I’m not sure how all this is translating for you, since you hopefully don't have to deal with some of the etheric drama that is taking place these days… if you do, and don't know how to handle this, contact me or schedule a free initial energy coaching session! Either way, most of us felt and will continue to feel increased head pressure, nasal and ear pressure and a weird feeling of DENSITY in your physical body’s. If you are experiencing the sudden need to lie down or functioning well physically, know that this is on the ways you can tell that your energy body is very busy and there is most likely a lot of stuff going on in the etheric!
This is nothing to be worried about. Part of our WITNESSING of this Global Awakening is accepting our responsibility that comes with understanding ourselves as energetic beings (souls with bodies), which  means to HONOR OUR ENERGETIC EXISTENCE just as much as our physical! If you are feeling this heaviness of your physical body, help it to become lighter and take care of it. Take a time out or MEDITATE whenever you feel that your energy body is processing something that requires physical rest!
Another positive effect of this allowing process is that it also calms our emotional and mental activity. Mind and emotions are bound to our body and ego – and so when we follow our energetic promptings it can provide a welcome MENTAL SILENCE and lead to very deep spiritual experiences in the process!

Please post here how you are experiencing your energy right now ...
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