Basics of High Vibrational Living – Part 2: Integrating a High Vibrational Diet
By jona bryndis, Feb 3 2019 06:00AM


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From an energetic point of view a High Vibrational Diet is based on supporting our body and energy system through continually allowing energetic residues to be released and new habits to be implemented. This applies especially to persons with heightened energetic sensitivity and empaths! As you all probably know, a simple clearing or detox doesn’t prevent the same old stuff from coming back. This is where your energy work needs to come in and support your overall energetic system! (read here about the Basics of Energy Work).

The main principles of a High Vibratory Diet are basically the same as a generally healthy and balanced diet - just a little more conscious. The main difference is that we need to get our heart into the game!

At the same time, if a high vibrational diet is the same as a healthy diet, does this mean that I can raise my vibration through changing my diet? Yes! Absolutely! However, eating and living in an energy sustaining nand heart-based way also challenges our ego – and with this challenge comes the necessity to face some of our deeper inner programs and self-sabotaging habits.

The very meaning of INTEGRATIVE is that it includes all areas of our life and NOT JUST ONE. So, long-term diet changes can create a massive improvement in your well-being, but in order to sustain those new levels of energy you need check on your overall energetic alignment and allow changes in other areas of life as well (e.g. Self-Love, Career, Relationship, Communication, Creativity, Exercise, Family, etc.)


Principles of a High Vibratory Supporting Diet:

1. Drink Lots of Water

- Drink Lemon Water first thing in the morning and throughout the day –

ideally warm or room-temperature.

- Drink more water than you think you need.

- Coconut water increases your body’s ability to absorb water.

- Amounts: Overall, the golden rule for health sustaining water intake (at normal activity level) is: 1/2 bodyweight in ounces per day (days with heavy exercise/sweating require more of course). Because of the diuretic nature of coffee, black tea and alcohol, in order to counterbalance their negative effect you need to replenish the lost liquid with the extra cup of water, which does not count towards your water balance!

2. Lots of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

- Eat raw fruits first thing in the morning

- Never eat raw fruits/raw tomatoes on full stomach ever!

- Eat raw vegetables before main (heavier) meals

- The more different colors you eat the better

- The darker in color the better

3. Eat only Unprocessed, Natural Foods, preferably Organic & Local


- Processed/packaged/pre-made foods:

Replace with as natural and 'alive' as possible (even self-cooked frozen meals or produce, they are better than packaged foods but do not provide as many nutrients anymore).

- Refined Sugars:

Refined (white) sugar is a neurotoxin! Replace with Coconut sugar, Agave Syrup, Unrefined sugar or Raw Honey.

- Processed Dairy products:

Replace with rice, coconut or almond. Try to stay with as natural (whole) and organic as possible. No low, non fat, etc.! (e.g. instead of ready mixed yogurts get organic whole milk yogurt and mix with your own fruit mash and sweetener).

- Over-processed Cheese Spreads (including cream and cottage cheese):

Replace with goat and sheep (feta) cheese or Brie. In general look for (unfortunately very expensive) one piece cheese chunks, in the form they come in from the dairy farm.

- Stay away from deep fried foods

- Don’t ever use Microwave for cooking or heating your food

- Always prefer freshly cooked over frozen

4. Avoid Contaminants, Food Additives & Household Toxins

- MSG - aka Hydrolyzed Yeast/Protein Extract & Trans-fats

Hydrogenated Oils/Fats (in most chips, crackers, breading and processed meals such as frozen french fries, pizza, etc) and replaced with organic versions

- Food Coloring and anything artificially colored!:

You can replace with a natural food coloring for kids, found in health food stores (hard to get).

- Artificial Sweeteners of any kind!:

Stevia is okay but 'real' sugar is always better as it doesn't mess with your taste buds and neurotransmitters.

- High Fructose Corn Syrup

Absolute nono! Neurotoxin!

- Farm-Raised Fish & Seafood:

They are full of antibiotics and hormone/neurotransmitter altering substances - Replace with wild-caught.

