Dear All,
Thank you all for joining this transMISSION!
Our group was very diverse this time. While there was a common group theme, your individual processes were also very diverse, so please regard this flash report as a generalized view of our session. Later today I will begin to write a session report/reflection, which will explain some of the deeper aspects of this particular transMISSION. If you are interested in what I saw in your personal field, please post in the forum.

I will be honest, it was a bit tough to get to the heart level in this session. There were many layers of mental and emotional guards that made it difficult to feel our heart. So, if you feel a bit off or even disappointed right now, know that the layers of inner resistances – what disconnect us from our True Self – can sometimes not be broken through in one session. However, judging by the session energies, which indicated a 'new beginning' for many of you,  it is very possible that you will have some these disconnecting aspects come up today or in the days to come!

Some of us had a very beautiful inner connection in tact already, just needed to see/feel where deeper imbalances are located to be able to fully trust in our inner connection; some would not go there simply they didn't know how, and many would not go there yet, as it felt too vulnerable. All that is understandable and in now way meant as criticism.
Self-Criticism was a big subject for this group! Many of the mentioned resistances where linked to an a very harsh self-perception and lack of self-forgiveness. It ties in with the fear of being vulnerable and allowing to let one’s guards down…

The session energies started a few hours before session begin, and the physical sensations were very strong and sometimes also a bit uncomfortable – there was a fear of letting go of control and along with that energetic symptoms like stomach pressure, extended lower abdominal area (bloating) and a bit of a queasy feeling. These sensations, which are typically linked to our 2nd and 3rd Chakra (see Chakra Charts below) indicated that there is lots of emotional clearing that needs to take place.

This was not fully completed during this transMISSION!

I suggest all of us to continue this inner work, perhaps even today if you have the time. I will add the 5-Minute Energy alignment mp3 as a thank you gift to this flash report, which can help to access this place within anytime in self-guidance!
Emotionality and our tendency to get wrapped up in our dramas  was only the surface of our inner separation. The main theme for our session were the deeper aspects of letting go of our False Self and some of the associated patterns, such as victim attitude, mentalizations of feelings and externalization of our inner higher power.
In the session reflection I will go a bit deeper into these subjects. In the meantime, if you have the time you can also look up on previous writings about the keywords False Self and Externalization.
On our individual level these aspects played out in different ways of course; some felt unsure about HOW to let go of control, others felt reminded that whenever they let go in the past they got back stabbed (literally! This was very strong in this session), and some simply didn’t want to let go of the ego pay-off that can come out of relying on our protective mechanisms rather than trusting in our inner connection.

Overall, the prompted ‘connecting with the source of our inner truth’ seemed to have brought some the more challenging aspects to the surface, rather than providing an instant relief or feeling of connection.

Just know that this is very common! We cannot expect that a life-long experience of inner separation is ‘fixed’ in 60 min Connecting with our True Self…
However, regardless of my rather frank words here, there is a beautiful power in showing up and actually consciously and actively engaging in this inner work! I want to thank you all for your courage and your willingness to explore areas that may still be unknown to you!
Thank you also for your trust!
For now, let the sessions energies settle a bit, observe your body and your inner feelings…drink water and perhaps go outside and take a walk in nature if you can. Many of you needed grounding, which can easily happen when we connect with nature!
The forum is open now and it would be great if you could share a bit about your personal experience during/before/after this session. Every post is a valuable contribution to connecting within and also helps everyone who reads it.
Until in a little while!
Much Love,

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Originally posted By charlotte on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 8:32AM

Hey Jona and everyone,

Thanks for a wonderful healing today, this was really great.

About 30 minutes before the session I had this strong feeling to be really comfortable with the idea of dying, surrendering, letting go, and so on. It actually felt comforting, like bathing in the light, rather than a scary death type thing.

As I went through the session some of my inner darker energies seemed to fall away in layers, like I could 'step out' of them. It was like I could see beyond them from my Eternal self and the light, and see the bigger picture, rather than sweating the small stuff.

This was so cool! I am hoping to keep it up and stand Eternal.

Much love,


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Originally posted By deb on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 9:05AM

Greetings everyone,
I defineately noted that this was not a session where I could settle right into my heart and feel deep connection immediately.  I started off with strong pressure in my throat and went right into vocalizing I AM breathing to try and clear this.  It did ease up for the most part but gently got my attention once or twice later in the session.  In response to the difficulty connecting to my heart I focused on self-love and forgiveness directed at myself and others from my past where I have become aware of unresolved issues especially centered in my second chakra energies.  I also felt the need to direct the self love very specificly to my physical body and when I foucused this in my second chakra area had a big wave of heat.
I definately also drifted out a few times as well but never fell asleep and was able to bring some of the information that came up back into my awareness which is I think a sign I am opening up a bit more to inner promptings.  About 5 minutes before the end of the hour I had a visual of snow blanketing my inner world.  I tend to tune into inner persceptions more on a feeling, knowing wavelength rather than visually but I definately saw this and felt it as a softening, quieting, blessing kind of sensation.
This session has a work in progress feeling and is very interconnected to the issues most active in my awareness of late.
Thank you Jona and coaches.  I appreciate every transmission experience and know that I am engaging my inner reality more deeply as I allow awareness of experiences that are more challenging to acknowledge.  
Thank you everyone for your courage and commitment to greater awareness!

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Originally posted By suzen on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 9:13AM

Dear Jona, transcodes team and all participants.

Thank you again for giving this space for our self-healing. I feel that I especially today I felt much frustrated after the session. Not only for the pain of m y first day "moon" that made it also difficult to connect, but also stress that I had before the transmission (my husband needed emergency dentist treatment right before and it was not so nice) This also, I guess didn`t help the real heart connection.

