Originally posted by jonabryndis on Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 5:07AM

Dear All,

strong session! Lots of emotional clearing. This transMISSION was very visual for me (and it looks like for some of you too). There was 3rd eye energy work done and most of the group theme was about guidance. Thank you for participating!
The session report will be up by tomorrow.

Much Love,

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Originally posted by clara18 on Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 5:46AM

Thank you Jona and everyone for the session, yes,  so much emotion, because i saw the violence come up again. and I  apologize for the images you may or may not have been privy to.Cos i do feel kinda bad. But such pretty  images of bubbles and the blue ocean. Thank you again! <3

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Originally posted by roger on Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 8:40PM

Hi everyone,

It seemed that the energies for this session were already present this morning resulting in a very deep and peaceful meditation that started the day out in a good space.  Then a few hours before, some of my issues were stirred asking for attention.  This is common prior to transMISSIONS, the higher frequencies making more noticeable the slower incompatible aspects.  Mentally noting or journaling what comes up during these periods can be very helpful in revealing where we may have blockages to the connecting we are learning or practicing to improve.

In the beginning moments were some leg twitches, emotion, and judgment followed by a clearing wave through the stomach area and 3rd chakra.  At 10 minutes, there was a noticeable dense energy that I had to ask for identification of because I didn't recognize it immediately.  It was resistance caused by a mixture of non-belief, lack of trust, and a lack of willingness to give up the control of mind and ego.  I was surprised that it seemed so unfamiliar to me because it hasn't been that long since I spent a fair amount of my time with it.

It was an interesting experience in that while trying to identify it, I aligned with it somewhat and felt myself being pushed right out of the field.  A good example of the incompatibility between the faster and slower frequency states.  A similar thing happened during the last Self-Clearing weekend so apparently there is some teaching being done to allow a better understanding.

A shift then occured, simultaneously releasing the denser energy and changing focus to the non-judgment/love of Source.  It felt that there was need in many of us for this non-judgment/love.  This higher frequency state through connection to our True Self and Source is what allows us to sort of detach from and release some of the slower aspects that can cause discomfort and distress in our daily lives.  The result then is a much more peaceful, joyful experience.

With practice and increased time in connection with our True Self, it becomes more natural to allow these aspects to exist within us without feeding them with our attention.  The power they had over us will begin to deteriorate and we learn to just let them flow.  Becoming aware of what some of our most obvious remaining issues are can be as easy as paying attention to the feelings in our bodies and level of peace of mind following a transMISSION or meditation during which some clearing has taken place.

If we begin to shift away from connection,  we may notice the mind begin to clutter again; anxiety, fear, anger, aches and pains may return.  This is another good time to take notice or write down what each is related to as it comes in.  Taking note and refocusing on our connection will eventually lead to shorter and shorter periods of disharmony.

Overall, the session today was a very peaceful experience.  Thank you to everyone who participated.


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Originally posted by kavyashree on Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 1:45AM

Dear All

Since I did the February women's healing the lower, denser energies have been very present/dominant and I have been practicing witnessing them and surrendering them but sometimes this has been a challenge because they have been, at times, very dominant - judgements/resentments/aches/pains/anger/irritation/neuralgia etc.   

As soon as I sat down for this transMISSION I felt a sense of groundedness and spaciousness.   Interestingly I also was very aware of my 3rd Chakra and a feeling of being 'thumped' in that region.   The visuals I had were of a totem pole with a bird that had outstretched wings and then an owl.   I felt comforted with the presence of the owl.    A sense of peace washed over me and my body vibrated and became very hot.   It feels like such a lot goes on pre and post these transMISSIONS sometimes I find it challenging to be in the world but also find that good as it seems to 'ground' the energy.   I feel so much more peaceful today since the transMISSION which is a relief, I must say!   Thank you all for the strong field.  


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Session Report TRUE SELF transMISSION 02/26/14

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for participating in our monthly free remote energy transMISSION! I hope you all had a good experience and continue to work on connecting with our Inner Divinity in self-guidance.

Many of you decide to go a step further and to learn more about your True Self, energetic bodies, how energies move; how they can get stuck or how to remove and self-heal blocked energies. transCODES’ modalities are all based on DIY energy work, no matter how much experience or practice a person has.

Each transMISSION process allows for different inner aspects to surface and to be worked on. However, the connection our inner self is the foundation of any self-healing work. This is why we call this process the beginning and the end – a never-ending cycle of connecting – clearing- integrating – healing and reconnecting.

This transMISSION was a very high frequency remote energy session. It guided us to investigate the depth and the purpose of our inner connection.

Most of the individual processes taking place at first were linked to karmic and emotional clearing, so that the True Self could be felt. There were lots of physical sensations this time and many of us received an inner third-eye booster, probably making this session more visual than others. Some very healing and mystical energies came forward in this transMISSION, and for those of you experienced with remote energy sessions this may have felt very trancy.

The overall feel of this session was calm. It guided our attention towards the deeper layers of our inner understanding and showed some resilient defense mechanisms as well as ego related behavioral patterns: Inner Child, Shadow, Sexual Shadow, and Karmic Family were the most prevalent subjects, but most of you showed a growing connection after 15 min or so, which led to a very strong group field. Thank you for that!

Reflections on this session:

Whether this was your first or your 50th True Self transMISSION, the objective is always the same: Exploring our Inner Divinity and internalizing the feeling of being connected with this Divine core part of ourselves, which we call TRUE SELF.

Although this ability to feel and express this innate part is in each and every one of us, the actual experience of being ‘a soul with body’ is often difficult. With a few cultural exceptions we are taught through collective and family programming, that God is outside of us and that we have to be in a certain way to receive God’s approval, Grace or other higher powers, not to mention self-healing abilities. The most commonly perceived feeling walking through our lives is that of being ‘a body with a soul’.

