It is in the nature of our perception to pick up on the elevated density of the human collective more than happiness, say. The collective is obviously going through the birthing pains of a larger context change - something the most of us have been going through for many years already.



In order to overcome our ego’s reaction to our energetic perception and not to fall into the mental projection of a collective future, we will need to remind ourselves to stay PRESENT IN OUR HEARTS at all times. Now more than ever!


Our ego mind cannot help us with our precognition and energetic sensitivity! Its apprehension to change and lower vibrational hard-wire into our autonomous nervous system automatically triggers our mind, body and emotion into fearing the future. Only our ability to connect with HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and thus conscious energy management can allow us to choose how we contextualize our perception of the future.


The way we choose to see ourselves decides who we perceive our reality - benign, peaceful and exciting or frightening, challenging and depressing.

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