By now you are all familiar with the increased physical tension that occurs around full moon times - this one right now can be rough if you are still trying to ignore that you are an energetic being. Yes, head pressures, fogginess, anxiety, and really low lows suck - but you already know that all this means is that you are experiencing an inner shift. Go with it! Cave in, stay away from crowds, meet with friends instead, and focus on building your personal support group. Good food, and anything you know that supports you to SELF-NURTURE will help to get through these few days of CONTRACTIVE ENERGIES. Be particularly careful with your ADDICTIVE TENDENCIES these days - they will not support healing and make this transition even more painful!

Many of you will feel the need to balance Inner Masculine and Feminine energies this week. If you want to find out which part of you got out of balance, observe the way you talk, move and how you approach your challenges. If you want to learn about how to practically do this read the article: Yin/Yang - How our inner Masculine and Feminine Balance Affects Our Life & Relationships below.

So, no matter what comes along your way this week, don't get caught up in OLD STUFF - JUST LET IT BE - and see it as a reminder that there are a few things you will still need to work on. No reason to beat yourself or others up - ACCEPT, MAKE AMENDS IF NEEDED and MOVE ON!

This week provides perfect conditions to prepare for a karmic clearing. By the end of this month, we will have to revisit karmic aspects one more time...

One last thing:

Many of you are aware that you are here to undo KARMIC DEBT. As with myself, we chose our life's circumstances to work through and let go of unresolved ties, make good for past transgressions or come to terms with our karmic inheritance. Some came here to be of assistance for others, but most of us are here to redeem ourselves. This REDEMPTION aspect will now become more apparent to us, and begin to make more sense. Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, which is not what I am talking about anyway, your increasing awareness of yourself as energetic being will begin to trigger deeper levels of REMEMBRANCE and INNER KNOWING.  There are realities beyond our collective and personal ego projection. Being able to see through those veils of perception is your reward - use it wisely!

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