Collectively this is causing a peak in spiritual confusion, fears of survival and overall unhappiness in humans nowadays. Stress, degenerative diseases, mental and emotional disorders, addiction, violence and degradation have become common and if we never dare to make a side-step out of this dysfunction, we may never even notice how far off we have become. Making a side step is simple – it’s the realization that this is not the way we want to live and that we want to change something.

You are here, because you want to change something. You may not fully be aware of what it is you want/need to change but you are interested in these subjects because of an inner prompting, a good friend, a book, a lecture or an article, that has touched this inner True Self of yours guiding you to explore other ways of understanding and living your life.

When getting in touch with higher frequency energies (codes), through books, songs, friends, etc. it is not necessary to understand each word or to fully comprehend what ‘Inner Divinity’ or True Self really means. What’s more important is that you have chosen to expose yourself to these higher vibratory rates – be it only out of curiosity…

Learning about inner energies and energy flow, but also their emotional and mental expressions, is a major part of this work. When we talk about higher energies or frequencies, we are generally referring to energies or energy fields of higher power. Those fields may be invisible for us, but if we take a moment and try to feel them out we will notice an unknown range of sensations and sometimes even higher guidance.

The importance of this work is not the amount of energetic perceptions we may have but the process of connecting to this inner core part altogether. With practice, and this can be done in self-guidance, daily meditation, prayer, etc. we will notice a shift within us. This shift is often accompanied with experiences of a higher consciousness and with it a new way of understanding ourselves – the change we were looking for!

In the beginning we often need proxies to allow ourselves to connect with our higher power: God, Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, etc. Later we will notice, that the guidance we experience is not really anything outside of us, but an inner navigation system leading us to the ideal expression of our highest potential and a fulfilled life.

The reason why we typically don’t feel this inner connection is our daily exposure to inner and outer low frequencies, such as fear, anger, specialness (ego), control, separation, guilt, low self-worth, degradation, just to name a few. The system/matrix in which we live is mainly based on keeping us from discovering our inner powers, as this makes us more controllable and gullible. As long as we understand our existence as ‘body with a soul’ we will most likely feel caught in lower frequencies as mentioned above.

To make the jump out of the matrix and know who we truly are, we first need to change how we view ourselves. This can only be done through first-hand experience. If we have never felt the presence of higher energies within us it is very unlikely that we can believe in our Soul/True Self. We may have a faint hope that there is a higher power, but we will never be able to trust in it. The only way to fully allowing our inner abilities to grow and to become one with our Inner Divinity is to deliberately and daily connecting with this True Self part in us.

transMISSIONS  can help to support this inner connection process as we expose our personal energy field to the all encompassing Divine Field. Resonance is when our personal energy begins to oscillate with another field. This is the purpose of connection work – it’s like learning through osmosis [wink] Even if we aren’t yet ‘convinced’ that this really works, there will be a tiny part in you resonating with this information and guiding you to continue fighting for our Soul.

Some of us can make this connection intuitively, others need a bit more practice. No matter how ‘easy’  or ‘hard’ it appears to be today – tomorrow may be different. The trick is to be present in the heart at any moment!

Remember, the world around us is programmed to distract and hinder us from this inner connection. If you want to live your life as soul with a body (True Self) you need to fight for it. We all have/are a soul, but you may never find out if you don’t show up…

Much Love,

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Originally posted by jona on Tue Apr 8, 2014 at 9:32AM

Dear Clara18,
Thank you for sharing – even if you had to face less ‘celestial’ images and experiences of your lower self.

There was a strong decoupling from collective programming in your field; although those images you mention may feel like they are coming from yourself, many of them are simply part of the collective – especially those related to femininity and overall violence in our society.

I don’t know if you could feel it, but there was also a massive release of guilt in your system…

Just remember, finding back to our original connection sometimes brings up dissonances that we were programmed with. Some of it you brought into this life, some of it was conditioned through your personal experiences.

Becoming true to oneself doesn’t mean to become squeaky clean! This is a widely spread misunderstanding. Wanting to be ‘Squeaky Clean’ as Stuart Wilde used to call it is a fragment of our white shadow. Just let go of this notion and accept all aspects of you! Keep on working on your inner congruence and your reconciliation with femininity (came in big time for you)! There is a beautiful unfolding happening…

Thank you for sharing!
Much Love,

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Originally posted by jona on Tue Apr 8, 2014 at 9:35AM

Dear Roger,

Thank you for sharing this great session report!
There is little I can add to it, as you insights and recommendations are spot on! Thank you. Also thank you for co-facilitating this session.

Much Love,

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Originally posted by jona on Tue Apr 8, 2014 at 9:48AM

Dear Kavyashree,

Thank you for sharing your experiences and for participating!

Interesting you felt the grounding; it was very strong in your field. The emotional clearings you go through lately, as you described, are part of this process. In fact, it’s a very good sign. It shows us where we are not congruent with our True Self. It looks like you really understand this.

There still is a bit of victim-perpetrator energy in your field – be patient with yourself. These programs are hard to crack. Just remember and honor the True Self in everyone, including yourself of course! No judgment – no guilt – no blame,

This acceptance is what grants us the access to our inner source, regardless of whether the momentary experiences are convenient or not. I like the way Roger described this process of letting go denser energies as they come up.

We all can relate to your statement of having difficulties to accept our dualistic existence. It's kinda like the collective challenge we all bring into this world. If you have the time, read the recent article: 'Being in this World, but not of it' - Fighting for our Soul Part 2. It's like the continuation of this session.


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