Many of you may still feel digestive and respiratory congestion this week. Our energy is blocked, so in order to support our healing process align your energy to FLOW. Water plays a key role here – drink tons of lemon water, seek bodies of water to hang out at, go swimming, cleanse your energies in a hot tub and release the tension of the past weeks through breaking through some of your rigid control habits.


We all need to become more flexible - on all levels - so try to do something different this week! Be spontaneous, experiment, try something new and SURPRISE YOURSELF!


For those of you who are serious about releasing the stored toxic energies of the past weeks I recommend a 3-day light fast to REBOOT YOUR SYSTEM or go a step further and begin to slowly transform your diet into a more energy supporting diet.



For more details about How to Integrate a High Vibrational Diet read here.



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