And so the transmission felt for me like much much mind chattering going on , plus like old stored pain showed up in the mind again, wanting to remind me of how much there is still what I need to let go? I hope at last that the huge blockage that I feel in my throat and left lung area comes from this, as  it feels a bit better after the transmission.

From the body feelings I felt much energy flowing through my body. I almost felt like my body got recharged and like I was connected to a huge electricity cable that let my entire body vibrate. And I saw lots violet colours swirkling around, some slime green, too. In one moment I felt also so frustrated about not being really able to connect to my heart that I questioned myself whether I would ever be able to connect right. Especially after this 2013 happening it seems to be even more difficult.

But as I am strong and also do not give up, I will continue this work and one day I will laugh about all that doesn`t give me a huge smile today [biggrin]

Much love to you all and thank you again. And yes ... please tell me what you saw in my energy field.


PS: The energetic burping I had almost 24 hours before the session started until shortly before.

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Originally posted By edytadiana on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 9:29AM

Dear Jona and others: Thank you for creating this space. Here is my experience. After the invocation, I reclined. I felt pressure against my third eye. I saw/felt a semi circle with Jona directly in front of me, and three (?) people/bodies to the left. No one to the right, so a half circle. I felt tingling in my feet as if energy was making its way up. I received a thought/feeling that it is more difficult for me to receive than to give. That I have an imbalance there. I felt my throat open up. I experienced twitching. I felt lightness like floating. I ‘saw’ a vortex in my heart region, like a cone opening outward, from the front and the back. I felt a lump in my throat. I felt like my body was being scanned. I felt a gathering of entities – or light bodies – around me like they are curious. They came really close, too close. They went away. More twitching. Felt light pressure on chest. I felt/heard: integrate yourself so you don’t have loose pieces. Become like a column of light. Thank you! P.s. Yes, Jona, I am interested in knowing what you saw in my personal field.

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Originally posted By carleymorse on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 10:11AM

Hi Everyone,

This session was my second and had a very different feeling to it than the Healing session last Sunday.  I woke up about 2.5 hours before session and realized how early it was and went back to sleep.  I had my alarm clock set to wake 30 minutes before session and woke up again shortly before the alarm with a concern that I was quickly able to resolve.

On time, I read the invocation and rested on my couch with soft music.  My mental chatter wasn't nearly as congested as last week, although still there, the nature of it is different.  I've realized the coping mechanisms I used in my childhood are detrimental to me now.  When I was a kid, the only way to escape was through mental imagery and now that same pratice is very destructive.  My early religious training focused on an externalization of higher powers and taught that it was selfish/wrong to focus on self. There was a very strong emphasis on service and self-sacrifice and thinking "outside that box" was a punishible offense.  Ours is not to question why, ours is to do or die... Forty years later man.... what a mess.  

Physical sensations in the session:
Shortly in, I felt that spot on the lower left side of my skull that I'd had headaches with last week twinge a bit.  There were other minor sensations and warmth.  I've been having sensations in my right body extending to the shin that felt like "sludge" weighing down recently and that feeling has been dissappating.  During session, it felt like this was clearing, felt good like everything is flowing much better in my body.  I also felt pain in my heart at lower left area of sternum for a little while that went away.  At exactly half way through the session, I felt disconnected and like we were finished.  Checked the clock, realeased a good bit of air and reconnected.  About 15 minutes later, I fell asleep and slept for an hour.

Were very different than they were in the healing session.   I saw spots of golden lights but they were dimmer than the last time.  Some of these lights felt as tho they were coming into me and some were observing.  The last one I recall was the biggest but was different than the others, like an image surrounded by the golden light.  And then there was a Hat.... [smile]  It was like a golden straw gardening hat.  I'm going to wear it often to help keep me in the here and now.

I also heard a couple of sentences but would rather keep them private.  Please feel free to share any perceptions you have of me here.

Thank you so very much, Jona.  Love and Gratitude to everyone who shared in this process this morning.  

Now, It's time to get ready for my sweet little girls birthday party! [smile]

Growing forward!

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Originally posted By mavroula on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 10:24AM

Dear Jona, team and everyone who participated in today's transmission.

Today's transmission turned out to be very different to what I was expecting.  For the first twenty minutes or so, I felt very relaxed and peaceful, then I noticed tears falling down my cheeks and I started thinking about my Mum who passed away six years ago.  She was my best friend.  I found myself crying and telling her that I was sorry and please forgive me.  I seem to have a lot of guilt and self-blame because I couldn't heal her/save her and that I wasn't at the hospital when she died.  I couldn't stop crying for the rest of the session.  It was very emotional.  I realize that I haven't healed or fogiven myself concerning my mums passing.

Thank you for the session and I would be very grateful if you could let me know what you saw in my energy field.

Much love


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Originally posted By lavandarfields on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 11:05AM

Dear Jona and team,Thank you so much for your work with this session.  I am amazed and impressed at the power of the transmission and connection.  I feel very clearly the focus and the results in the various areas of intent.  I felt very much a continuation of  work in the sacral chakra especialy, release of childhood issues and supressed feminine energies. I enjoyed a feeling of good heart connection with you and toward all who work at healing at this time.   After the session I'm having a release of suppressed issues surrounding my current situation and a connection with energies of the collective especially my geographic area.  I would love to hear your notes from thes session.  Thanks again!

