SO SPIRITUAL! Daily #5: Is Money Spiritual?
with jona bryndis

Daily Live Show 20th December 2018 - 3rd January 2019
by/with jona bryndis,
*** Please comment and ask questions! ***
This live show will reflect about daily collective trends and how to deal with them. Be ready to share what you are going through today!
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Video: all rights reserved, jona bryndis,
Music: Harp Inspiration, Yoav Alyagon
Licensed through Melodyloops
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Good Day,

I listened to the recording this morning and Loved the music and all that was shared.   From what I notice for myself is that it takes too much of my energy to manage a very limited income (the reality of the 2nd half 2018) .  I was able to release listening to this recording how this struggle  is completely unnecessary.   It's a different wake up call.  It's a story that I came to believe as true that I need to do what others think is best.  Obviously, I need heat in the Winter.  😃As I stand my ground to what I know works with my own background and delivery of service I feel confident things will unfold positively.  New work- new service and new potentials for a new reality.  
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