- Non-Organic Meats: Replace with organic brands.

- Stay with natural shampoos, cleaners, etc. Avoid fabric softeners!

- Needless to point out that the use of herbicides and pesticides in your house doesn't just kill plants and insects...

- Avoid non-stick pans and pots


5. Align to Quality vs. Quantity

- ‘Good’ Fats:

Use only good Oils, such as olive oil, grape seed, coconut and flax seed oil (cold pressed, organic if possible) and Atlantic Fish Oil, wild caught.

Do not be afraid of good fats from seeds and good oils! Even unsalted butter is no threat to a high vibratory diet! Yes, they deliver high calorie content, but they also come with everything for the body needs to break it down into energy which means it will be utilized and not stored in body fat!

- Complex Carbohydrates & Fiber

Add a bite of a high fiber granola bar or dried fruit before eating anything with refined sugar; it lowers the glycemic index and adds fiber, which support your body to metabolize sugars more efficiently

- High Potency Proteins:

Plant proteins deliver high potency and easily accessible proteins for our body. Proteins from vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and brown rice provide everything our body needs and doesn’t slow down our energy. (Please google for protein rich vegetables and plant proteins).

This doesn’t mean that animals proteins are bad for us, but they generally come with additives and high levels of energetic contaminants based on the way they are treated and processed.

- Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients:

In general it is smarter to focus on nutrient-dense foods. Micronutrients from whole foods deliver Vitamins, Enzymes and other phytochemicals that satiate our body’s needs. Calorie-dense foods rarely deliver enough micronutrients and thus keep our body deprived and asking for more!

- Regular Probiotics and/or Fermented Foods or Drinks:

Probiotics deliver supportive bacteria for our intestines. Yogurt, Kefir, Miso, Kombucha, Kimchi, Sauerkraut, etc., in small amounts help to increase our digestive efficiency and nutrient absorption.

- Nuts, Grains, Seeds and Legumes:

Nuts such as almonds are a great source for calcium and other minerals. Seeds provide high potency proteins and fiber. Also, dried fruits or in combination trail and granola mixes are very nutrient dense.

- Avoid Processed Gluten:

Processed/packaged breads, cookies, crackers and pasta contain a lot of refined gluten. Gluten in itself is not necessarily unhealthy, unless one already has an allergy. The main reason for the hype with gluten is that it's separated out of its natural compound. Naturally occurring gluten (e.g. in whole grain rye) is not unhealthy!

I am not a fan of gluten free products because they are even more processed than normal processed foods, but because it's practically impossible to get natural food products I recommend to replace bought or self-made breads with Oat, Quinoa, Barley and Almond Meal (ground up) - as for cookies, cakes and bread try to eat as little as possible.

If like me, you really don't want to refrain from cookies, make your own from good ingredients for guiltless snacking!


6. Reduce (or no) Meat Consumption

- Even organic meats have fear and abuse energies in them that affect our energy system. While our digestive system is designed to be able to metabolize meat it doesn’t mean that it need meats to cover protein and fat requirements. I am recommending a meatless diet, but if it leads to deprivation, compromises need to be made. If you are considering a vegetarian or vegan diet it is of utmost importance that you educate yourself on how to replace macronutrients through the reduced selection of foods. If you have to eat meat, silently give thanks to the animal (raises its vibration). Replace meats with tuna or Shiitake Mushrooms for example.

7. Support with Essential Oils, Essences, Fresh Herbs and Herbal Teas preferably locally grown

- The nature in the place you live in always provides exactly the seasonal herbs and plant-medicines needed to support your immune system. Check out edible weeds and plants in your area!

- Use mild herbal teas, essences and tinctures such as chamomile, lavender, mint and fennel to balance irregularities.

- Use essential oils and aromatherapy for regulating your well-being. Some oils, such as Lavender oil also provides clearing from emotions.

- Regularly use the smoke of Sage for energetic clearing of your space and your etheric energy system (Aura).

