Session Report True Self transMISSION 02/2013

Dear All,
Than you for participating!
This was a great session! With the group as large as it was, there was very little interference and the field went straight into deeper levels.

It started out with diamond lights and really cool geometries, very complex and symmetrical. The starter codes were very high frequency codes and promised the feeling of Oneness and Harmony, mainly through letting go of stored guilt.

Later the session became a little more physical, but the main theme seemed to have been emotional clearing and beginning to see…seeing/feeling what it feels like to be connected with oneself, and seeing/feeling what’s in the way of connecting.

For more than half of this group, Self-Love and the ability to be in touch with our own needs was primary subject of this session. To be able to nurture our connection with True Self, we need to be able to align to what our own needs are, so that we can assist our energy systems to flow right and to feel in harmony with who we truly are. Only then can we express our True Being and allow our creative potential to unfold.

Some of you may have had a beautiful experience of relief or liberation during this session. Many had their fields cleared from stored up and lingering emotional gunk, such as karmic and relationship ties, as well as ego-projections of our selves and sexual projection.

Often the clearing of these low frequency energies leads to a temporary feeling of liberation from heaviness or sluggishness. This can lead to an influx of new vitality and life force, which, ultimately, is what makes us feel good and energized.

Sometimes this perceived inner vitality can be mistaken or confused with sexual energies. Discernment and proper identification of inner and outer energies is a result of being connected. With a little practice it can become easier for us to read and understand our own as well as other’s energy systems.

However, to feel a conscious connection with Self, we need to surrender our existing control and defense mechanisms, albeit our emotional, mental, physical or spiritual overlays.  For most of us connecting and surrender remain challenging, even with a lot of practice. It is not so much the surrender/connecting processes itself but the question ‘what we should surrender to?’ that can keep us from just doing it.

What if we surrendered our ego/mind/emotionality/our story/our projection of Self/etc. to our own heart? Not our emotion! Our heart; our feeling, our natural energetic expansion- and contraction-vortex, our strongest energetic field-generator…in that vortex, anything not in harmony with truth or with our True Self simply disappears…gets sucked up into a black hole; and anything true expands into a beautiful field of possibilities, even if it’s only showing for a brief moment. This what connecting with true Self could be described.

On an energetic level, the alignment to our higher/faster inner frequencies/energies of True Self & Source creates a field of higher vibratory rate within us, which in return gravitates and induces resonance with similar higher frequencies. This is the foundation of shifting our energy or making changes in our lives.

The reason why we often choose not to connect or change is because we (our ego) have a secret pay-off. This is hinting at a hidden satisfaction or ego-enlargement through our (mostly karmic) story and their victim or perpetrator aspects – depending on which side of the fence we find ourselves, the ‘victim’ doesn’t want to take self-responsibility and the perpetrator berates himself with guilt, shame and unworthiness. Either way, these are those energies mentioned earlier, that need to be cleared before a person can begin to ‘see his/her own inner light’. The only purpose they serve is the holding on to ego-aspects.

The moment we can surrender our ego to our Inner Divinity by entering our inner worlds through our heart-center, away from worries, thoughts and fears, we can begin to feel/see/sense/hear our true being.

This is the moment to remember - the moment we do this self-transformation work for! Our inner touch-down! True Self is part of all of us! It is not some hidden or secret inner energy, on the contrary! By being in touch with it and living it as authentically as we can, we are becoming one with our inner divinity. This is the power that comes out of our True Self field, but to utilize it we need to be in full congruence with our True Self.

For many of us, perceiving our inner True Being is done in hiding, behind closed doors, on vacation, on a journey, in our bedrooms…we often end up being closet-selves, never ready to come out and express what we really feel/who we are/what we truly want and often not fully trusted.

Now, there is a powerful beauty in silence and humility, this is not what is meant. What I’m referring to is discrepancy between the feeling of Oneness with ourselves, in vision quests, transMISSIONS or meditations and the flat or grey daily feeling associated with the way we live our lives…what is holding us back from feeling connected in our daily lives?

If you are interested in going further, check out our Unified Self transMISSION (Check Calendar) on Friday, 22nd February at 6PM. You can learn a new perspective about your True Self and practice how to identify and direct your inner energies better.

If you had an experience that felt like connection to you, feel invited to share it here. Perhaps, someone else, didn’t know what to make of their experience until they read about yours…thank you all for sharing!


