The first half of January will provide us with healing energies that allow us to calm and reorganize our basics. Hereby it's important that we find back to the core of our PHYSICAL SOURCE OF ENERGY. To support this process focus on physical FUNDAMENTALS such as stretching, moving and drinking more water. If you don't have a daily habit of connecting with nature yet (even if it's just through growing plants in your apartment) use this free source of clearing and balancing energy to lift your emotional and physical spirits! Stretching and walking in nature are the best remedy for clogged inner energies!


It's advisable to pay attention to your joints and bones this entire month - educate yourself on how energetic RESISTANCE can manifest in your body - please read more about joint issues here.

Energetically seen, any situation promoting inner conflict, struggle, resistance and rigidity ultimately leads to our overall physical/energetic immune system to be challenged. In order to keep your personal energy management in check we strongly recommend to add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet! Watch this video for more info on anti-inflammatory foods.

One last thing, please pay attention to your electro magnetic load! Many energetically sensitive people will develop ailments based on increased EMF contamination this year. Turn off your wifi off at nights or when you don't need it; keep your cell phone in the charger away from your body when you sleep, work or not using it!

Here a summary of behaviors you can add/change in order to improve your INNER BALANCE, FLOW  and ENERGETIC FLEXIBILITY:

* Drink More Water
* Keep Moving
* Regularly Stretch
* Keep an Open Mind
* Give Yourself Space to Explore
* Play More
* Laugh More
* Spend Regular Time With Nature, Animals and Children
* Let Go of Rigid Opinions and Judgments
* Support Your Body with Anti-Inflammatory Foods
* Stay Away From Acidity and Toxicity (on all levels) including EMF
* Have Overdue Dental & Orthopedic Work Done this Year
* Allow Yourself Resting Time-Outs and Integration Time
* Do Things That Have No Purpose other than Expressing Yourself
* Align to Beauty rather than just Function
* Send Your Appreciation and Love to all Your Systems that Work Well
  - and even more Love to those not working well at the moment

Have Fun on Integrating these high vibrational ground rules. For more info on Healthy Choices and Integrating a High Vibrational Diet click here.
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