8. Take only Whole Food based Supplements

This is a big subject, but the golden rule is to stay aware from artificially produced, refined and ‘pure’ vitamin and mineral supplements, protein shakes and combo-products.

- Choose supplements that are made from whole foods and natural compounds, e.g. concentrates, fruit & veggie powders, brewer’s yeast, fish oil, sea shells, sea salt, etc. (Due to radiation poisoning of the Pacific Ocean I only recommend Fish Oil from Atlantic Ocean Fish).

9. Align to your Food, Eating & Preparation Process

A High Vibratory Diet does not just involve ‘eating’ foods; it starts with selecting ingredients, possibly even growing them yourselves, the cutting and cooking process and of course presentation! Pay attention to your attitude while cooking and presenting your food. Even if you are single, the overall energy balance of your food is determined by all stages of growing, cutting, processing and consuming!

10. Engage in Moderate but regular Exercise and Stretching

Regular mildly aerobic exercise (e.g. hiking, swimming or power walking - preferably in nature) for at least 35 min with stretching intervals works for everybody and is ideal for maintaining high energy levels. Any type of athletic or muscle-shaping or promoting exercise requires extra Micro and Macronutrients, water, rest and care.

11. Sleep Enough, Meditate & Practice Regular Self-Clearing

Sleep is very important for our metabolism! Sleep deprivation can lead to unwanted weight-gain, lack of concentration, anxiety and other adverse energetic effects.

12. Practice Self-Love in all your Thoughts, Sentiments & Actions

Love and Self-Love for everything we do, think, feel and say. Listening to and allowing only Love to enter our energy field is vital for our energetic alignment and therefore the most important prerequisite for high vibratory living.

Other Recommendations:


- Leave at least 2 hours between snacks/meals (if you drink coffee with carbs through milk or sweetener, the coffee counts as meal).

- Always have almonds, almond butter and almond meal in the cabinet (they are extreme energy boosters!).

- Keep bananas, raw sunflower seeds and brown rice in the house. If you need a quick emotional booster choose foods for your nerves instead of sugary foods. Always try these first!


- Enjoy your coffee (chocolate, snack, glass of wine)! Stevia is okay but Agave syrup would be better. Look at your coffee as meal if you put rice/almond/coconut milk or cream into it. It's okay. Just CONSCIOUSLY LOVE IT when you drink it - don't drink coffee on the run - ENJOY IT!


- Good bread is full of whole grains and seeds. If you love bread make your own or get it from a health food store. Sprouted breads are better than normal breads. The heavier the bread the better. The least ingredients the better.


- Do not be afraid of calories! Look at what you put into your body as part of your loving yourself. The only thing that matters is whether or not you love what you eat!

- Try to follow your body's BIO-RHYTHM and Bio-Clock (your usual up and down rhythm). This is a little different for everyone. Often times changing daily routines based on our energy levels can help to shift our energies as well!


Practical Tips for Changing Your Diet



1. Become aware of what makes you feel deprived

The first question I have for people who want to change their diets is what they DO NOT want to give up. Coffee maybe? Chocolate? A glass of wine? Okay, pick one! and let’s work with it!


The first thing you can do in your mind is to set aside your coffee (chocolate, favorite snack) or whatever it is you want to keep! That's yours! Nobody is going to take that away from you! In fact, if it helps you, feel free to have as many as you want (can tolerate). Coffee by the way is not as bad as its reputation. What makes it 'bad' for us is the quality (bean and brewing process) and the additives (milk and sugar, etc) - and the cortisol release.


Tips for guiltless coffee consumption:

1.1. First thing in the morning before having coffee - drink one big cup of water with lemon (preferably warm or room temperature) as you were already taught. This will already initiate the detoxing, especially your liver.

1.2. Throughout the day establish new habit with every coffee you have - drink an entire cup water with it (same for wine; these liquids do not count towards your water balance).