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Originally posted By honeybuns2 on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 11:26AM

Dearest Jona THank you for the session it was a bit challening the energy came in but it was as it had a bit of struggle working in lots og i would say noise finally it made it   so of like a floating sensation throat chakra  6th charka ,later loys of different light shapes thru thrid eye settled in went to to my quiet space or sacred space i call it and stayed there thank you I really needed this morning with love and graitude honeybuns2

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 1:43PM

Dear Charlotte,

thank you so much for sharing!

This is cool that you could stand your ground and that you could see it this way. I was a bit unsure how to address this process in the session report, as many participants came here for the first time today. Thank you for giving your experiences this positive perspective and for sharing it here!

I was wondering how you would perceive this session, as I saw this deep inner connection with your light (eternal part of yourself) and the temptation of going back into the ego pay-offs of beating yourself up over not always being there. Yes! The inner shift of claiming your True Self and knowing that it's always there is what gets you there! Well done, Charlotte!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 2:15PM

Dear Deb,

thank you for sharing your experiences and how you dealt with them!
I like how you intuitively worked on pulling your heart energies into your lower belly area; the physical part/aspect of our unresolved or stored emotions was a big part of this session. Cool how you broke through this by becoming active!!!!!

Also thank you for mentioning the IAM Breathing Technique and how it can help with this process! It just a simple breathing technique on the outside, but once we  can internalize this way of feeling and directing our inner energies, it becomes so much more! I often call it 'energetic first aid', as it can indeed help to dissipate physical, emotional and mental overload within a few seconds.

I also like how you called this session a sign of your inner 'work in progress'. With this attitude it becomes a lot easier to understand and have compassion for our inner workings. What we see/feel/perceive about ourselves during transMISSION sessions is often just a snapshot of our overall energetic state; however, what comes to our attention is often exactly what we need to reflect on at this particular moment in time. The simple act  of 'paying attention' already activates our self-healing and begins to work on bringing our overall system back into balance.

Your personal energy field was wide open, Deb! Wonderful! From my perspective there was a very deep healing on your cellular level going on - and perhaps it was exactly that you paid so close attention and went into mobilizing your inner self-love to work on it right away! We will never know for sure which around it works - but in my experience it is the strengthening of inner connection with our True Self that makes these spontaneous inner self-corrections and healing possible.

By simply feeling prompted to do this work and showing up, our energy already begins to reorganize and shift. This was very strong in this particular session (for many it began right after I had sent out instructions, which is why I felt like I had been in this session for 8 hours straight [wink]

As for your sensations in your throat (5th Chakra) it goes in line with how I perceived your process during this session. There was an issue there with 'what you believe in'  - and it showed how some of the limitations you are experiencing in your practical life need an overhaul in regards to the underlying (and often unconscious beliefs). Energetically, beliefs are like little energy programs/packets that influence the way we see/perceive things, but also how we are generally allowing change.

Many of our unconscious beliefs, such as manifestation blocks we worked on Friday night, are not the result of our own making. Many of our beliefs are adapated from our family/tribe or simply a result of our conditioning. If you have the time, Deb, go into some of the beliefs that are 'stuck' in your throat and that make you feel like suffocating or being choked.

One way to work with unconscious beliefs is to observe your inner critical voice in different situations. Another way is to go deep and ask yourself: What belief is this thought/emotion/feeling/action expressing? Is it congruent with how I feel on my conscious level? Or is there is tension or even schism between my intention and my expression?

Hope this helps a little on your beautiful path of self-healing!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By lavender on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 2:22PM

Dear Jona, Jeff and All,

Thank you for your flash report Jona - as it helped to validate the feeling of this session - both before, during and now (after).   It felt more like a Shadow clearing for me...  It was tough merging from a deep vivid dream to being awake at dawn for this session.  It was like the dream was still processing during the session.   I was surprised to see my Inner Critic and how even the little, often insignificant things of judgement against self as part of that energy.  Like making a big deal to self that a document margin was not the proper width.  I saw this person as a separate identify then realized it had to be me.  Ugh and fascinating all at the same time.

There's something for sure about the heart connection. (mine is more closed than open at the moment)...I just wanted to go into nature and reconnect with the heart of the earth in it's expression of pure and simple.  
Instantly there was a release of tears...there is great love in nature.  I'm a little disconnected these days...just the way it is at the moment.  

I value that you offer this session every month and I am greateful for the generorsity of this service.

Blessings and love.

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 2:27PM

Dear Honeybus,

thank you for coming and for sharing!

Interesting you had so many visuals - I didn't ,except for when I was working with your energy! I saw lots of flowers and energies moving in shapes and colors as well.
Yes, your Third Eye (6th Chakra) was very active, but also your critical inner voice, so it seemed to me...

Cool how you worked your way through this challenge! Like in Charlottes and Deb's case, a lot of our energetic strength is set by our intention of wanting to get through some of our challenges - no matter whether in a remote session or 3D life! This is how I came up with the (granted, a bit catchy) word :Heart-Warrior. I see you guys working on getting through to your heart-level with this wonderful tenacity to get there - your are one of those heart-warriors, honeybuns, and I have a lot of respect for you!

The only thing I saw in your field is the constant drama around you (but this is nothing new to you I suspect). It constantly bombards you...and pulls your energy into all directions, which can make it hard to stay with yourself sometimes... Think of what you could do with all this energy that gets wasted with the daily dramas of other people! You have so much energy, and perhaps that's why you are so generous with it...but always remember, there is so much more that you can do with it!!!!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 3:13PM

Dear Lavendarfields,

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing!

I could see that there was continued 'integration' (as in mentioned in the Remote Prayer session) going on. Your energy also felt much lighter today!

