In view of the energetic challenges coming for us the next couple of weeks/months/years calls for attention to our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. There is a direct connection between our heart, heart chakra and our Thymus/Lymph System. If you have been suffering from depression or sluggishness it's time to get your 'juices flowing again' - so you can learn the connection between RECONNECTING WITH YOUR SOURCE and RECLAIMING OUR SOUL'S PURPOSE. 

Our Lymphatic System encompasses all our primal supply and removal systems: Circulation, vascular/heart health, digestion, skin health, spleen, liver, lungs and immune system - everywhere there is a transition between WHAT WE ALLOW IN AND WHAT MUST GO OUT. So, in order to get our energy flowing again it's not enough to just think our way through this stagnation and absorption of toxicity - we need to GET SERIOUS ABOUT INTEGRATING OUR PHYSICAL now! Not even energetic clearings can remove the waste we've allowed to build or hold on to! 

Effective Self-Healing is based on three major pillars:


I often point out how our energetic well-being is linked with our behavior patterns. There is no nicer way to say this: You need to get yourself in shape! If self-care and self-love are not enough motivation for you to finally get off the screen or quit drinking - maybe a little fear does....for what's ahead of us the next 10 ten years you are better prepared! And since this is NOT some fluffy energy channeling telling you that everything is going to be all fine and that we will all be rescued by some mystical portal or extraterrestrials that want to save us, you need understand that all this reporting is about calling you out on you SELF-RESPONSIBILITY.

As for the next 6 weeks I am recommending to focus on body and energy work accompanied with nutrition al changes that supports the release of toxins.

The list of practical tips is endless....

* Start with getting your body to move more - nothing strenuous; stretch every day and take a 20-30 min walk (in nature), if you are a 'busy person' combine your daily mediation routine and make it WALKING MEDITATION.

* Drink more water

* Refrain from fatty and sugary foods 

* Avoid prepackaged or processed foods as best as possible

* Refrain from or reduce alcohol, nicotine and other recreational toxins

* Wear loose clothing

* Tap your Thymus

* Monitor your PH - keep it alkaline (with simple urine strips)

* Visit a Sweat Lodge (if this is too exotic for you, go to a sauna or steam room)

* Add anti-inflammatory healing plants/teas such as Ginger, Curcumin, Garlic, Oregano Oil, etc. (try to keep it simple)

* Get a regular Lymph Drainage or at least a massage or acupuncture

* Take care of your digestive system; add probiotics and digestive herbal teas teas, such as Fennel or Peppermint

* Get organic skin care products (if you can afford them)

* If you are taking regular medication, consult a healthcare professional if there are healthier alternatives available

...and so on. For more detailed info on The Principles of a High Vibrational Diet click here. If you feel like watching an educational video on our Lymphatic System, here a youtube video Dr. Robert Morse: True Healing & Lymphatic System that resonates with me.

If you want to be super conscious, apply the same to your inner sentiments, though and behaviors - REFLECT ON YOUR EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL PATTERNS that allow lower vibrational energies to latch on (including unconscious patterns.)

If you are struggling with an ACTIVE ADDICTION (substance or behavioral) seek help! There are many ways to approach addictions and maybe check out energy work to get to the deeper cause. Here more reading material on how energy work and heart-consciousness can help with addiction. If you need help with overcoming persistent blocks please consult me and take advantage of a free initial energy coaching session.

All the best!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

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