1.3. Gradually reduce milk, sugar or any other additives

1.4. Prefer pressed over brewed coffee

1.5. Choose organic beans if you can



2. Relearn to Discern between Hunger and Thirst

When feeling hunger or the need to eat - drink a cup of water first and wait for 5-10 min. If you still feel hunger - go for it, if not, wait until you get a clear signal for 'need food'.



3. Hydration only with Water and Herbal Teas - everything else is Food

The best water for hydration is room-temperature filtered (not reverse osmosis) tap water. Coconut water is good for fast rehydration (after exercise or in the car). The best tip for drinking water: Get big cups and large water bottles. The mind is easily tricked in thinking you already drink enough when only drinking out of small cups/bottles.

Refrain from drinks/liquids that provide carbs/sugars - even juices - even freshly squeezed. It helps your neurotransmitter system - yourself - to learn to differentiate between 'hunger' and 'thirst'.


In general: Freshly made juices are very useful as a quick fix since they are very healthy, I am a big fan of them (with pulp), but when working on the neurotransmitter balance between food and drink it's best to eat (chew) for hunger and only drink for thirst. This is also important for our kids. Most of the mal-programming with hunger and thirst started in our childhood.



4. Alkaline vs. Acidic

The ph of our blood and especially of our digestive system determines the efficiency of our metabolism and whether a physical ailment or disease can get a foothold in our system. Infections, inflammation, cancer and other immune system related disorders need an acidic environment to thrive. By keeping our ph slightly alkaline, we are depriving antigens and autoimmune malfunctions of their source of energy!

The golden rule about staying alkaline is the diet and lifestyle suggested here. Most recommendations promote alkaline metabolic functions, especially drinking water!

To understand the complex connection between our immune-system, digestive health, metabolic efficiency and choices we make, we need to realize that our metabolism, emotions, thoughts and actions are directly linked to our physical and energetic immune system!

Generally, drinking more water helps...but refrain from drinking too much with your food (flushing food down is a bad habit and dilutes our stomach acid - this makes all food sit in your stomach for too long, which leads to acidic metabolic byproducts)! Best time to drink water is 30 min before eating and/or 30-60 minutes after you eat. Also, add good oils and extra fiber to your food.

Stress, sleep-deprivation and negative emotions induce high levels of acidity. In times of increased stress have more green leafy vegetables, broccoli, etc. (Look up ‘alkaline foods’) and self-love!



5. 80/20 Rule

It is not recommendable to eat to pure! The more pure you eat the more sensitive your body and energy system will become to environmental contaminants and collective negativity. Try to stay with a healthy mixture of 80 % pure and 20 % junk. This keeps your physical and energetic systems in a constant state of cross-training!

If you want to eat junk, make sure your guts can handle it better!

The more pure foods you give your body the more it will signal you when something doesn't feel right. Trust your body!



6. Support your Bio-Clock – Eat with your Body not Against it!

For our modern western lifestyle, Mornings are for excretion. So, a light and stool promoting (probiotic) breakfast divided into two phases energizes our metabolism and doesn't slow us down. My recommendation is to eat only (raw) fruits in the morning. Banana, pineapple, mango, papaya and all berries are very stimulating and increase digestive enzymes that help to break down heavier foods later. Cut up mixed fruits is always a tasty and healthy start - and great for kids too. When you begin to feel hungry again (depending on how much physical activity you have in the morning), have some good fiber, protein from grains/nuts/seeds and a little fat (granola with a bit yogurt or really good bread with jam or cheese for example).


Lunchtime is Energy-Time. Your small intestines are working. Roughly between 12-3pm is when your body needs the most energy, but you don't want to be slowed down either. Too much protein will force your food to stay in your stomach for too long. Therefore, during this time it's best to eat good carbs with a bit of protein and good fats (salads with meat/cheese and good bread (extra olive oil).


In the Afternoon, depending on when you normally eat dinner, you need a snack to bridge the time until dinner. If you starve yourself during this time (or have been starving yourself), your body goes into a state of emergency and releases neurotransmitters to hold on to fat-cells - which backfires when loading up at dinner time, as your body still thinks there is not enough food and instead of providing energy it goes into 'building up reserves' mode.