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Originally posted by blue on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 6:27PM

Dear Jeff and Jona,

This was my first TrueSelf Transmission at Jeff’s recommendation and I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

I experienced some beautiful energies, multiple and large “elecs” as well as some whole body “flutters” similar to the ones I experience when Jeff is doing a healing on me… I don’t know if it was the aluna self of one person or the collective energy of the group but it was very cool…

I did struggle to stay in delta the whole time as my 4 yr old daughter was being supervised by a movie downstairs during the session… but I managed to stay very deep for most of the transmission…

Thank you so much for making this available… I find myself looking through your website now for other transmissions and I’ll definitely be making the TrueSelf Transmission a regular fixture in my month..

Thank you to you Jona, Jeff, all the Transcoaches and of course all the others who shared in this powerful and beautiful energy…


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originally posted by kavyashree on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 2:04AM

Hello all

A softness has descended today after a lot of emotional baggage was cleared in this transmission and even though I feel tired it is present and feels like it is filling every cell of my body.   In the transmission I saw lots of golden light directed towards me (and others) and the release of many blocks from various parts of my body but specifically from my stomach and the back of my heart.   I am very grateful for your work.   Thank you.   

Blessings on your work

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Originally posted by bluette on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 9:35AM

Dear Jeff & Jona:

This transmission took some time for me to settle into. My mind was quite active for the first 1/2 hour. I did eventually connect visually with my true self. Got a big hug from it/me. Then we sat beside each other and I appologized to my ts for not seemingly connecting to it. Then mind came back in, but went deeper and eventually my ts and I merged.  I felt that my trueself has a masculine feel to it, not sure why it would be more that way.
I felt very relaxed and calm after the session. Thank-you both so much for this opportunity, and a big Thank-you to all participants!

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Originally posted by elecia on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 12:31PM

Dear Jona and All,

This was a beautiful experience for me. It was very visionary and expansive. The most memorable feeling/vision I had was a very small version of me hovering in my abdomen facing me. It started to push at some blockages that were at my sides and back...and I saw the blockages floating away and felt my energy expand wider from my heart center.

I saw lots of healing blue light, felt a lot of release and felt the energy teaching me new ways to direct my inner energies. I have had more memories come up from the past that I completely forgot about that I need to integrate....these continue to surface at a fast pace.

I had a really interesting and beautiful dream last night after the transMISSION where one of the visionaries pulled me into the Morph. We sat in a small circle and exchanged heart energy and then drank plant medicine.

Thank you so much for this transMISSION, Jona. I feel the connection to my True Self getting more clear with each transMISSION and transCOACHING.  If you saw anything in particular that came up for me, I'd really appreciate your insight. [smile]


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Originally posted by catherine on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 12:47PM

Hi All:
Jona...the report pretty much summed up what I felt.
I went in to the transmission feeling I really needed it.  Once I snapped out of my mind, I really felt a wonderful connection.  Like a soft hug.
Then a few characters in my life started to show up and I thought my mind was interfering....but I realized these were images/feelings to look at.
I was not surprised to read in your report about  guilt...because that was the main theme I seemed to let go of.  I felt guilty about these people, whom I really do not want to connect with for certain reasons, but felt somehow I was obligated.  I then saw their  part in the dance and realised I just felt guilty.....old programmed guilt, like I had to be the one to hold everything up in the illusion.
It felt good to see that and let go.
Thanks so much....I felt that inner smile hit half way through!!
Much love to all, Catherine

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Originally posted by roger57 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 4:28PM

Hi everyone,

This one was very quiet for me.  I was on the watch for any sensations but didn't pick on much until near the end.  I did have one white, smallish, stocky bodied, pointed faced dog and I believe another behind it, also white but with dark/black around mid-body, like it had one of those dog sweaters on, appear very briefly at 45 upr.  That was kind of a surprise.

Then toward the end, my body felt like it was cleared quickly and my awareness was in a gold ball of energy, like a 3d smiley face, and I was hovering like at head/shoulder level, aware of my body but not  really connected to it.  I don't know if that makes any sense but that was the feeling.

Thanks for the process.