It is interesting to me that you, Charlotte, Honeybuns and Deb had very similar processes in regards to becoming aware of your inner self-love going on (which is why I replied in this order). You too showed some of the aspects I mentioned to the others, where I pointed out the transcendence of the distraction/pay-off factor of seeing yourself as a victim of your circumstances - be it on a collective or personal level.

Where do you live, Lavendarfields? Do you live in Europe?

(To all[smile] For those of you living in Europe at this time, there is a much stronger sense of urgency to find your true inner power. Your boundaries and outer freedom are severely challenged right now. The same is the case elsewhere in the world, but for you it's more in your front yard, whereas here it's all still hidden in the basement.... Change is coming guys and we all have to position ourselves now! Therefore our inner stance and ability to connect within will now become a vital part of our 'survival skills' . Not to promote fear but to motivate you to see beyond your personal day-to-day struggles. Your ability to access your inner guidance is an advanced ability innate in all of us - so that we can always be at the right place at the right time...

Keep going, Lavendarfields! You are on the right track...whatever the challenge you are going through right now, listen to your hearts guidance and stand strong!

Again, thank you for coming!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 3:28PM

Dear Lavender,

thank you for sharing!

Yes, I agree with your comment about shadow-work. However, for many of us that's just a side-track. In the end it's all about our inner connection, self-love and increasing our compassion for ourselves. Shadow is just one way for us to see how our energy defaults, when we are under pressure. Give yourself a hug and don't judge what came up! For this session it was more about facing the truth of it - now it's all about finding new/better ways of dealing with it [smile]

Yes, part of our dramas, as I mentioned in my previous replies (read my reply to honeybuns) is caused by our inner critical voice, which tends to flare up when we are in the middle of making changes. Pay attention to your 1st Charka right now, Lavender. Don't worry about the 'higher' stuff, just stay with yourself on your very fundamental levels and don't listen to the energies coming from outside - keep refocusing on your physical connection as well! Nature will do the job!

You already know what you need to do - you need to take care of the deeper levels of 'belonging' and 'home'... be patient with yourself! You've come a long way!

Thank you for your kind words, and yes the transMISSION Marathon last week was awesome!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 4:59PM

Dear Mavroula,

thank you so much sharing!

This is deep, Mavroula. I know it can be a bit disconcerting when our buried emotions come up, but from an energy healing standpoint I am happy for you, that you could allow this deep release of stored emotions (I know, sounds a bit technical)! Connecting within, especially in a transMISSION setting where our inner energies get accelerated a bit, often brings up the very things that are in the way going into our heart. If you can see this as a clearing of this first layer, then you may be able to move deeper from here.

I'll be direct with you, Mavroula, since you are an energy worker yourself: Why do you still feel like you 'should have healed' her?
We cannot heal least not in this way! It has to come from the person. Which part in you is believing that it's your responsibility? How does it show in other areas of your life? Where does your energy get distracted and your inner connection severed? Is this your True Self or your False Self?

I hope you don't take this the wrong way!

What I saw in your field was linked to weak boundaries and resulting (probably unconscious) inner resentments because of that. I can totally relate to this as I detect them within myself as well. When I do I know that I really need to go in and double-check on my white-shadow aspects and how they affect my energy. The way I do this is by asking myself: What is do I REALLY need?

This helps me to get past my projections and prevents from emotional energies to build up. Of course, it also means to be willing to accept what I see and to not judge myself. We all have certain propensities - part of mine is white shadow (which is part of the reason why I offer this free session). However, as long as I stay aware, keep check on the energy balance and make sure I don't go so far to make my self-perception and worth depend on it it doesn't affect my energy system.

So, in a way the pain and guilt that came up in regards to your mom (which is very understandable! I didn't mean to be insensitive)  is part of a cluster linked to your self-perception and hidden deeper aspects. With that said, this applies of course to everyone in this session, I just chose to address this with you because I have the feeling that you know exactly what I mean.

Please come back to me if this is you need clarification.

Much love and gratitude!


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Originally posted By lavandarfields on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 5:45AM

Thank you so much Jona for this information.  I'll have to go and re read what your response was to the other ladies.  For now, it was great relief for me to read your mention of location.  I live in a dense heavy area of the U.S. and do "healing" work with the land and myself in order to clear ancestral history for myself and the collective here.  It's very clear from the Universes interaction with my work that I am on the right track but some days I curse the weight of it in one breath as well as give thanks in the next breath for the opportunity of clearing and service.  I was very confused after the session today when I spent the good part of the day venting emotional turmoil about feeling so stuck in this place and my progress and ability to work with it.  I was very much deflated following the session and low on hope and faith.  So I was questioning the worth of going through a healing in order to relive the same doubts that I feel during an electromagnetic storm when I feel this same disconnect to higher spiritual calling.  So thank you, I'll ponder your words carefully.

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Originally posted By alison3333 on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 6:02PM

Hi Jona and everyone, that was such a beautiful space and one in which it seemed I was fully present. (for a change!). During the hour I received many insights and help, thanks so much to you all.  Love Alison

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 8:19PM

Dear Carley,

thank you for sharing!

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

It's really cool how you identified early coping mechanisms. From my perspective they are not 'destructive' , they can just be in the way. Actually, it's probably a cool talent you have and maybe you can find ways /or already have found ways, to allow this talent to unfold. It's like with everything we discover about our inner patterns and programs. They can be beneficial and they can be blocking - it depends on the situation and our consciousness level. If it's uncontrolled, you are right it can be destructive as it can distort our perception and thus doesn't really help to find solutions; if it's guided however, or if you can find ways to channel it right it can greatly contribute to solutions finding! Your inner connection is the key! Through your heart you become able to discern - and through your alignment to stay in truth you will be able to know the difference and to choose when your ability to perceive things on a different level can actually help you!

