Session Report TRUE SELF transMISSION 09/18/13

Dear All,

Thank you for participating in this great remote energy transMISSION.

September full moon energies coming in yesterday announced a heavy clearing session for today. The past three weeks were filled with highly transformative and intense renewal energies – bringing in beautiful energies of clarity for some –and exhaustion and lots of expansion or self-transformation symptoms for others.

I expected today’s session therefore to be a bit difficult and prepared for a clearing session…but was very positively surprised by the wonderfully expansive and heart-warming group field tonight. Thank you all for your contribution, this was a wonderful Connecting with True Self transMISSION and went way beyond expectation! The main theme of this transMISSION was not clearing, but manifestation and expansion!

The group field started working this morning already and brought some very surprising energies in. The actual clearing of our field took place during today, so that our session could proceed without major inner resistances.

If you had a day with a sudden series of really old themes, relationship conflicts or inner aspects briefly popping up and releasing within a few minutes, your energy was probably already linked to the energy of this transMISSION…

Energy Work doesn’t really work by our 3D timeline. The agreed time for a transMISSION helps our minds to focus onto one time-marker, but really doesn’t start or end there. Many of you have had this experience in the past – especially after session. This is one of the reasons why I send out the instructions so shortly before a session; the group field often starts right after sending instructions out…

The transMISSION field was very open, expansive and heart-centered (yay!). Our energies were very harmonious and the feeling of Oneness was felt instantly. This doesn’t usually happen in group fields with this many participants; but it felt very empowering, supporting and safe.

Our energies were a bit too open in our crown chakras. This required a bit of grounding in the beginning. It released stored emotional energies and brought a bit of an abdominal reaction. Most of our heart-fields were beautifully connected and a strong pulse in the heart center area was felt throughout the entire session. The overall feeling was trusting and embracing and there was very little mental resistance this time!

What seemed to have taken place before session could continue on a deeper level during session. Many of you seemed to go through very deep emotional processes. One of the main themes was release of long bound karmic family and relationship binds/ties; deep, old wounds came forward and needed attention. Although the intensity of these wounds was fully felt - our heart fields were so strong that these aspects could be faced and released without triggering any of our inner emotional or mental reactivity. This heart-based clearing mechanism is very typical for GRACE integration transMISSIONS and was a great example for what the connection with our True Self can do for us. I was not surprised when the GRACE Manifestation code came in for the entire group. The entire session felt motivating, uplifting and extremely encouraging. Each of your fields were affected by the mentioned manifestation momentum.

If you feel like you want to make changes in your life, move, leave, find new ways to express yourself – now is a good time! The correctional energies you experienced will support you in all your heart-based endeavors.  However, an increased manifestation momentum also means that we need to be very cautious with what we ‘wish for’. Ego-based, controlled or forced manifestations can quickly backfire. Be aware of your inner alignment – your inner sentiments and outer influences. Stay strong – stay in your heart! Stay true to your Self!

The geometry of our field was also very unique. It showed multiple layers of mirroring fields within fields and didn’t seem to end anywhere. Gold, blue and magenta with dark greens and occasional reads were the predominant colors. The starter codes indicated Karmic Family aspects, deep karmic healing, endocrine/hormonal readjustment and Oneness.

Oneness & Separateness & Self-Lessness

Oneness as an energetic frequency is often misunderstood. It has nothing to do with group or group feeling (although it can be seen that way in the etheric field). The frequency of Oneness merely describes the synergetic effect between resonating energy fields, which means that the totality of its energy can become larger than the sum of its parts. This energetic mechanisms is one of the key codes for inner and outer healing, but unfortunately also one of the most challenging to wrap our ego minds around. To feel Oneness we need to be willing to allow heart-minded self-lessness, which can be confusing when working on Self-Love and True Self.

