Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Mar 20, 2015 at 10:33PM

Dear All,
thank you for participating in this energizing session!

The group field was very strong and the session went very deep.
Most of the energy work done in this transMISSION addressed our sense of Self-Worth and our ego's coping mechanisms. This may have not felt comfortable at times, as the incoming energies triggered an emotional clearing. For some of you deepest Soul-Fragments emerged and initiated a new level of integration. I will go deeper into this subject in the Session Report.

Just like in the Chakra Clearing session right before this transMISSION, inner forgiveness seemed to be a big aspect in dealing with negative inner sentiments and collective programming. IF you would like to go a step farther, feel invited to join our Remote Prayer Session next Thursday 03/26/15 @8PM (MDT). Forgiveness and letting go are the healing resonances the Prayer Group will use for the free remote healing service.

Also, for some the need to work on Inner Child aspects was visible. If you have the time and want to learn how to apply energy work for healing our wounded inner child, check out our upcoming Men's and Women's Healing Circle transMISSION this Sunday, 03/22/15 @11AM.

Thank you for being a part of this great session. The session report will follow soon!

Feel free to share or comment!

Much Love,
jona & silvana

Overall, our heart connection

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Originally posted by tracielp on Fri Mar 20, 2015 at 11:15PM

Hi everyone,

I struggled a bit today, couldnt really seem to connect at all throughout the session, aside from a beautiful wave right around the half-way mark. I did a little clearing, but seemed to have trouble focusing on this too.  I did ask to be shown what was stopping me from connecting with my heart space, but nothing really came up.  I've had a big day though, and was really tired, so drifted in and out of sleep a bit during the transMission.

Got dragged awake at one point by a feeling of great pressure on my chest and had to gasp for air.  Also a very slight release right near the end, a tear or two, a little bit of grief from losing my father recently has been popping up here and there.

Thanks Jona, Silvana and everyone involved in todays session xx

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Originally posted by honeybuns2 on Fri Mar 20, 2015 at 11:39PM

Thank you all for a very wonderful session and yes it did go very very deep and the energy was very strong about 15 minutes into it it was as if i felt a loud click and i went very deep but peaceful and wonderful I felt my self expand very wide and could no longer feel my self as separate but as though i melted into this warm and lovely light where i sated till the hour was up which seemed like an instant again thank you all much love honeybuns

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Originally posted by tismar on Sat Mar 21, 2015 at 2:38AM

Dear Jona and All!!

Thank you for this beautiful Transmission.  I had a wonderful day, without realising I had booked myself into an Art Workshop which started at 10 am and finished at, and the True Self Transmission was at 1.00pm our time.  I was enjoying my painting and had lost track of time, and when the energies started coming in I knew it must be Transmission time.  I tried reciting the True Self Invocation in my head.  My good friend with whom I was sharing a table kept talking to me and I could also hear the rest of the class talking, discussing general office subjects, whilst all this was going on I was trying to breath through my heart.  I did not have to try too hard, I just immersed myself on my painting and enjoyed it immensly. I  didn't see any colours or anything like on other days, I felt the body sensations though.

My painting came out so beautiful and I was so happy I joined the workshop today, I just loved it. Hopefully this is part of allowing and accepting inner beauty, which I was told has come up for me in previous Transmissions.  My painting was of beautiful, Mt Taranaki with the clear blue sky & river flowing below and the lush NZ foliage.

I am glad I was in the True Self Transmission, I feel so light and exuberant!!  True Self Transmission makes me feel so elated, I feel love and feel Joyous!

Thank you so very much Jona and all at Transcodes and Forum posts! I greatly appreciate all your help!!

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Originally posted by innerglo on Sat Mar 21, 2015 at 4:50AM

Thank you everyone for the sharing.
A very diiferent transmission..It seemed as though I was immediately encapsulated in a machine and being pulled  away from myself in front of myself yet facing myself at high speed with many visons. Following that I was returning at high speed  with visions. All images seemd to be of past people and all in pairs. Had a sense with the feeling and clothes it was war time.
Following the intensity of hurling backwards and forwards the earthy puprle and green energies seemd to work and move through the phyical body. Amazing energy  I had forgotten just how much  I loved the transcode transmissions.  Thank you

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Originally posted by missingheaven on Sat Mar 21, 2015 at 8:35PM

HI. Im new to the transCODES website and transMISSIONS in general. I am somewhat familiar with energetic work and the feel of the energy, I am an out of practice Rieki Master level practioner. So I know what the energy feels like.

