Stomach but also continued liver or gallbladder issues are likely to occur this week. If you know you have sensitivities and intolerances try to stay on the alkaline side of foods and avoid refined sugars. (More info on high vibrational dietary tips click here). Drink more water, and sleep more, if need to be, and focus on harmonizing your physical and emotional body.

To get trough the acidity of this collective wave soothe yourselves with baths, nature walks and herbal teas.

This is a collective liberation phase, which means that things can get a bit hairy on a global scale. Try to catch fear before it can latch on and dominate your world view. Avoid TV and social media, as you will pick up on all of this through just being surrounded by collective energies! 

If you want to consciously work on integrating incoming energies check out the upcoming monthly Energetic Adjustment Session.

All the best!


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