Originally posted By jonabryndis on Tue Mar 29, 2016 at 2:49PM

Dear All,


thank you all for being part of this great session!


Our group was very large and also diverse today, so it took me a few minutes longer to get through all your energy fields.


The main theme for us in this transMISSION was JUDGMENT and learning how to release and clear it (as part of our own shadow aspects) but also as part of our inner reconciliation with Self, which is often the main barrier or clouds as I called it in the intro.


Almost all of us were in need of improving our personal energy management – emotional and mental energies, but also simply getting accustomed to your inner energies and growing energetic sensitivity (more in session report).


The content of what needed to be reconciled was very individual and different for most of us. Here a very brief list of the different aspects I encountered in your individual energy fields:


- Many had issues with absorbing negative energies from others or the collective (will dive deeper into this subject in the session report)

- Misuse of powers: Need for superiority, control and power aspects

- Mentalism: Getting stuck in too much thinking, knowledge, concepts and worries

- Disdain or at least mistrust towards Femininity

- Inner Child aspects, mostly fear and inability to take full responsibility for Self

- Congruence or issues with practically applying spiritual insights


While most of you were new here at transCODES, it felt that many of you already have experience with energy work in one way or another. This was very helpful for the session, as I didn’t have to deal with common fears of ‘what is happening’.


The session went very deep, perhaps much deeper than you expected. There was another transMISSION going here at the same time, which overlapped a bit at times and lead to an amplification of existing inner processes.


Physically, there were only very mild sensations this time, which was nice for a change. The strongest sensations were felt in form of shoulder pains, jaw tension (big time) and a few head pressures. Our main physical Chakra involved in this session were our 2nd and 5th Chakra and on our consciousness level our Mental and Ego Field .


Most of you are still at the beginning of addressing these clouds as mentioned above, but probably one of the coolest parts of this session was the experience of what can happen when we can let go of our worries and ego-stuff and for moment allow new energies to come in…


A huge wave of VITALITY and COURAGE flushed our group field, which was super invigorating like a quickening of our inner energies.


Most of these aspects listed above are not cleared or balanced in one session – but what you could learn from this session is what is possible when you focus on your inner connection! This was very intense and beautiful at the same time. Keep going here!


In my session report I will reflect on some of the deeper aspects in our session, which may help to contextualize the writing of this flash report. In the meantime, please share your experiences, comment and ask questions in the transMISSION forum! Every post helps to put pieces together and also motivates others to go further.


Thank you all so much for coming!


Much Love,


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Originally posted By charlotte on Tue Mar 29, 2016 at 3:17PM

Hello everyone and Jona!

Thank you for this session.

When I went into the session I had felt something bubbling under the surface, so it was no big surprise that I had a strong emotional release for about the first half. Towards the end it calmed down a lot - thank you.

I went into a childhood experience of violence, reliving the sensations, etc and the negative emotions surrounding it, feeling 'bad' and also my own inner 'violent' feelings of feeling like lashing out from being attacked (which creates yet again more guilt). I have been trying to reconcile this deep inner feeling of anger and 'violence' within me the past few days, those flashbacks have become very common. Its cool to feel the courage energy come through too as you mentioned in the report.

I'd be grateful for any feedback please Jona [smile]

Thank you!!!

Char x

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Originally posted by honeybuns2 on Tue Mar 29, 2016 at 3:40PM

Thank you Jona it was a very deep session the energy started last night ;sore left hip when i went to bed teehee today the energy came in strong root charka heart thrid lots of energy lower limbs sort of swirling around .I even got the sense of a song inside out and round and round and very deep and yes there was a sort of a quicken a loud click and bang I was gone alot of down loads thank you love want to hear what you saw much love honeybuns again thank you with love and gratitude

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Originally posted By suzen on Tue Mar 29, 2016 at 10:39PM

Hello to all dear participants,
and hi and thank you again, dear Jona and team!
In Central European Time my session started at 9 pm, so I was quite tired already. I was even tired long time before like Jona mentioned in the session introduction. The time that I stayed awake I also felt much downloads and after some mind chatter i felt even a clearing of my flu like symptoms that are with me since Saturday. I concentrated on the I am breathing and felt my legs very heavy and my left side, especiall the chest and throat got very hot. Then I felt some pain on the right kidney area, saw for tiny seconds in my inner vision a white dove symbol, later - also just seconds - Jesus sitting in a red robe. Then the sweet feeling of energy released before I fell asleep. As I reheard also the true self invocation again and again I can say that I must have fallen asleep after the first 20 minutes.
Today I feel much relaxed and have this beautiful heart-feeling with me and I pray that I can keep it. The topic of judgment has been with me for about a month, when I realised in how many ways I judged others, the way that my father judged me and I hope that I released much of this in this month.
Thank you all for being here and having this experience together!
Much Love, Light and my heartfelt appreciation to you all!
SuZen :x
PS: Would be great to read what you saw in my field ... thank you <3