To make the confusion worse for a moment: Self-lessness could be described as the cause and effect of the energetic states of Self-Love and True Self . they represent attunement keys to the universal divine field  - the simultaneous Alpha and Omega of our energy system. If this sounds like gibberish to you, try to feel this statement out for a moment…don’t try to figure it out…

There is no beginning or end in our multidimensional worlds …there is only the Divine Field, all encompassing and eternally expanding. Within our dualistic perception, we can see ourselves as a part or separate from it. Both states exist simultaneously (as we all know too well) and manifest as perceived reality depending on which state we focus on (align our energy to).

If we focus on Separation, we will create a reality resonating with our inner alignment to our Separated Self. In this state, we feel fearful, rejected, not belonging and disconnected from ourselves and others; relationships with others and self are painful, often accompanied with guilt and most likely repetitive; our outlook in life is based on conserving, maintaining and surviving – we often feel lack and sometimes even victimized.
If we focus on Oneness we are more likely to manifest a reality based on synergy and ease. We are typically able to feel our inner truth, our heart, our inner strength and know how to be in touch and communicate our needs; we understand the concept of expansion through sharing and find it easy to see abundance in this world. We appreciate all experiences and feel safe without defending. We feel our True Self.

Aligning our energy to Oneness doesn’t mean that our life takes place in lala-land – we still have our individual aspects, such as karmic propensities, Inner Child, Shadow, Masculine & Feminine Balance as well as patterns and programs to transcend - Separateness can get hold of us at any time!  

The difference between these two alignments is in their energetic resonance: Separateness calibrates in slower frequencies and acts contractive as an energetic field; Oneness resonates with faster frequencies and acts expansive as a field. Contraction and Expansion exist simultaneously representing the inner and outer dualistic battle of resonances.

It is our inner ability to decide and shift our consciousness alignment back to our True Self instead of our Separated Self what enables us to side-step the endless wheel of dualism.

A world perceived from a True Self perspective is unlimited, because its resonance is based on expansion.

Self-lessness, or Ego-lessness to be precise, therefore requires the inner energetic alignment to Oneness and expansion. This alignment is what allows for spontaneous manifestations originating in the Divine Field; it does not need control, manipulation or force. It just IS…and… it is perfect the way it is. In a self-less state, we just ‘are’… our energy resonates with ‘I AM’ rather than ‘I am’.

Being connected with our True Self means to be aligned to expansion, oneness, self-lessness and abundant manifestation.

To continue this inner connection work remind yourself to align to your True Self  an many times a day!  Stay in our heart and allow Oneness; invite abundance and appreciate all experiences with compassion and non-judgment; protect your field from outer bombardment by staying consolidated and non-projection - and continue to pay attention to your inner energy: Do you feel contractive, defensive or controlling? or Do you feel expansive, allowing and embracing?

For those of you who are interested in using this momentum of collective correctional energies and who want to learn to consolidate their inner energies, I recommend the UNIFIED SELF transMISSION on Friday. The Karmic Collective Clearing and Karmic Family Clearing on Saturday and Sunday can be very helpful for anyone wanting to work on the deeper karmic aspects shown in this transMISSION. For more info check the transMISSION calendar.

Thank you all for this beautiful session and its great teachings!

Much Love,

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Originally posted by suzen on Wed Sep 18, 2013 at 10:57PM

Dearest Jona,
dear all participants,

Thank you so much for this session, which was quite early for me in the morning : ) A new experience for me as I didn`t get up this early for meditation for a long time [smile]
At the beginning of the session I had much mind chatter inside of me as I was removed from the fb group of my beloved favourite spiritual teacher. This gave me much brainstorming. I feel that this was part of the slime green that I saw in this session as I`ve been asking myself - since this happened -  how this control mechanisms can crawl into such groups that are meant to help to get rid especially of those topics like separation, specialness etc. Therefore Jona, your last session report with having an eye on my environment fits this situation perfectly. I begin - and for this I do also thank you again with all my heart, dearest Jona - to listen to my heart again and protect myself from people with lower energy. I do not judge it, but just protect myself from this, why I (after al lot of struggle and at first fighting to be right) decided to stay out of the group.

When I saw the slime green in my inner vision and noticed that it came from the mind chatter, I concentrated again on the really fantastic  "I am" breathing technique. This worked quite good and made me feel more resonating with LOVE. This helped me to see more swirling colours of magenta and shining dark blue and a feeling of heart connection.