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Originally posted by meadowlark on Fri Feb 22, 2013 at 5:30AM

Dear Jona,

I went into this transmission wondering what is happening with me as I feel that so much is going on. It felt nice to just connect a bit and let go. It wasn't very physical for me and there were no real visions or insights... just a nice feeling of relief and relaxing. Wasn't aware of any guilt stuff.... or anything really... lol... Thanks for the report.

All the best to you,

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Originally posted by honeybuns2 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 11:12PM

Dearest Jona it was so nice the connection was immediate and so loveing I could feel swirls of many colors and I was smiling thru the session it was amazing thx you so much much love honeybuns

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Originally posted by davida on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 11:50AM

Dear Jona,

Many thanks for the transmission. On a conscious level, it didn't go well at all, distractions and mind. Nonetheless, intenally the process goes on and that is what matters! What I felt as the end was very powerful, surges of energy through my body. Sincere thanks for making these opportunities available.

In deep gratitude, Abigail

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Originally posted by veronika on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 12:15PM

It is so wonderful to visit with all of the experiences and have watched my own over the days following a transMISSION and unfold the magnitude of what is happening here.  It is very touching and lovely.

I did not have the euphoric experience i did last time, but see that it was another layer down although I am unsure if i worked it out or not.  Like the energies Jona described, i felt the intense light at the first, and the guilt...which is upfront in my daily life as I am confronted with much energy, people and situations that need to be set free in 3D.  After the light, I felt very high intense vibrations that I just tried to focus on as clearing and let them be.  My body seemed to be trying to pulse at a rate in which it does not usually and I hope that I allowed as much in as possible.  I was exhausted afterwards and had an emotional few days afterwards.

My heart is so big with warmth and thanks for all of your sharing here...I am so grateful to be part of this experience.

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Mar 6, 2013 at 11:48AM

Dear Blue,
Thank you for sharing and thank you for participating!

transMISSION experiences can be very powerful and transformative. They all have different objectives, but ultimately leading back to connecting with True Self. We all have the ability to work with energy fields in us…in fact we all do it every day...unaware for most. The purpose of this transMISSION is to begin to learn to feel and align to one’s own field. It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end of our journey.

The actual energy you are feeling in your body or mind’s eye, originates within yourself. The overall field merely amplifies the alignment to Self and the group energies creates a synergetic effect - like many working on the same task.

Group transMISSIONS are by no means social events. However, energy exchange between participants and transCOACH happen naturally. They happen in our everyday’s life as well, but again we are typically not aware of them.
The task for the transCOACH is to keep participants clear of unwanted exchange and to support the field with the transCODE that is being transmitted.

What you felt were areas in your body/energetic body speeding up in vibratory rate, as part of the transMISSION ‘s purpose is to expose participants to higher frequency fields, so that attendees can learn to experience and align to these frequencies by themselves. This can trigger (by resonance) the access to higher (self-healing) frequencies in a person. Your sensations can be linked to these areas being in need of self-clearing/self-healing or simply showing you how your energy system ‘works’ these energies as matter of you paying attention to your inner energies.

The Aluna Self, or energetic field of the transCOACH (due to the lack of more transCOACHES, me in most cases) can always be felt if one tunes into the transCOACH. However, part of my job is to keep my own energy out of the field, as the objective is not to ‘heal’ someone but to assist others to access these energies within them by themselves.

In other words, and this is quite important to understand, the transMISSION experience is supposed to provide an internalized and subjective experience and with it cell memory that can be accessed by everyone from within. The connotation of ‘me or my Aluna Self’ doing things is a misleading, as that would promote an externalization of this experience.

The fact that many participants experience similar/identical sensations or visions is based on group resonance and intention (which is set by the instructions/invocations). It is not easy get our minds to be ‘convinced’ on how this whole remote energy thing works…and as long as science is behind on finding good explanations, we will have to take it as something that simply ‘works’.

As far as your personal energy field during transMISSION, there were integration processes going on and a deeper genetic restructuring. It looked like your energy system has already been exposed to higher frequency fields (plus you mentioned the Remote Clearing with Jeff), which allows for faster and deeper assimilation of light-codes. There is no judgment in this, either way. A lot of these processes had to do with allowing the space to unfold and loving yourself more. If we don’t have enough Self-Love/Connection with Self in place we can get prone to self-parenting mechanisms. These can be balanced with seeking conscious connection to our heart-center and expanding this field to encompass our entire energy field.