This creates a negative neurological and energetic feedback loop. It builds inner energetic stress/tension which needs to be released at some point. Most of us have a guilt cycle underneath release, which is then what pulls your energy down and as a result feeds the tension again.


Energetic tension needs constant control - not the eating! The more tension the more control - the more control the more tension - and thus the stronger the need for release - and ultimately fear and guilt, etc. which rebuild the tension-control cycle.


Dinnertime is the time for proteins in combo with light carbs and good fats. Anything is allowed. The only thing I would not recommend is carb loading at nights. The best way to eat dinner is with a fresh raw salad or veggie platter before eating your meal. It is also a good habit to build for kids. You can bridge the time until dinner is ready with a beautifully arranges veggies platter yourself and/or for the entire family. This provides additional food enzymes to break down the heavier foods and already satisfies your body's need for micronutrients.


The time after Dinner, between dinnertime and going to bed is when proteins need to be digested. The problem with eating junk at dinner is that it doesn't provide enough (micro)nutrients, so your body will keep asking for more! But because your body is busy with breaking down proteins it has to shove all extra food into reserve (fat deposit) to be digested later, which often doesn't happen as you go to sleep then.


In general, I do not recommend fruits after dinner. However, if you are getting really hungry before going to bed - an apple or peach won't hurt as late night snack.


Sleep time is absorption time. Your large intestines are working now and your stomach shuts down. Anything still in the stomach will basically just rot in there (anaerobic digestion), which means its nutrients can't be absorbed. Nutrient absorption during night time determines how much building blocks for energy your body receives. The more building material the less fat storage.


So, energetically, emotionally, nutritionally and metabolically it's important to not run yourself into starvation/deprivation!



7. Quality vs. Quantity - No More Food Control

The psychology behind your food and portion control is understandable, but in general it's better to focus on quality and balance rather than quantity (it's like a marathon trying to be good for as long as possible but then 'messing up' on the last mile.)


Eat when you are getting the hunger signal, but not too much and preferably not too sugary (as that creates other cycles) - eat more like your kids eat -> grazing.


The important part for you is that you get out of the constant control cycle. Our ability to self-control has provided most of us with a lot of security in the past, and that's a great discipline to have, but now you don't need this anymore! It's about QUALITY and not QUANTITY. What you want is optimal health and energy, so the priority is not surviving anymore but thriving!


My recommendation is to get your head out of calorie-thinking altogether. Instead, think in terms for the quality of energy you are providing through food, just like you do with your thoughts, feelings and inner sentiments.


Use the tools you are learning to read your body's signals (hunger and thirst) and try to see your food like you see energies now: Junk food is packed with negativity. It's cold, desire based, manipulated and contaminated - whereas fresh, alive and loved food is fully of high vibratory energies that increase your energy levels (organically grown, freshly prepared, consciously cooked and lovingly served). On this level calories are insignificant.


With this new attitude in combination with energy work you are shifting your body's responses from inside out and create entirely new neurological feedback loops!



8. Avoid Extremes & Clear Regulalry!

Constant type of up and down triggers emotional and mental spirals and looping and promotes addicitve behaviors to cope with inner pain and tension. Learn how to energeticly clear yourself regulary (read "Basics of Energetic Clearing") and arrange for a few detox days once every 3 months.

click here to read Part 1: Making Healhty Choices

These recommendations are based on providing maximum energy for our bodies and energy system. Obviously, there is much more information needed to fully understand the reasoning for some of these directives. However, the main thing is that you try to feel out how certain foods resonate with your energy. High Vibratory Nutrition is the consequence of our inner alignment to health and Love for Life!

Therefore, the most important part about integrating a High Vibrational Diet is your practical ability to effortlessly incorporate these new eating habits without feeling deprivation, mental control or by emotionally punishing yourselves!

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Thank you for your time.

(Special Thanks to all my clients for asking relentless questions!)

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


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