During the end of the session I felt like a much working on my right body zone in the kidney/abdomen area and - which was a complete new sensation for me - like hot flashes of heat pulsing through my body ... that made me sweating.
But in the end just the peaceful feeling of being in love stayed.

Much gratitude for this session. I pray that this peaceful feeling stays, despite of being out of the group for no good reason. Thank you with all my heart <3

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Dear Suzen,

Thank you for sharing and thank you for participating.

Sorry about the timing…we have quite a few people joining from Asia, Australia and NZ, so I need to switch up the transMISSION times a bit. Next True Self (10/18) is starting at 6AM your time.

Your insights are really cool and show your inner reflection. From what I could see/feel during this session you were dealing with BOUNDARIES. Boundaries go hand in hand with the development of our inner self-love and congruence. As our Critical Inner Voice begins to loose its grip, we becomes less judgmental – of others and ourselves - it becomes easier for us to deal with perceived losses, letting go or any moving-on-issues.

Almost all groups, collectives and families have rules and often strong dynamics. The world is full of egos, judgments and shadows. This doesn’t mean everybody is wrong – nobody is ‘right’ really – what it means is that we have to find what’s right for us! And in order to find what’s right and true for us, we need to be connected in our hearts and let go of baggage. Sometimes, events like yours turn out to be great learning experiences!

In our transition process we sometimes run into the resistance of change…within ourselves and often within others. As our perception changes we are beginning to change…this sometimes mean that we are not compatible with our previous friends, groups, etc. It doesn’t mean that they are bad or that we are bad, it simply means that we are changing.

Our propensity for ego duality wants to make everything that is not compatible with us wrong, but this is exactly the kind of resistance that is keeping people in the grip of ego. One of my teachers always used the analogy with flavors: ‘Just because I prefer vanilla doesn’t make people who like chocolate wrong’…Liking vanilla doesn’t mean hating chocolate – it simply means that I prefer vanilla over chocolate if I have the choice….

Maintaining boundaries means to learn to become aware of choices and connect with what we prefer (what our true needs are). If my truth is that vanilla tastes better than chocolate, than my truth does not make others false! And moreover, it doesn’t make chocolate bad, it just is not what I prefer….

The art of letting go is directly linked to knowing one’s own truth and still loving others. Knowing one’s own truth depends on honesty with oneself. Acknowledge that things change – that you can change – and that your environment will change accordingly. Pick what you like and leave what you don’t need. If things don’t resonate with you anymore than they may not be true to you anymore.

Another process shown in your field during this session was the process of manifestation… are you thinking of a particular heart’s desire these days? Anything is possible, Suzen – as long as it is coming from your heart (and not your ego)!

Go girl, keep your boundaries, let go what is not true to you anymore (inner and outer aspects) and focus on your true heart’s desire is instead!

Much Love,

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Originally posted by honeybuns2 on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 12:27AM

Dearest Jona and group thank you sooo much ,it was great ,came in with a few issues ,had had a quarrel with sisters felt a bit annoyed ,could:nt figure out why then as the energy continued wow to my amazament lol ,I found my self back when i was a kid trying to talk just to be heard so someone would pay attention to what i was saying and i had to laugh yeb that was me growing up just wanting to be heard haha then as soon as i realized the feeling i let go of that feeling and my heart opened up and i said (excuse me ) who gives a shit teehee thank you so much i really had missed our group healing much love honeybuns2
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Originally posted by Honeybuns2

right on Jona alot of inner chilhood stuff was surfing but came on and into heart it was amazing thx u again will keep on working teehee love

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Originally posted by ann morgan on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 12:31AM

Hi Everyone,

Thank you.  Very beautiful. I felt the energy in my whole body and it ended in my crown area.   Something was removed from my left ear and head area..  At one point I felt/saw light pouring into my right side then my left side then both sides.  I felt the planet and felt/saw the energy of the group going around the globe very blissful. At the very end I heard soft rain coming down outside yet it was not raining outside.  Any advise is always appreciated. Thank you for the articles they are spot on.  



