SO SPIRITUAL! Daily #3: What is My Future?
with jona bryndis
Daily Live Show 20th December 2018 - 3rd January 2019
by/with jona bryndis,
*** Please comment and ask questions! ***
This live show will reflect about daily collective trends and how to deal with them. Be ready to share what you are going through today!

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I have had several psychic/clairvoyant readings in the past I would like to share.

Some guidance given is still true today, although not in the sense of how it played out....more like pointers and markers of significance that were areas that needed attention (that I can see and relate to now). I felt the talented readers can give you the clues and guidance that you need without telling you exactly what to do so you can own it yourself.

When I was about 17/18, I was told I was too young...almost as if spirituality (not that i really knew that was what I was working towards) was only for older people with life experience,it would have made a big difference to my life if back then I had someone to guide and empower like you have created here. 

Love Jemma
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