This is the foundation of shadow-work. We find out what's in the way, why we do it and what we get out of it - and then we learn to reframe those aspects, so that we don't run into inner energetic schisms, which then allows us to connect even further.

A lot of times, our shadow-traits turn out to be our greatest talents - we just have to learn to decouple them from our original wound and then how to work them in healthy ways [smile]

I felt the heart-pain too.

Some of the physical sensations you report are simply signs of inner energies speeding up  and reorganizing. There was a deep physical restructuring going on in your field - keep observing them so that you can link those body areas/parts to your inner feelings/situations/reactions. It hels to build your inner lexicon of sensations and also provides another level of inner connection.

The main thing I saw in your field is the lack of structure. You energy is wide open, which is cool, but it also makes you susceptible to distractions and outer interference. The two things that came in for you were STRUCTURE and CONSOLIDATION. All easy things to learn, and it feels like you have already been exploring this a bit.

If you are interest, in my CHAKRA INTENSIVES I teach these energy work techniques .

Well done, Carley! The difference between this and the Remote Prayer Healing session is that I don't really interfere with a person's connections process. All I do is to help them out through speeding up your energy!

Thank you for coming back, Carley!


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Originally posted By prosper on Sun Feb 28, 2016 at 9:51PM

Hi Jona and All,

THANK YOU so much for the beautiful transmission this morning Jona....It was very timely!  About 2/3 into the session my Dad's energy (and visual) came to me...he passed away 7 weeks ago.  I felt deep love and had a huge smile on my face as I enjoyed his presence....then the floodgates opened.  I sobbed for the next 20 min.  Interestingly, I heard/felt your energy, Jona, encouraging me to stay with the process and ride it out.  I recognized that this wasn't just the sorrow for my father's passing, but that it was the accumulation of a thousand different sorrows all tossed together.  You were with me as my grief/cleansing flowed out of me, and your encouagement blended with my True Self as I allowed the process to unfold.  It truly was a beautiful experience.  Thank you so very much for staying with me, and fostering my healing.

I am in awe at your generosity and love.

Humbly yours,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 4:34AM

Dear Suzen,

thank you for coming here and for sharing!

Yes, this session seemed to be about becoming aware of how outer distractions can trigger inner distraction and how that affects our inner connection. I feel you!

Sorry to hear about your husband's emergency. Hope he feels better very soon!

There were several aspects in your field, which you all described yourself - the mind chatter, past pains and the frustration that comes in when things happen we cannot control. It's almost like an instant program to regain control, only to find that it rides us deeper into the memories of what we weren't able to control in the past... This is one of those really common protection mechanisms we all have. It seems paradoxical, as our inner connection would help to heal the pain instantly, but the protection becomes so strong that it becomes really difficult to connect. Don't beat yourself up over this! To me it looked like you were doing well - perhaps not what you expected, but you maintained your energetic integrity!

Your energy felt quite strong, Suzen, all the while lots of 'intergration' was going on. So, I think in the end, the fact that you connected with your body and that could consciously see all that and where the energetic ties where pulling you, allowed your system to regroup! All I saw was the temptation to go into dramas, but I didn't see you engage in them, which is cool!

I am very glad you brought up the frustration you felt about not being able to connect. This is such a common phenomenon! It seems like when we most need it, we don't have the energy to do it...

Prosper made a very good example in her post below: It's about staying with it, riding it out, breathing through and consciously trying to stay present (no matter what the challenge is). When we get sad, angry, anxious or dissociated we are cutting ourselves off our inner power. The energy field of our excess emotional or mental energies create a powerful (downward facing) magnetism within. Really all we need in those moments is the faith that our True Self is there, even if we cannot feel it temporarily. The trick is to not judge our state, but to simply accept it and to know that all that's needed to get back to our inner center, is our loving and compassionate presence and attention to our inner feelings: "Oh man, I am really low in energy right now. I can feel how I am being pulled into my emotions/mind - I guess I need to spend some time with myself to get through this"

With this attitude most of the magnetism of inner negativity begins to clear and with a little practice, we can reinstate our inner connection within a few minutes of deep breathing or using an inner affirmation similar to the True Self invocation, in which we energetically claim and energize our intention to feel who we truly are. Thoughts, emotions, memories, etc. are all part of us, but only a very small part! In the larger perspective of our eternal True Self/Soul they are just fleeting moments - tiny little speckles on the screen of our perception. It is our ego that latches on to them like a drug addict and tries to suck out the juice of making them more important than our inner connection. Nothing more. If we can get past this 'temptation' as I called in previous posts, they become neutral and we can see them for what they are - distractions.

Back to your personal field and in regards to 'letting go of old stuff': The message for you was clear: What are you waiting for?
Let it all be! You are not the same person anymore!


Thank you for your trust and your love,


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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 5:05AM

Dear Edytadiana,

thank you so much for sharing!

This is interesting. I too saw the balancing aspect and had very similar energetic sensations when working with your field (especially the tingling in feet and upwards). Other than just working on neutralizing inner 'extremes'  this felt strongly linked to your masculine/feminine aspects (and the left and right extension of your field). This is a more advanced level of energy work, but you seem to be familiar with reading your inner energies. Therefore, when you work on your energies on this level, try to also include your left and right expansion of your field. Most people's left is associated with their feminine aspects and the right with their masculine. Which side do you feel more vulnerable at? In the balancing process this is where your energy needs go...

The tingling in the feet/legs could have been linked to the grounding that we all needed. If we are not grounded in our body some of our energies can get stuck there.