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Originally posted by meadowlark on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 1:38AM

Dear Jona,
Thank you for this interesting session. It was quite physical for me starting with lots of crown activity and moving to areas of the legs and even into my second toe on the left side... some activity on the right side of my temple area.... then later, bits of pain in a couple areas... unusual for me. Some thoughts would 'pop' into my head attempting to keep me busy, but just kept returning to heart. At one point I became aware that I had just witnessed someone grab their pet (a cat or small animal) then burst into a mushroom cloud - - - very odd, but got my attention out of a space I was in and noted the time 39 minutes into transmission.
Overall it felt a bit 'busy'.

The moon came up over the mountain, big and beautiful just before I settled in. Thanks again,


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Originally posted by anne-katrine on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 12:48AM

Dear Jona and group
I checked out immediately, was really tired to begin with and didn´t fight it one bit...and slept like a baby, had interessting dreams, but didn´t have time to write them down so forgot, running late...but still feeling happy and peaceful, no rush. There seems to be a stillness outside too. Nice.
Thank you for the transmission!
With gratitude
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Originally posted by kavyashree on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 1:46AM

Hi Jona

I wondered if I would be able to stay awake for this as it was 4am for me ... but it felt like a very settled meditation after some thoughts... I did IAM breathing ... Most of the time it seemed the energy was around my head and mouth area and then right at the end my body was filled with tremendous heat ...   After having the clearing with Jeff and then doing Grace Integrity I feel as if I have been on a bit of a roller coaster culminating in a deep dark night experience last week ... I prayed for help and then saw your article about Grace and Manifestation ... Thank you!   It truly helped me to 'choose happiness' ... It feels as if this True Self transMISSION helped to clear away the debris of the past few weeks... Again, and again, I am truly grateful for the work you do.   Thank you.   If you have anything to say about how you saw my energy it would be great to  hear.

Thank you

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Originally posted by boris on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 3:12AM

Hi all,
in a dream before the transMission, I had inner child things come up.  
Some things were stuck in the heart area (felt pain there the day before)… not sure if it was mine, and didn't feel into it very much, but it was cleared.
Later on I felt the GM code come in (surprised me a bit), a really wide space opened up, and it somehow combined with karmic family issues, showing where these are in the way of expansion.  Interestingly I saw what I should change, but not how or where it will lead to… [tongue] I'll explore that a bit during the weekend.
Then there were some relationship issues, related to sexuality and control - and how intellectual thinking is used for this. Right leg saying hello, some anger was released… and I saw how I took over a pattern related to this from my parents.
Some spiritual specialness came up at one point… looked as if it was pretty good recognized and could at least be accepted, shed some light on my own limes, too.

Really cool transMission, thank you all for being there!


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Originally posted by cjmckcapp on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 11:13AM

I'm sorry I missed this transmission.  [frown]  It has been a crazy week and by the time I remebered the time the meditiation was just about over.  Jona, can I tap into this meditation today since there is no time outside of 3D? Much love to all.

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Dear CIndy,

you can do this meditation at any time; as often as you want. It's the objective of being FREE of charge. Technically, you can even tap into last night's session, if you want to....


Much Love,
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Originally posted by bluette on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 11:02AM

Dear Jona and All:

This was an intense session! Thank-you for all the support. The first half hour went by very fast for me. Within the first ten mins. I felt fast energy in my heart chakra and a bit of my solr plexus. Some mind came in every now and then, but dissipated quickly as I noticed it. The second half went by like molasses. It was intense and with lots of physical releases and discomfort. It felt like being stuck in the car on a long road trip and not being able to get out and stretch! Something happend in the first half that I don't remember, but I remember feeling/thinking 'wow, cool'. The intesity continued  after the session and I felt so tired,  exhausted, I just went to sleep. Thanks so much for this amazing session.

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Dear Bluette,

Thank you for sharing and participating!
Sorry for the transformation symptoms…these weeks are very clearing and eye-opening, sometimes making us extremely exhausted.

