up justifying for your ego.

I had to have a  sugar & coffee 'picker-upper' last night right before the training at 11PM - my brain was seriously slouching. If I had the option I would have gone to bed, but I had made this commitment already. So I made a choice/compromise to 'get me through' something I couldn't really change last night. These are the kind of compromises we all do all the time - but what makes a difference is when we make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE!


Thank you all for trusting and going with it!

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Malgorzata Stachura
Thank you all for joining, its been challenging and wonderful!

It was a bit thougher late evening yesterday - talked back to my ego and said if it will keep me sidetracked l will do a fast for  21 days -  ha ha ! 

This morning it was easier- beautiful surrender and noticed that I had one cup of coffee, 2 watery smoothies, lots of water with lemon and now
French Onion Soup is waiting on the stove -  and I cant wait to eat it.

thank you,

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How cool you made the onion soup!

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Hi everyone!
Woke up feeling nice and clear and had lemon water in the morning.  I led some yoga sessions this afternoon and felt really spacey after.  I had juice but since running errands and kids to all their events this evening I am ready to eat!  I'm going to sip my broth and make it until tomorrow!  Thank you everyone for sharing here.

Love, AManda
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Awesome Amanda!

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HI Everyone
After tomato soup last night I retired feeling a bit achy and sore. Especially across shoulders and hips. I did the meditation process from Step 8 of placing one hand on my heart, connecting to the Heart Space and placing the other hand on sore places, feeling the warmth spreading and fell asleep. I woke later sore again and did the same process and woke in the morning feeling really good except for a slight headache.

Drank lots of lime and water and then decided to have a coffee with dash of soy milk as I had clients to see and didn't trust my energy to stay 'up' with juice alone. It just may have though!  I usually have a bowl of oats before seeing clients, so coffee was the liquid choice.

Drank a banana, apple, orange, carrot smoothie with water and I worked till midday without any problems with water and lime juice. Had walnuts nearby just in case I felt tired, but didn’t need them.

Felt super energized actually and very light.

Beetroot, celery, carrot, apple, juice for lunch and dandelion tea.

Did some work around the house until afternoon and had another banana orange apple carrot mix and worked from 4 till 5:30 with a massage and acupuncture session.


Dinner was tomato soup and dollop of sour cream and later 5 cashews.


Feeling light and actually had less ‘food’ today than previous two days and feel amazingly much more centred and energized.


Its been really great sharing this experience, thank you so much Jona and Jeff for creating this. Loving the posts and feel this has been a real game changer for a lot habits other than food.


So cool to be doing this together. Feeling wonderful and light.

Much Love



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Malgorzata Stachura
Dear All,

After having an amazing and delicious French Onion Soup (thank you) I as well felt into my body, belly ( 2nd Chakra) felt wide open and clear,
I had another water based veggie and fruit mix, and more glasses of water - somewhere in between I decided to end the 3 day light detox with an act of 
Self Love and decided to celebrate it that way. I baked wheat bread from scratch and planned to have a piece of it with more of delicious French Onion Soup.

After dinner around 7:00 pm -  I ate it  - slowly chewing and enjoying every bite of it.
And then again went into feeling into my body - I felt release through heart, yawned and it was followed with a burp. 

The moment I allowed myself to trust in a feedback from my system - I felt expansion and SELF LOVE.

Thank you -  Julianne, Jeff, Jona, Amanda, Sreedevi, DenissePa, Boris and anyone reading this its been wonderful.

I feel amazing.

Thank you for presenting CHOICE.


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Centainly felt energized yesterday but some anxiety set in later in the evening  ( which had nothing to do with food) and ended up relenting to some chewable dry fruits and’s been interesting to notice this relationship with food besides the whole construct built around how many meals to eat and what they should comprise of. 

Thanks for the community reboot detox and the sharing.

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Hi everyone🙂
what a wonderful choice and timing to go for This detox. Very grateful.
I feel like in this practice  I have been witnessing purging the last few years of accumulated energy wich is of course from early in life. 
Today was interesting, I woke up feeling like my body is coming to normal, for there was a heaviness accumulated in the last 3 months from heavy carbs eating. Today, is feeling  more like an integration. Very cool. Very deep. My body didn’t feel like any solids at all,  gently added carrots to my miso soup and smashed them as an intro to solids along with nuts. For dinner I made potatoes kale oniins and carrot soup, and truly enjoyed the gentleness. 
thank your for all the suggestions, I will follow up on this.
much love,
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So cool to read your experiences and how they match up with my own! I love the connection with SELF LOVE you made, Gosia! 

Today I clearly felt how EVERY FOOD CHOICE also became a choice to love myself more. Even though the detox is over for me now, I still wanted soup (we had Jeff's famous Thai Coconut Soup) and kept all else very light (except for pastry!). Also, I am still drinking less coffee which is very cool!

The anxiety you mentioned, Sree, and the connection with sugars/carbs I noticed too - but I tried to stay as self loving as I could throughout , so when things got too intense I allowed myself a tiny bit of fruits, cheese or nuts, just so I wouldn't get into this ANS response.

DETOX is good, but BALANCE is important too 😉

So loving! Thank you all for your awesome feedback!