This was my first transmission and Im not sure if I connected or if I had a bad connection lol ( bad joke) I was listening to a metronone beat (theta) and I was kinda falling in and out of sleep after the first 30 minutes but during the first half hour I noticed a few things nothing very intence or nothing much was going on it felt like. I didnt feel at one.

The first thing I did notice that came out of the blue was the words " I am an energetic being" in my own voice. followed some time by heavy facial sensations in an area iv never had sensations before!! My left elbow ached for about 30 seconds and I had mild nausia for about 2 mins, and it finished off with my crown swirling but all of these feelings and sensations lasted seconds each, with the exception of the nausia.

After typing this out Im thinking I was connected, I had a big list of sysmtoms.^^^
But why didnt I feel the true self? I still feel like crap.
I asked during the hr what I needed to do to advance in my currant life position or what needed to happen and I dont think I got an anwser.
This stuff is hard. I cant wait to read the report, if the COACH has any info regarding me you have my permission to share.

Thanks to the transCOACH and everyone else involved.

During the transmission should I remain relaxed or should my intent be on not only accepting energy but also passing it along?

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Originally posted by gtaylor on Sun Mar 22, 2015 at 2:31AM

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good year so far [smile] For this one it felt sort of like a wave coming over me at the start. I was listening to a theta metronome and fell asleep for a few minutes in the middle . Not really much in the way of seeing/vision that I remember, but over the last couple of days Im thinking more about making important changes in my life, which I am sure the session inspired me to do...if that makes sense.

Thankyou for the session and I look forward to the report.

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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for sharing!

I am still amazed about this cool session and the sessions yesterday and today! It was a deep weekend for us transCOACHES, as lots of transforming energies have been coming in. Thank you all for being a part of it!

I am working on the session report and will get to your posts right after.



Dear All,

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs the true power of connecting within is the unlocking of our inner identity, our True Self. Patterns and programs, be it emotional, mental, behavioral or energetic programs keep us in the ego-illusion of our outer identity, our False Self. And so can the process of connecting within bring a multitude of uncomfortable ego reactions at first.

Inner connecting modalities like this free remote energy transMISSION allow us to stand still for a moment, to be in the present moment and to simultaneously become the observer and experiencer of our inner universe. It can bring inner content into context and furthermore trains our ability to not react.  

From a metaphysical standpoint not reacting is a powerful virtue, as it gives us the opportunity to stretch time so that we can consolidate and allow for our consciousness to kick in. This then sets the stage for higher inner reflection and contextualization, and with it a new level of self-love, compassion and understanding. Without the ability to let these initial ego-auto-reactions pass by, our inner connection can become something to unconsciously avoid or prevent, which is what the majority of humans chooses to do; escapism, addictions, mindless distractions and externalization are just a few examples.

Avoidance is not the same as non-reaction! The purpose of avoidance or any other defense patterns is to not having to face a certain aspect or mostly the pain or fear tied to it. Non-reaction is the ability to choose what we react to. However, while inner defense and protection mechanisms are not only very common but major part of our inner needed protection and survival programs, they often stem from our unhealed Inner Child. Therefore the downside of not facing inner unresolved aspects is that it can lead to inner fragmentation or schisms felt as anxiety or not belonging here or anywhere - perpetuating inner disconnection.

From an energetic point of view, the inner disconnect is one of the leading causes for disorders, blocks or even diseases. They lower our energetic as well as physical immune system and leave us vulnerable to external programming feeding False Self projections, Shadow and many other dark or lower vibratory frequencies energies within. They prevent our ability to discern truth for ourselves and cloud inner guidance. Hence, the ability to trust in ourselves can never fully develop. The consequences of inner disconnect are self-doubt, self-worth and self-love issues, but also a general heaviness and often an insatiable seeking of inner connection through outer energies.


Many of these inner aspects come to the surface during (and after this session). Even though the transMISSION itself went very well and had particularly strong and solid field, the emotional clearing initiated may have triggered some reaction to deeper unhealed aspects.

Physically and energetically, the main activity was observed in the 2nd and 3rd Chakra area. There were some strong vibrations in the legs and back (backside of our Sacral Chakra) and pretty persistent heart-expansion pains in the ribcage and diaphragm area  and our 3rd Chakras were enlarged; the combination of contracted 2nd and enlarged 3rd energy centers often indicates an inner schism between Ego/Status-Quo/False Self (wanting to excel, 'wanting to be someone’,’ wanting not to miss out on anything’) and deeper fear programs rebelling and holding us back from change.

