In order to counteract the energetic drainage of our system this week we need to learn how to calm our energy. The first step is always to breathe (click here for energetically efficient IAM Breathing Technique). The next thing you can do is to align your energy to nature. Especially during this Solstice week it is very beneficial for our energy to bring our personal cycles into coherence with the planet. The more time you spend in nature the better. If you are familiar with clearing, connecting, centering and grounding techniques use them as often as you can - until you feel more stable.


It is very important to understand the link between outer stress/bombardment and inner reactivity. No matter how 'good' we are with managing our personal energy they can wear down our systems, because they are linked to our Autonomous Nervoussystem. As long as our energy is caught in the perpetual cycle of emergency responses DISCERNMENT of true feelings and emotions is not possible!

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