Maybe follow this example and do occasional DETOXES with your friends! Can be a great opportunity to share recipes and support another through this EGO CHALLENGE!

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What are you guys eating today? Please share 🙂 It helps to read your sharing. I feel like am in transition to solids. Feeling the love with each choice. I started with the lemon juice, coffee, smoothie. I am gonna go for a banana, maybe some nuts before lunch. 
much love,
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I am not really hungry for anything - at least not solids - we still have the coconut soup and had some rice with it...

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Cool Jona, I have been so hungry for solids today. Taking it easy and slow. I am about to have some left over veggie soup 🙂 and little rice.

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Oh my, Heheheh I thought i was hungry for solids, it turn out I was hungry for the nutrients. So nurturing. I ended up having the veggie broth, and smash little pieces of potatoes  and a spoon of rice. Feeling loved.
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Dear Jona, Jeff and Everyone


This has been an amazing shift and I wouldn’t have done it without you both creating this group detox, sharing with you all.


Day 4 of detox


On day one of detox - At first the ego was uncomfortable and resistant

with questions of “what will I be eating, how will I survive, I don’t like being hungry, I want to eat what I like how will I cope without the cuppa tea and comfort foods.”


Oh man! the ego self is running the show all of the time. Even when choosing to eat well or avoid it is saying “later you can have something’. Next it is punishing and depriving: “because you ate that you have just lowered your vibe – no wonder you are tired and well you can have that piece of organic chocolate at three o’clock with a cup of tea to get through. May as well eat pasta for dinner - sugar levels have dropped and pasta helps me to sleep” or “you worked hard today you need to eat this to get through tomorrow.”


Underneath I can understand that I am choosing to listen to this voice. And I am not allowing the connection to the deeper part of me that can shift to higher vibrational choices. It is just the voice of the stories of desire, addiction, survival, wounds, rewards and control that loop into everyday actions.


Seeing that habitually I am choosing to run with the ego personalities’ voices to be the voice to listen to: The overlay of the voice blocking to the connection to the heart.

The part of me that is connected to Mother Gaia and Father Sun and all creation

is covered by the veil of 10 000 things of distraction!


Today, day four,  there is such a freedom and recognition of this part of me that can feel into knowing what is true and is connected to my body vibrating to the Earth as my feet are touching the ground, and walking in the afternoon sun that is streaming through clouds with raindrops touching my face while I embrace ‘doing rain’ while walking home and feeling truly whole and connected.


Day 4 Detox

Water and coffee.

Apple, carrot, banana water smoothie mid morning then onto errands in city – where none of the food shops looked appealing.

Small handful of dried apricots and walnuts - on the train coming home at midday, then went food shopping and was not attracted to anything at all. Just healthy fruit and vegetables and choosing foods for 12-year-old son.


Lunch Day 4

2 medjool dates

2 plums organic

handful of grapes


beetroot apple carrot celery juice



apple carrot banana water smoothie



French onion soup and sour cream


Day 5

There has been lots of water and a coffee with dash of soymilk for breakfast.

Lots of yard work. Am feeling super strong and energized.


Juice of vegies and apple.

3 organic plums for lunch

Vegetable and apple juice

Will have remainder of Onion soup tonight


Doing lots of work around the house and cleaning and getting rid of stuff. Not hanging on to things - only the ego fears loss.

I feel truly amazing.

Sorting stuff in my life and being more honest within myself to feel when things are a compromise and questioning decisions and taking responsibility within the choice.


The detox has put self on high state of presence to catch out / distinguish the minds’ voice with its desires habits and stories as compared to connecting to the body and feeling the love of acknowledging the true self through the fruit and vegetable detox regime.


How ‘the voice’ controls the actions in daily life, which is relatable to everything!!


Thank you Jona and Jeff and Everyone for holding this space together.


Onwards to healthier ways of being to become a conscious conduit for the connection to higher vibrational living.



I remember eating like this as a raw fooder and fruitarian many years before loaded with guilt and shame, however now I am consciously aware of healing those fragmented areas, which I did not have knowledge of before.

I was always running away/avoiding, getting high and chasing something outside of myself, looking for the Garden of Eden.


It is within hehe – of course!


Love and Gratitude


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Hi Denise and All,
here is a recipe that maybe useful for breakfast mid morning lunch time meal

Make the night before <3

Layered Raw Apple Berry Coconut Yogurt Chia Oats
1 Glass Jar

Cut an apple in quarters
Take one quarter of the apple and cut into paper thin slices

Put some of  the apple slices in the bottom of Glass Jar
(need enough for 3 layers usually)

Place a layer of Blueberries on top
Then add a tablespoon of yogurt (coconut if dairy free)
Then a handful of raw oats
Then a layer of chia seeds
Then a layer of yogurt

Start the layers again with the apple slices etc
Finish layer with apple and blueberries on top.

Leave space in the top of jar to pour a little coconut milk AND room for the ingredients (chia seeds and oats)  to SWELL

The coconut milk will slowly seep to the bottom of the jar

Refrigerate overnight and keep remainder for (next morning) or afternoon snack or dessert
Keeps well in a back pack for mid morning snack!

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