While collective energies (Solar Eclipse, New Moon, Equinox) were providing the framework for renewal and transformation, the main theme in our transMISSION session was working through an inner inertia and lack of courage to ‘walk-the-talk.’ While this is understandable, as we are all still working on the one thing that can deliver us from our inner conflict, the True Self energies coming forward clearly reminded us that inner connection is not just a spiritual or emotional concept, but a hands-on-get-your-hands-dirty kind of process.

Without facing our inner darkness (for some in form of spiritual superiority), a reconnection with our True Self is hardly possible. On the other hand, if we are willing to make this one little step into acceptance and forgiveness – for self and others – and if we can appreciate all experiences and persons on our journey as part of our inner learning and connecting experience, renewal can and will happen spontaneously!

All that’s missing to unfold our True Self is the reframing of inner darkness/unhealed aspects through non-reaction and consciously embracing our inertia and resistance as valuable inner signals as to where we still react rather than respond. No matter where we find our unhealed aspects, if left ignored or avoided they will eventually run the show.

Be curious! Be open! And most of all, don’t take your ego too seriously. Allow it to make a fool of you at least once a day and learn to have humor about the things that are holding you back!

Thank you for being part of this wonderful teaching!

Much Love,

Today, I realized that it’s been exactly three years since I started offering this Remote Energy modality for free: 36 sessions with more than 3000 participants. I am very grateful for the popularity of this transMISSION and intend to continue to facilitate this amazing remote energy event with the help of our fantastic transCOACHES emerging (Thank you Silvana for co-facilitating this session!) Many of you return –regularly or occasionally- and I am particularly thankful for you, because you give us the confirmation that this inner work is of benefit to you! The True Self forum thread alone has generated over 500 posts and enormous amount of deep reflection and sharing. Without you this wouldn’t be possible!

If you want to help us grow and feel like you would like to share this work with friends please feel free do so. We do not use mainstream marketing and depend on mouth-to-mouth. The free True Self transMISSION and the Remote Prayer Healing Service are open for everyone!

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Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Apr 3, 2015 at 3:45AM

Dear Tracie,

Thank you for sharing!
I think most of us felt the pressure in our chest as part of our heart-field trying to expand. Personally, I don’t recall this ‘pain’ ever having been as strong as in this session.

When I schedule sessions in accordance with outer energies such as the occurrences at the time of this session, we use the outer momentum to create inner momentum. Most of the resistance to connect within, not just for yourself but many others, was the trigger of our deeper soul fragmentation. Inner Child and Shadow aspects (all part of these soul fragments) got tickled out of the darkness through the collective transformation wave.

As I am writing this, you had already participated in the Inner Child/Karmic Family Combo and some of the inaccessible parts why it was difficult for you to connect are probably much clearer now…

The main thing I observed in your field during this session was a strong resistance to change/in general. There seems a part in you pulling you back into the past/or into passivity. To be honest I’m not even sure it’s the ‘past’ I see in your field…it feels like deep multidimensional ties, which are probably karmic or past live related. There is a big incongruence between your physical energy field and your higher consciousness fields. It’s not like a typical energetic or attachment; but it comes from yourself as if it is an integral part of you …if this makes sense. This pops up during almost all sessions with you and all attempts to remove it just pull it back in.

Now, we see this quite frequently in shadow work, as this would be typical for a person unconsciously holding on to things, but this one feels different. It’s nothing to be afraid of; on the contrary! If you could gain a better feeling for where it’s located, for example through detailed Chakra Clearing work in combination with a Past Life Regression session with an experienced practitioner or guided vision quest on this subject it may be easier for you to clear this fragment.

All in all your energy had become a lot more expansive; with every session your energy slowly opens up more and becomes more courageous. Keep going!

Much Love,

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Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Apr 3, 2015 at 2:51AM

Dear Honeybuns,

Thanks for joining this session and sharing!

What you describe mostly covers what I saw in your field during this session. There was a little bit of mental clearing and some endocrine restructuring – like your energy was rewriting some of the aging process within your cells.

In addition, there seemed to be residue of a ‘hit’ you took to your heart lately. Did you feel betrayed to let down by anyone in specific?

Your inner divinity was very present during this transMISSION. Whatever happened that affected your heart – remember, that the true power of your heart is immortal!

Much love,

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Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Apr 3, 2015 at 3:57AM

Dear Tismar,

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences!

“My good friend with whom I was sharing a table kept talking to me and I could also hear the rest of the class talking, discussing general office subjects, whilst all this was going on I was trying to breath through my heart. I did not have to try too hard, I just immersed myself on my painting and enjoyed it immensly.”