If you ever feel worn out by your day-to-day nurturing of others (parenting for example), take a few minutes, read the invocation and focus on your own energy for 5 minutes…this can help to center and creates a loving field for yourself (check out the DAILY 5 MINUTES section for little mp3 tools, if you are resonating with this info).

Thank you very much for your kind words, Blue.
Yours, jona

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Mar 6, 2013 at 9:34PM

Dear Kavyashree,
Thank you for sharing!
Like for most of us there was a bit of emotional clearing showing in your field; it felt mostly related to releasing aspects hindering you to bring your inner energies into balance. Your understanding of inner energies combined with a fearless connection to your True Self can help you to identify some of these aspects. Try to feel out what these areas (your stomach, back of heart) are linked to.
While working on actualizing your insights, look into the areas of your life where you don’t feel congruent yet…and where you are still projections. Often we don’t notice how our old programs are holding us back or blocking us, even though new insights are already in progress.

There also was a cool connection showing in your field, and the way you describe it is very accurate. Tiredness during and after energy work is very common…a lot of the work takes place on a deeper cell level…this work can sometimes force us to slow down a bit, so that the process can be completed. Connecting with our Inner Divinity, our True Self, is a high frequency encounter and can cause our synapses to be overloaded temporarily…many people fall asleep or drift off during transMISSION….this is all normal and a little sleep and rest can help to bring things back into balance.

Thank you for participating!

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Mar 6, 2013 at 10:23PM

Dear Bluette,
Cool how you described the merging process with your True Self. If anything, this is the goal and purpose of this transMISSION. Cool that you could consciously perceive this.

Our mind will always try to interfere, it’s a part of us…what matters is how we deal with it and how well we are able to maintain focus, no matter what situation we are in. It marks the difference between being dominated by our thinkingness or being able to and choose and connect with our True Self instead.

It’s very interesting that you perceived your True Self as masculine…I can personally relate to this. Part of why this was shown to you can be linked to imbalances of our inner Masculine/Feminine energies. If we have been having difficulties with connecting and expressing our inner feminine we will be able to see the projection more clearly.

By focusing too much on masculine traits (for survival for example) we are denying parts of our feminine aspects (and vice versa).  In connection with our inner divinity this can be seen/felt as a projected gender. Our True Self energy is not necessarily any gender, it’s pure consciousness, but the connection can make us feel the associated traits more consciously.

The ‘Connection With Masculinity & Femininity’ meditation/transMISSION was developed out of the need for most of us to do some balancing and integration work in this area. I am curious how this develops for you, as your energy field is in the process of unfolding Divine Order within, which should take care of the balance.

Personally, after I realized this connection the dreams/visions/perceptions of literally feeling like a man disappeared entirely. Today, my True Self doesn’t feel like a specific gender energy, whereas my etheric self clearly shows as woman (with many masculine traits [wink]

The other aspect possibly related to this perception could be a karmic or past life aspect, which can never be fully excluded. Some energetically stored past life experiences, when going really deep, can resurface in this way. The meaning of this however is nothing more than, again, showing us where the imbalances are located, regardless of where they originated The cool thing about receiving this kind of inner information/guidance is to be able to counterbalance it. Feel this out Bluette…

Thank you for sharing!

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Originally posted by jona on Thu Mar 7, 2013 at 1:43PM

Dear Elecia,
Thank you for sharing!
Cool how you could see a part of yourself energetically clearing yourself! There was a lot of self-healing (actually chakra clearing) and integration going on in your field, mostly related to fears.

Not that this is unusual, but what was shown was how your fears are mostly tied to judgment – judgment of others and judging yourself. Judgment is often linked to our inner critical voice (google Dr. R. Firestone ‘Inner Critical Voice Therapy’). This inner critical voice, often modeled through our parents when we were little, can affect our self-confidence and tends to spiral us into self-sabotage patterns. All these where worked, which is why you have memories triggered.

You are already familiar with integration work, so these memories and old patterns are most likely going through your system without these spirals now, but continue to allow old patterns to show, so that you can learn your trigger points. Knowing about those inner energetic charges can help substantially, as it also addresses our hidden shadow traits.

Your energy looked very balanced and trusting. This was very beautiful to watch and great progress for you!
Thank you for participating!

