Judging by current energetic tendencies, a powerful wave of new energies has been coming in all week last week. All transMISSIONS were extremely deep and were accompanied by either huge amounts of downloads or really cool systematic clearing. I'm hoping that these will translate well within you - the releases we noticed looked/felt pretty intense, so perhaps there still is a bit of up and down, but in a good way...

You probably noticed that I am running behind in a lot of things right now (session reports, forum responses, etc) as I am trying to get the new forum up and running this weekend. My apologies for all delays!

Integration work is characterized by slow but deep emotional and physical releases. These seem to be a bit of a physical challenge right now (small intestines and colds) - both are related to building new structures/foundations, setting clear boundaries and communicating our priorities. Do, keep going! This week's energies will be very cool!

How are you feeling?


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