This is connection!
And yes, it is exactly what can come out of your inner connection with your heart! Inner Beauty as expression of the joy of being connected and alive!

Very beautiful! I can visualize the picture. Remember this feeling when looking at your picture as it can help you to shift your vibratory rate when caught in lower emotions. [smile]

Much Love,

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Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Apr 3, 2015 at 3:02AM

Dear Innerglo,

Thank you so much for sharing and describing your inner feelings!

From my perspective the energetic dynamics in your field indicated that there was a reconnection with the Divine Feminine going on, which may have triggered some inner child aspects; as well as some clearing of mental patterns, specifically in regards to respect – for others and self.

It was cool to have you in the session!

Much Love,

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Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Apr 3, 2015 at 3:07AM

Dear Gtaylor,

Thank you for sharing and participating.

If you want to make changes you picked the right time/modality.
Even though you may have check out, your inner connection was very strong! Cool energy, Greg! There was just a little energetic gunk in your field, which was probably part of thinking too much at the moment. We all know what that feels like, so don’t judge any of it, just allow your inner guidance to navigate you through those changes to come.

Do you know how to clear your chakras yourself? If you are interested check out the Chakra Clearing modalities, as they could be of great benefit for your ongoing connecting and clearing process.

Thank you for coming!

Much love,

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Originally posted by jonabryndis on Fri Apr 3, 2015 at 4:45AM

Dear Missingheaven,

Welcome and thank you for sharing!

As you may have noticed, our group transMISSIONS are not like a set group. Nobody knows another. Me responding in a personal tone to some participants is just because they participated in other sessions which makes me feel very familiar with their energy. However, we are all independent and especially for this True Self session the group forms randomly (or not so randomly) very month.

From our perspective it was visible that you have worked with subtle energies before. Your third eye is very well developed and your crown chakra is open (maybe a bit too much, which indicates projection; see below). The main energies floating through your field were related to emotionality and perhaps even your inner child. I saw your etheric self being a little bit too pushy, trying to force things. This goes in line with some of the questions you had. Give the process time. The first two Steps of your Sacred Self-Healing Course will bring a lot more clarity for you!

Blipping out during a transMISSION, especially if you are listening to a metronome is not unusual. The energy work is still done, it’s just that our mind sometimes needs to get knocked out, so that our system can work more efficiently. All good.

The list of energetic sensations you described is pretty common in energy work, as you probably know. Experiencing nausea often indicates that our vibratory rate is speeding up. And while this is going on, dissonant aspecta are stirred up. Our sensations then usually indicate where these energies were stored or released. Facial reactions, especially tension in the jaw/muscle area often shows that we are holding on to things/beliefs/thoughts/emotions a bit too tightly. Letting go of control is one of the major prerequisites to connect with our Inner Divinity.

“The first thing I did notice that came out of the blue was the words " I am an energetic being" in my own voice”

Cool your inner guidance confirmed the ‘Soul with a body – and not body with a soul’ paradigm!

“But why didn't I feel the true self?”

How did you expect your True Self to feel? Perhaps that’s one of the things that needed to be cleared first…

“This stuff is hard.”

Hah! Thanks for saying this out loud. Yes, it can be! If you do a keyword search  (top of each transCODES page’ on True Self articles I have written in the past, you will find that the list of things that can hold us from connecting with our True Self are endless – as endless as our insatiable ego. And that’s what makes it feel ‘hard’, because the biggest part of connecting within is to remove all the layers of ego-c**p around it. But, here at transCODES is the place where we embrace this challenge because we understand, that we can hardly become one with our True Self and inner Divinity as long as we unconsciously worship our ego as god.

“During the transmission should I remain relaxed or should my intent be on not only accepting energy but also passing it along?”

This is a very good question Missingheaven, and I am glad you asked. The energy work processes and the way I teach practicing energy work is based on non-infringement and non-projection. I know that this is practiced differently in other circles and I disagree with a lot of aspects of how Reiki is taught, as it seems quite dangerous from my perspective.

So, to answer your question: Apart from needing to relax to be able to let go of ego-control, any projection to others or outwardly can be infringing and distracting counterproductive for your own energetic consolidation. In other modalities but also some published articles I go more into detail. If you would like to get an idea read one of the recent articles on Etheric Protection; it covers mostly the sexual aspect of energetic projection but the dynamics are same, even if we project ‘light’.  The Sacred Self-Healing Course also covers this topic in great length.

I hope this answers your questions.

Thank you for joining and for sharing!

Much love,

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