I apologize if my energy felt intruding (as in right in front of you) - personally I felt that your energy was much more trusting than last session, so perhaps I came too close for your personal boundaries. This is very possible. I normally only come in to watch the energetic process in a personal fields and to make sure that everyone is okay energetically. But sometimes, I assist a person, in your case it was about the M/F balance. Another part of my job is to make sure that all participants stay within their own process, so that there is no interference through energetic projection or accidental release of energies into the group field.

When this happens, and you mentioned you also saw other 'beings' (which were most likely the higher selves of the other participants in this session), make sure your personal field is consolidated (which means it's centered and balanced in all directions. Etheric protection has a lot to do with balance and knowing one's energetic boundaries!

Please come back to me if you need more clarification.

Thank you for coming and for trusting!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 5:07AM

Dear Alison3333,

thank you for sharing [smile]

Very cool! Seemed like you were in a state of really beautiful physical connection this time!
Thank you for coming!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 5:20AM

Dear Prosper,

thank  you for sharing and for your kind words!

This sounds like you had a deep healing release! And thank you for making a good example for staying in the process even if it gets a bit intense!

Spontaneous tears are very common in the True Self process - once we can begin to trust in our inner connection it's like we are hitting 'home base'....
Often it can feel a bit sad at first, which is probably why your grief was triggered in the beginning.... but once we can get to the deeper level of our connection (acknowledging what needs to be released but without getting pulled into it - as in distractions) it's like we have been missing it so much that all our resistances, our pain and control drops in one instant. Now, you remember again!

The most important thing is that you found back and that you were able to discern what is what! Nicely done, Cheryl! It was really all just about TRUST.

Thank you for coming!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 6:17AM

Dear Lavendarfields,

thank you for your feedback.

Sounds wonderful what you are doing. Actually, just to confirm your dedication  and willingness to serve others, it was very visible in your field! However, there was also the notion of surrendering your expectations...

The throbbing feeling of 'not progressing' or stagnating has been very characteristic for the past 6 weeks for all of us energetically sensitive people. Know that living in a densly populated area makes it even harder to cut through what's yours and what isn't, so your suspicion is correct - collective energies are weighing heavy on us right now - even more reason to not succumb to our inner doubts!

Just be patient with yourself and follow you inner prompting!!!! Things will become a lot more practical very soon! But remember that it's your inner connection that can carry through these times! The objective of a healing or clearing session with integrity, especially a connection session like this one, is not to make us feel good about ourselves, but to show us the very aspects that are in the way of our inner connection. See, nobody can do this for you! I know that there are many so called 'healers' out there that promise this, but this is an ego illusion and promotes the externalization of our inner higher power (which are both counterproductive)!

You are the only one who can claim your True Self and with it the access to your higher abilities, such as manifestation, consolidation, sovereignty and healing!

If this is your calling, Lavendarfields, you need to be steadfast within your inner connection, or else outer distractions and resistances will keep wearing you down if you don't believe that you can do it!!!!  

Try to see your experiences as test for standing within your truth. Allow whatever comes up and take it as a cue to look at what your ego doesn't want to look at.

"Consciousness is the result of our True Self prompting us to understand what we are experiencing".

Much Love,

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Thank you all so much for posting in the forum!!! You guys kept me really busy!

(Also, please  apologize all my typos!)
My actual session reflection below is relatively short this time as much of the deeper aspects of this session were already discussed in my replies to you - instead I summarized them in a 10-point Obstacles of Connecting With Our True Self writing.

It was very interesting for me to read you different perspectives of this process and I am very grateful for your active participation, your trust and your willingness to be vulnerable!

Keep posting, the forum for this session will stay open for another week or two depending on how many of you want to share or know more!

Allow all to settle and to integrate!


The next CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF transMISSION is held Tuesday, 29th March @1PM (MST).
Hope to 'see' you there!


TRUE SELF Session Reflection
Overcoming the 10 Obstacles of Facing our True Self

Our inner journey of connecting with our True Self is nothing more than the process of remembering who we truly are. Simple, basic and not special at all.

However, on a practical level can be one of the toughest journeys we will ever embark on! Read about the 10 most common obstacles of Facing our True Self and why we really need teachers, books, therapies, drugs, yoga or other ‘techniques’ to be who I AM.

Being connected with our True Self unlocks the deep understanding of ourselves and our Divine nature and capabilities. It is the unmistakable feeling of oneness in our heart accompanied with a yearning to be true to ourselves, others and our needs - basically, the yearning to live our true potential and purpose in life.

But why is it that being true to oneself seems like such a big deal? Don’t we all have a True Self? Aren’t we the authority in matters of ourselves? What can we do to be more connected with our True Self?

1. Not knowing Who We Are

One of the most common reasons why we are not naturally connected with our True Self is because we think it makes us vulnerable.

From early on we became conditioned to believe that our True Self is something that is better kept locked away from others. At some point in our childhood we began to change. Our Ego was born! Instead of saying what we feel, asking for what we need and doing what , we began to listen to our critical inner voice, that reminded of those traumatic moments when we were just ourselves and our ego's recommendations to either hide, escape or attack when our 'safety' feels threatened.

Henceforth, we decided to listen to the voice in our head, our rationalizations or justifications; we allowed inner or outer dramas to become welcome distractions and shut down our inner connection as if our True Self was a stranger. Rather than following our intuition, our true needs and expressing how we really feel we lost the ability to know when we are connected within. We spent more energy to think about the future or the past than being present in the moment.

From here, we started our journey to our False Self! Needless to point out the amount of inner distraction through this voice. We pretend, please, protect, attack and project - we escape into identities and adapt to what is most successful in our ego's view. We all do!