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Originally posted by jona on Thu Mar 7, 2013 at 3:41PM

Dear Catherine,
Thank you for sharing!
I saw you smiling [smile] the soft hug how you described is very much what it can feel like to meet and embrace our True Self.
When consciously connecting with my True Self for the first time I felt this hug so intensely, that I still associate hugging with this experience. In fact, whenever I hug another person my True Self intuitively seeks connection with their True Self (this is also why I don’t necessarily hug everyone [wink].

Apart from some new vitality and further 3rd Eye work in your field, your session was very much about the social aspect of connecting with True Self.

Feelings of guilt associated with others can be very complex. Often they have karmic components, which can be cleared. More importantly, what these feelings can reflect to us is what we don’t like about others <-> and ourselves. Obviously, people that have mistreated us (or that we mistreated) are more likely to be on our ‘s**t-list’, but if you look very closely, there are always aspects in others that deeply resonate with ourselves….

When we become aware of people in our lives that we don’t want to connect to, we can ask ourselves which part of us is reacting.
What is it in this person that ‘rubs me the wrong way’?
Is it my inner pride, victim, shadow, inner child that is being triggered, or is it my inner guidance/True Self coming forward?
Are they acting out emotions/patterns we don’t like about ourselves or that we wish to do but fail to do?  Are they doing things we are suppressing or incapable of acting out?

More often than not, it is not so much the behavior the other person has, but their energetic aspects that triggers an unconscious defense/protection mechanism in us. If we can look at these without judgment, in others and ourselves we can learn to transcend all reactive patterns in us.

This doesn’t mean that we have to like everyone! Unfortunately, we were programmed with an ambiguous code of behavior we were little…and politeness was often connected with an obligation to be ‘nice to everyone’. Later in life we learn how this behavioral program can promote improper boundaries and as a consequence the need for inner defense/protection/attack mechanisms.

So, a major part of our integration work is to look at these mechanisms and let go of the ones that don’t serve us anymore. This is pretty much what it feels like what was going on for you during this session. To transcend the obligation and the resulting fake part of us we need to learn how to set and express proper boundaries; and this is directly linked to our ability to connect with and love ourselves.

Loving unconditionally means to be able to see and embrace our own in the other…our Inner Divinity as well as our own shortcomings! This is how we can develop true compassion and forgiveness for others and ourselves.

As long as we have feuds or resistances to embrace the True Selves of another person we know that we are still having trouble embracing parts of our own True Self…and that there are still parts of us that need to be integrated….but this is case with everyone, so no judgment needed! This is what the True Self field and the embracing of this connection can do for us….it helps us to become more true and with it more loving!

Your realization can be very transformative Catherine, however, since nobody is perfect, remember that it’s okay if you have to remind ourselves on this from time to time…
Happy belated Birthday!

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Originally posted by jona on Fri Mar 8, 2013 at 3:27PM

Dear Roger,
Thank you for sharing!
You may have picked up on our dogs, which were present with me during this session…this is always possible…the way you describe them is not exactly what they look like, but it makes sense. I try to keep the dogs out of it as good as I can…but since they are aligned to me energetically, they will be there sometimes. All good. No special meaning. But you could feel out what dogs in general mean to you…and where they are trying to lead you to…

It doesn’t matter how long it takes us to make connection, what matters is that we are able to make it at all. How you describe your experience feels very much like you were resting in your own energy towards the end! Your energy field showed the process of ‘finding balance and serenity’, so this may have been what kept you busy for a while - but you did it!

A lot of your inner processes still deal with externalization of inner energies and in this session particularly, karmic healing took place. There is a self-absolution code that came in for you…and it has a lot to do with ‘Gratitude’.

Gratitude is the counter energy to Guilt. To counteract guilt-cycles coming in from time to time, the best thing to transcend this is to practice gratitude and appreciation for every little thing in our life. ..every day…The energy of Appreciation is very powerful and can help to ground us in the NOW.

When in this state, try to consciously move your energy into your heart center…it’s normal for many to feel it up in the head area at first, but it can keep us in our mental energies and become imbalanced this way. The center of our True Self can be found in our heart… in our heart field is where we can feel centered…this is where we can feel stable, balanced and solid in our connection.

Thank you for participating!

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Originally posted by jona on Sat Mar 9, 2013 at 8:12AM

Dear Meadowlark,
Thank you for sharing!