During this session, there was a lot of restructuring going on in your field…interesting how you described ‘It felt like being stuck in the car on a long road trip and not being able to get out and stretch!’….I saw you as a young girl, wanting to break out of her room to go outside into the sun and play with the light – the light is there!….I wrote down ‘grinding feelings’, feelings of being trapped…it felt like a part of you wants to come out and play….

Be more playful Bluette!
Lots of love,

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Originally posted by lavender on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 5:28PM

Dear Jona,

Thank you for offering the monthly free group sessions.  I really like the timing of this one as it gave me time to clear and better prepare my presence for the session.   I understand that it's all relative when you're serving the world time zones.   

Of the handful of sessions that I've been a part of, last night's session was different for me.  I hesitate to use the word serious...or heavy...but it felt like being grounded and protected by a strong and solid energy.  I might venture to say a rock-like consolidation of energy.  Today, I didn't feel like that rock as the ego dissolving symptoms of sadness, emptiness, etc were present.   It was tough but I knew it was good.   I figured if they were there anyways, I might as well delete hundreds of emails at work that were nolonger relevant in my life.  

Thank you so much for the gracious focus and love you provide here.

All the best.   Justina

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Dear Lavender,

Thank you for your sharing and your very kind words!

I can relate your description: ‘ I hesitate to use the word serious...or heavy...but it felt like being grounded and protected by a strong and solid energy.’  Its cool that you felt the (need for) consolidation, as this was one of the main aspects showing in your field (apart from some emotional clearing). Energetic connection within also increases consolidation and protection (we practice this in the UNIFIED SELF transMISSION modality – there is one tonight).

Although your energy showed a very nice activation of inner connection to Source, there still is a part of you that feels attacked easily.  Part of it be linked to your job (not sure what you do for living), but it seems that this part of you is constantly forced to ward off outer energies. Another part seems linked to your inner attitude towards femininity. The main thing to remember is that there will always be outer bombardment…and the more energetic sensitivity/perception we develop, the more we will feel it. The best way to handle outer bombardment is to calm down and silence inner bombardment.

The IAM Breathing technique published here at transCODES can be of great practical help to get us back into the connection, at least for a couple of seconds, so that we have the opportunity to realign our energy to our heart.

Fear, sadness, heaviness are energetic/emotional states of slower vibration; they are often a sign of energetic bombardment (inner or outer), however physical factors, such as sleep deprivation and dehydration! or emotional distress, can increase energetic imbalances big time. The more we begin to connect, the more important our state of energy becomes to us, the more pure we want to be – it’s like with food. Once we are getting used to a certain level it becomes harder to go back.

This is one of the side effects of our inner journey.  However, it is also part of our inner ability to read and identify inner imbalances so that we can work on changing them. With a little time and practice, we can get our changed perception of the world and ourselves to become less intense, but the truth is: We WILL be more sensitive to inner and outer imbalances on all levels. The more we listen inside, the more we will hear!

Today, Ida Lawrence wrote a very beautiful article about True Self and what our journey can do for us; the bottom line is, we need to learn to trust in our higher inner energies. The more we get to know them, the easier it will be. Yes, we will encounter some of our long groomed lower energies (Shadow, Karmic Ties, Critical Inner Voice, imbalances of our inner /outer Masculinity & Femininity, Inner Child, etc)… but with increased self-love and perception we also gain more access to our inner powers of resolving those and becoming more whole and healthy on all levels.

Thank you for participating!

Much Love,

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Originally posted by miriel on Sat Sep 28, 2013 at 1:35PM

Dear Jona!

Thank you so much for this truly beautiful transmission, what an uplifting experience! I really felt totally connected with myself and the energy flowing through me was of such a beautiful clarity and luminosity. The expansion was amazing and everything felt just totally right and complete. Since the transmission my true self feels stably anchored within me and I experience a beautiful expansion. Which has also a beautiful impact to my daily life! [smile]

Thank you dear Jona for this beautiful transmission and thank you to our group which really felt amazing!

Much love to everyone! ~ Christina

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