Guess what happens if you do this long enough...? You forget who you truly are, you loose touch with your true needs and have no clue what your purpose is!

The way out of our False Self is to actively seeking the inner heart-connection through silencing mind and emotion. Meditation, contemplation or Remote Energy transMISSIONS, but also simply spending more time in nature, with plants, animals and children can help. They remained pure and can therefore help us to remember our true nature.

2. Cutting Through Collective Energies

A relatively unconscious aspect for most of us is the exposure to increasingly intense collective energies.Don't get me wrong; outer programming has always been part of our socialization, but since 2012 things have become a bit more intense, especially for those who are energetically sensitive. For many of us it's difficult to tell what's ours and what isn't - even physical sensations have become so random at times, that we are barely functional without knowing what's going on.

In the age of Global Awakening the discernment between outer programming, inner patterns and conditioned behaviors is beginning to become aware to us, but in order to not feel totally confused, we need to learn to build our very own lexicon of inner energetic sensations, so that we can cut through the 'stuff' that's not ours and begin to work on our inner layers of False Self and ego gratifications.

3. Overcoming Specialness and/or Victimhood

Consciousness Work and being a True Self has nothing to do with higher development, enlightenment, spiritual growth, ascension or something that we could only obtain as a result of fancy spiritual disciplines or teachings. True Self awareness or IAM Consciousness is nothing that we need to ‘develop’. It’s always there! All we need is to reach out, reconnect, remember, regularly touch base, and then follow through with it.

Granted, being true is not without challenges and pit falls. However, once we understand is that nobody can tell us what 'right' right for us. We don't HAVE to comply with certain rules, prerequisites, props or procedures in order to be a True Self! We can CHOOSE to if we want to, but whenever somebody else tries to tell us who we are or what is right for us,it is most likely driven by a different agenda and often misleading us into a questionable sense of specialness.

4. Being Willing to Take Responsibility For Our Energy

The essence of connecting with our True Self is about becoming in charge of who we are and consequently being accountable for our energy; for our actions, thoughts, and feelings, as well as for our contribution to the collective. Later we will learn that we also need to become responsible for our personal energy management and our outer energetic dynamics with others.

Living a life as True Self means to be touch with our heart, free of any kind of limitation and through it with the infinite aspect of our existence. In this state we become able to regard and respect ourselves and others as ‘a souls with a body’ as opposed to ‘a bodies with a soul’, which also implies to be willing to become aware of the deeper and often hidden aspects of our being that still control us.

In order to take full responsibility we need to relearn how to discern what’s true to us. In short, becoming a True Self means to open our eyes for the unseen and accepting inner truth as prime directive for our choices.

5. Being Willing to Accept the Way Things Are

Truth means to be willing to see things the way they are – whether about ourselves or the world we live in. So, let’s go there:

What kind of world do we live in? Are we ready to see how we are manipulated to think that our true purpose depends on status, job, material belongings, body shape, spiritual beliefs, culture, race or gender? That our happiness is something we need work ‘hard’ for or even to pay for?

6. Wakefulness - Embracing Truth & Change

The willingness to accept truth and to change mental views is the second obstacle to overcome. While truth has become a very bendable thing these days, we can’t help to notice that we are unconsciously avoiding it, too. Even if we have the desire to see truth it can be extremely difficult sometimes to discern truth. Therefore, a big part of the ability to accept things the way they are is to feel compassion and not to judge ourselves or others for the fact that we all grew up in a world where fake emotions, false identities, and conditioned behaviors are rewarded with ‘success’.  

When following our inner prompting to become real we need to be prepared for a rough ride in the beginning. Learning how we were programmed in the past and beginning to see the amount of untrue beliefs we bought into is not always easy. Don’t be surprised to realize that collective misinformation and false idols often run so deep in you, that you may have completely lost your inner ability to discern truth from falsehood (for further reading on this subject check out: Dr. D. R. Hawkins, Truth vs. Falsehood, Veritas Publishing)!

Through connecting with our heart and seeking truth in our inner discernment we become able to face inner and outer challenges through our regained Wakefulness. This enables us to connect with the Source of Truth and thus allows us burn through all falsities - even our own.

7. Wanting to Be Spiritually Free

In addition, we will also become aware of how we were conditioned to externalize, not only of our happiness but also our inner powers. It can  why so many of us constantly feel empty and lonely. However, there is no need to be afraid of what we discover.  If we can look at it from the perspective that we were all born into a world where we were forced to cope with this intentionally created inner separation, we can more easily understand our tendency to keep ourselves busy seeking the distraction of the next high or temporary excitement rather then seeking truth. The good thing about facing truth is that it can help us to put the puzzle pieces of our fragmented self back together.  Knowing that we all are more or less remote controlled also helps to become a bit more critical and less naive, for example in regards to processed foods, environment, meds, vaccines, politics, wars, etc. The information has always been out there, we just couldn't see it...

To become more wakeful in regards to global control aspects it's not necessary to study prophecies, metaphysics or delve into conspiracy theories. It doesn’t take rocket science to explain why today’s societies are so manipulated. Our world is overpopulated, obnoxious and ego-driven. The overall consciousness level of humanity derives around pride, greed, competition and war-making. it doesn’t really take much effort to control us and see those dualistic paradigms self-propel. All it takes is to tap into our unprocessed  (lower chakra) emotions, wounds, fears and desires to trap our minds in agreeing to mask our sense of Self and beat-up others and ourselves. As a result instead of feeling one with who we are, we allow ourselves to be collectively driven into separation, just so we can have the illusion of being better or in control. While under the influence we simply can't see how we subconsciously further self-perpetuate our chosen inner disconnect.

