As collective energies are steering towards the internal resolution of power, control and manipulation issues it is likely that you will experience an increased 'drama potential' in your personal life. Hidden stuff is coming to the surface - especially disdain and respect aspects (gender or race) - collectively as well as within ourselves, so what's starting to come forward now has been looming there for a while, and will be eye-opening to say the least. 

Suddenly, everything derives around who-dominates-who...

Physically, there are a lot of issues with 'intolerance' right now - continued food/digestive sensitivities and the urge to use caffeine, sugars, alcohol or comfort foods to deal with the repressed emotional energies. Try to refrain from running your personal energy deeper into the mud! Stay physically active, drink Lemon Water first thing in the morning and add Dandelion Tea to your evening routine. Eat lightly, choose root vegetables for grounding instead of cheese. Stay away from food toxins as much as you can and help your body to gently detox.

Energy Management Tip for this Week 7th-13th October 2016

Don't let your ego get the best of you! This week it will be easy to get pulled into other people's drama, fights between family members or venting your own frustrations... Stay calm and focus on the balance between your inner masculine (protecting your boundaries) and feminine (allowing compassion) energies!!!! For most this will most likely mean to connect with your softer and more (self-)loving side!

This is a collective correction phase, which means that things have to come forward for humanity (will most likely bring some pretty shocking news), so that the restitution of equality and emotional freedom on a deeper level can be initiated.

All the best!

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