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Originally posted By hayleyw on Wed Mar 30, 2016 at 7:16AM

Hi All,
Wow, I feel very lucky to be part of last night's transmission. I had been very tired yesterday, as the transmission started I felt usual energy sensations, tingling hands, feet, limbs and heat spots. I felt the upwelling of the group energy, this was my first group energy session. I didn't have too many visuals but at first I was shown some horses legs, I work with horses but I was being drawn to them as pillers of strength and this was an almost new feeling, as if I'd never seen horses legs before!
Anyway as the session progressed I had strong spinning vibrations particularly in my legs this followed by full limb vibrations, as if they were running very fast, laughing outloud, smiling and giddyness/feeling alive. This followed throughout by full body vibrations, hysteria, smiling laughing etc. I then felt as though something was trapped inside and was shown a figure breaking out of a coffin followed by snapping as if of elastic sounds.
Spinning and vibrations in my chest, followed by floating, bliss love feelings, space, swimming etc.
I felt my arms punching very fast (am dealing with anger issues in realtion to past emotional trauma)  then more body vibrations, laughing and feeling blissfully alive, as if I was running, skipping, dancing and rolling around !! Which made me laugh even more!
I then had an emotional release, I heard my partners voice, he passed away 2 yrs ago and there are/were unresolved things there. This was very emotional but surrounded by very forgiving, loving energy so hopefully this was healing, I feel as though it was. I finished the session feeling alive and bursting with happiness!
Oh and at one point in the middle of the session, my 8yr old self appeared, with our dog back then and I felt the need to draw her close ..almost integrate her back into me through physical affection, as though she'd been misunderstood...although not sure as I'm working through my childhood at the moment.
All the points you raised Jona in your flash report are absolutely pertinent to me at present and the chakra focus spot on also!
Thanks again everybody, I was tired this morning, slept very heavily and it took me a while to sync back into reality/my body/adjust. But feeling alive in a way I haven't for a long time!

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Originally posted By kavyashree on Wed Mar 30, 2016 at 12:22PM

Hi Jona and everyone

It's a long time since I have participated in the True Self Transmissions due to many, many inner and outer changes in my life.   I am now in New Zealand and unfortunately due to the time change missed the transmission or did I?   I thought it was this morning (my Thursday) but it was yesterday morning for me.   It feels to me that I did not miss just because I didn't connect consciously.   Many things started happening on my Tuesday night (before the transmission) and continued all day yesterday after the transmission ... a headache for one, feeling of other worldliness and many stuck emotions came up as well as worries etc that you spoke of in the report.   This morning I meditated and released more of these with IAM breathing and have come to a place of peace ... the True Self.    So, I  wanted to thank you so much for the transmission which actually I can still feel around me.   I know I have been holding onto stuff from my relationship breakup but am beginning to feel some light and softening around it which I feel is due to the energies coming in from the transmission.   Thank you.

Showers of blessings

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Thu Mar 31, 2016 at 2:42AM

Thank you all for your great posts and for sharing!!!

I am running a bit behind - as you all know the forum software is being updated right now, and in the background I am working on implementing the new software (will be awesome). Anyway, I apologize for not getting back to you yet. I am still working on the session report and will get back with responses and report tomorrow night.

Thank you all for gathering for this great session !!!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By joe on Thu Mar 31, 2016 at 8:16AM

Hello Jona,can say what you see in my field.

warm regards

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Originally posted By prosper on Fri Apr 1, 2016 at 6:55AM

Hi everyone!

Jona, I am so very grateful for your love, kindness and generosity...thank you for including these free Transmissions on a regular basis!  I truly enjoy the opportunity to connect with others.  I have taken heed of your feedback about releasing my inner nagging of not being able to be conscious of my internal work (if that makes sense) and have lightened up on myself.  That being said, I sat in this transmission and was engulfed in glee!  I just was!  It was beautiful and I cried tears of laughter.

Thank you again for all you are and all you do!

Much Love!

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Apr 3, 2016 at 5:20AM

Dear Everyone,
Thank you so much sharing! I want to respond to your posts in detail, but am swamped right now...

I am currently working on the on the ongoing CHAKRA INTENSIVE and our session report but will get back to you as soon as I can!!! I apologize for the delay!

Thanks for your patience!

Much Love and Gratitude,


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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Apr 24, 2016 at 3:50PM

My apologies to everyone. March was too crazy for me to find the time to tend to you. Please email me if you need assistance with what you experienced during our session. I won't be able to write the promised session reflection, but will be back for the next session!

Much Love and gratitude,

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