8. Letting go of Control & Superiority

Control always creates counter-control, and so it's not surprising that our inner control issues make us controllable in return. The hardest part about becoming true to ourselves is to admit our part in supporting collective paradigms of phoniness. Unless we step up to own our past, our shadows, hidden negative sentiments and secret payoffs, truth will remain something we rather choose to avoid.

So, here is what we really are up against: Not the fact that we are controlled by some mysterious external force (which may well be the case, but who cares, we are already doing a great job at it), but that we fell for our own lower control, fear and specialness mechanisms and with it the subjugation of control over our inner connection.

To reclaim our True Self we need to remember who we truly are and that means that we cannot hide away from the immanent reality of our own control aspects, whether it'd be in regards to Masculinity or Femininity, racial/cultural differences or spiritual orientation. The truth of the matter is that we are all the same!

9. Connecting With Our Heart

The only way out of being externally controlled is to become bone-crushing honest with ourselves:
"Yes, I bought into the illusions of a false self! And yes, it made me easy prey for unreflected consumerism, it fueled my payoff through victimhood and addictions and instant gratification allowed me to distract my self from myself. In my undifferentiated need to belong to somebody or some cause it made me agree to toxic compromises and lowered my will to stand up for my true needs. And further yes, I even fell for the delusion to be able to fix the world or others avoiding to look at my own unhealed aspects - all just to elevate my ego and to justify my familiarity with a deep inner pain of not feeling whole."

If we can liberate ourselves through this confession to ourselves we've made it farther than half the way!

10. Accepting Our Ego and Working With It Instead of Trying To Hide It

The last and biggest obstacle to overcome is the fear of facing the subsequent question: "If I am not who I believe I am, who am I then?"

Reconnecting with our True Self means to be willing to break through all layers of conceived False Self. Deep down we all know that letting go of illusions means to let go of our perceived ego payoff. Therefore, understand that what's really holding you back is not the fear of truth itself, but the fear of the unknown consequences of seeing truth.

As long as our views and inner perception of self are linked to the idea that our True Self is something we need to obtain, sustain or seek it outside of us, we unwillingly set ourselves up for further disconnection and emptiness. This is where active and heart-based consciousness work can help us realize that facing inner control and fear aspects is more healing than frightening - and that all that’s needed is to remember how to reconnect with our True Self.

This may seem a bit like a laundry-list of things of things we need to correct or make good for. It can be overwhelming not to have a solution or a fix right away. Moreover, admitting these obstacles to ourselves makes us even more vulnerable for a moment; but in return, we will learn how to truly connect with our hearts, with others and the world around us. We become able to give ourselves full absolution for our ignorance in the past and receive the opportunity to live our lives free of the limitation of collective programming and conditioning.

My love and  gratitude to all of you with courage to engage in such a journey!

Thank you for being part of this great session!

jona bryndis

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Originally posted By honeybuns2 on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 7:25PM

Thank you Jona :::AHHH yes Jona the Dramas and my inner voice trying to beat me up for going there thank God I forgave myself for been dragged there love you guys honeybuns

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Originally posted By edytadiana on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 9:51PM

Dear Jona,
Ahh so now the 'light bodies' make sense. I've not experienced seeing light bodies before. I probably interpreted what I was feeling as multiple bodies because I felt 'surrounded'. This was my first. I am new to this type of experience - meditation and energy work. I'm familiar a little bit with the idea of female/male aspects, but I will have to study this further. I found a few articles on your site. Initially, my thought was that I am 'stronger' in the masculine. But having looked at one of your articles, I think I am actually just recently learning to express my masculine energies in a constructive way. Regarding the feminine, I think I am more comfortable with this energy, but somehow I got the idea that it is a weakness. It may be a combination of my upbringing and life circumstances. My father passed away rather unexpectedly of cancer when I was 5. I think I felt my mother's pain and stress, but my father's death was never openly discussed or explained to me. My mother was in her own state of depression and shock I'm sure being left with 2 children to care for at the age of 40. Both of her parents were also deceased by this time. In addition, expression of emotion was discouraged, especially crying, or any kind of drama. Also, other things such as my sleepwalking scared my mother. On a side note, my mom went through much trauma in her very young life - a war, parents' imprisonment, orphanage, famine, etc. So, I think I ended up suppressing the feminine and any expression of anything in general - thinking that this 'brings' out the strength of the masculine. But it doesn't. Being strong also requires being trusting, for example, as I see in one of your charts where the male and female energies are balanced.  I know for sure I have trouble receiving, which is one of the male energies. I think my feminine energies 'shrunk', while the masculine would tend to be expressed through force rather than power. I think I am starting to get this! So I think I have to work on expanding my feminine energy, while also learn to channel the masculine in a constructive way. Let me know if you think I am on the right track. Thank you for your insight.

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 11:27PM

Dear Edytadiana,

you are 100% on the right track. Very beautiful how you are able to connect the dots! Thank you for sharing!

You must be energetically sensitive all your life (or even longer than that); your energy looked like it was very! familiar with his level of interaction. Cool! Expect things to unlock spontaneously!

Thank you for your trust!


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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 11:42PM

Dear Lavendarfields,

thank you!

Much Love,

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Originally posted By jonabryndis on Mon Feb 29, 2016 at 11:48PM

Dear Honeybuns,

[smile] Much Love,

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Originally posted By edytadiana on Tue Mar 1, 2016 at 9:38AM

Thank you dear Jona for your time, encouragement and 'clues'  [smile]  Many blessings to you. Namaste

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