Nice how you describe to simply being in the now and feeling comfortable with yourself. It’s not important to always have these huge aha-moments or insights while in connection with our True Selves. In fact, the simple purpose of this exercise is to become familiar and comfortable with ourselves, so that we feel comfortable being connected at all times. The more often we seek this connection the more natural it will be for us.

Once it has become a natural state for us to feel and recognize our own energy it enables us to differentiate, what’s ours and what’s not. There was no guilt processing in your field during this session, just a little emotional healing and integration. There were some negative sentiments wanting to come in, such as doubts, grieving, jealousy and general fears, but your field was pretty solid and I saw it unfolding like a flower. This flower still needed a little more ‘water’, so it can allow for more flow through letting-go and nurturing.

This stage of True Self awareness is mostly about consciously anchoring this feeling so it can become an integral part of us – as it always has been! In the end, the full integration of our True Self field is what keeps us safe. It becomes our center, our Love, our truth-detector and navigator.

Remember, it’s only the lack of connection with your True Self that can bring negative sentiments in and rule your energy field. The stronger the connection the higher the frequency, the more solutions accessible, the larger your manifestation field, the more peace and joy.
The ‘Unified Self’ modality can be a great tool to further anchor this True Self connection. It can bring all learned modalities together and really make a difference for you.

Thank you for participating!

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Mar 13, 2013 at 9:37PM

Dear Honeybuns,
Thank you for your kind words!

It looked like you had some nice experiences – a bit of physical regeneration and a little of a 2nd chakra clearing, but you already know these aspects. Most of it could be linked to absorption. Try to connect with your needs more, so you can stay more balanced – this should be easier and easier for you now, as your third eye vision got worked on again in this session.

Very nice session for you.
Love jona

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Mar 13, 2013 at 9:41PM

Dear Abigail,
Thank you for sharing – and many thanks for your patience!

You too had mostly physical regeneration going on in your energy field. Cool you felt the surges of energy! There was a lot of ‘fire’ in your field…symbolically spoken, this can mean different things…to me it felt like a deep-clearing. So, regardless of the distractions around you, your energy system responded very well. Your etheric self had a big smile on its face [smile]

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Mar 13, 2013 at 10:05PM

Dear Veronika,
Thank you for your kind words and for sharing here!

It is interesting to read your response…you used almost the exact words I wrote down…the warmth in your heart was felt and seen…very beautiful!

Yes, there was a lot of emotional release visible in your field and also integration. This is a very good sign. Emotional releases after energy work are always to be expected…even massages, chiropractic or other body work modalities help to release stored emotions. In your case, the released emotions went deep (and past)…

This and also some work on your entire nervous system was probably responsible for the exhaustion you felt afterwards. Emotions are exhausting…we only notice this if we allow them to come forward and worked on, but emotionality in general uses up a lot of ! energy. This is why integration work can be such a great clearing tool, as it addressed stored energies and helps to release and integrate them.

There was a beautiful synergy of masculine & feminine energies at work for you and it brought in a lot of softness. …Veronika, if you can, try to work on ‘forgiveness’… this code came in strongly for you during this session! Forgiving is the counter energy to guilt…forgive yourself with the same softness you had during this session…our past was caused by our karmic propensities and choices we had. Now, you have different choices…more options, because you allowed your consciousness to expand in the meantime. Don’t go back and judge yourself based on today’s options…our past is only the witness of our innocence.

Here a quote from the recent GRACE Integrity thread for you:
‘When residing in our heart-field looking back into our past does not require judgment. Quite the opposite is the case. From the perspective of a state of higher frequency/faster vibratory rate activated through our hear-field, our ego/mind & emotionality are lower frequency fields. Naturally, when looking at our lower states in the past (or present), our choices were not based on unconditionality and love! Why would we judge ourselves for having been blind? Why would we judge others for being blind? In a lower state we are unable to see solutions of a higher state…that’s why we practice to maintain higher frequencies, such as GRACE Integrity. In a lower state we are unable to connect to our inner knowing, our heart, our Source….we are limited to our minds, illusions of our egos and dramas of our emotions….all this is the innocence of our past!

From here on however, things are different. We know that there are other solutions, other ways, other views! We may not always be able to access them due to lack of connection with True Self, but we begin to receive inner promptings, inner guidance, experience serendipities and feel resonances…this is what energy work is all about: To be free of limitations, by accepting them…to be free of pain, by accepting it…. to be free by having a choice.’


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