Session Report Connecting with TRUE SELF transMISSION 12/18/13

Dear All,

Thank you for joining this last monthly ‘Connecting with True Self’ in 2013!

Looking back the past two years since we started offering these free remote energy transMISSIONS, I feel nothing but gratitude and humbleness for each and every one of you. Your dedication, courage and willingness to go, where most people opt out, is beautiful and motivating at the same time.

I also want to thank you for sharing in our Forum! I may not always be able to respond right away or at all, but know that each of your posts and experiences are an important part of this transMISSION modality. Group transMISSIONS develop their own dynamics and each sharing post becomes an integral part of the overall experience.

The growth in many of you - be it that you participated in transCODES transMISSIONS, transCOACHING sessions or other modalities you chose, is showing remarkable changes in your energy fields and some of you may feel ready to rock up even more.

To be able to observe this and to be a part of your inner work is an honor and a responsibility at the same time. Every sharing, email and comment is a witness of this amazing process. Thank you for your trust and your input.

In 2014 the free TRUE SELF transMISSION will be continued but it will be slightly changed. The overall energy of this transCODE has changed a bit during 2013 and a new invocation/instructions will be available for the January session.

Thank you for helping to increase the energy of this transMISSION!

Today’s session was extremely deep and had the highest frequency of all TRUE SELF transMISSIONS so far. It may be related to the Winter Solstice and/or agitated collective energies around us at this time of the year. However, looking at the list of attendees and the new transCOACHES that helped to facilitate this session (thank you Marji!), I assume that you and your ongoing self-transformation process created much of this high frequency.

As shared on facebook and transCODES homepage right at session begin a rare phenomenon appeared on my bright afternoon sky here in Colorado – a full (22 degree) rainbow halo around the sun. This was a moving start and probably also contributed to an increase in the vibratory rate of this session. Not to make this any special, but it was pretty amazing to facilitate this session accompanied by those mystical energies of this spectacular sun halo!

For many this solar halo is a symbol for Divine Harmony and synchronistic human/divine interaction (I had to look this up…). Judging by the starter codes of this transMISSION, which were: Emotional Clearing, Physical Clearing, New Vitality, Self-Expression, Divine Order and a new transCODE associated with an energetic overwrite through reconnecting with Self (more later), the session had many aspects of finally releasing old energies and making space for new.

For some of you this session may have been a welcome break in the midst of the collective holiday craze, for others a continuation of the ongoing work, and for those who participated in the HEALING CIRCLES of the weekend it may have been the missing link to what needs to be done next.

The main theme of this session was about self-expression and how to connect and communicate with our inner Divine aspects. There was a massive 5th (throat) Chakra clearing (felt a bit painful) and of course the announced emotional clearing. This was mostly related to releasing stored and repressed emotions, like anger and fears. If you felt your gallbladder act up, you may need to work a bit more on balancing and not repressing too much.

The field geometry was slightly tilted forward and showed some vulnerabilities in the back. Thinking too much about the future, which by the way can also be responsible for fears and worries, makes our energy lean forward too much, to the point where our energy can easily get off center (and less protected on the back of our field). When visualizing your heart center and the field around it, always make sure you readjust to your center! (this can be practiced with the ‘Golden Ball Meditation Mp3’)

The other danger of leaning forward in our energy is that we tend to project our energy out to others without knowing it. This can make our heart-chakra become too open and artificially enlarged which can ultimately lead to projecting out ‘false love’.

Projecting love is a tricky business. Anytime we project energy out to somebody/where we are automatically creating an energetic tie into the direction of our projection. In energetic terms it means, that we are linked to the object of our projection. This may be okay if our ‘object’ is our pet or child or spouse, but only if we are sure that our love is true.

What most people underestimate is the fact that they are susceptible to the absorption of negative energy coming back at them, if the love projected is based on ego or white-shadow – hence false love. Conformism can create hidden anger, repressed disdain, white-shadow and specialness. Therefore, it is important to understand, that it is our ego’s need for control, manipulation or simply ‘to look good’ in front of others often causes the development of unresolved and low frequency energies in our energetic spectrum.

Saying nice words or doing ‘good deeds’ for someone we secretly dismay for example can do tons of damage to our energy system. Not only does it communicate incongruent messages, it can also become responsible for energetic schisms and disconnect from our Inner Divinity. True connection is based on congruence – on walking the talk – on being who we strive to become. Any time we violate our inner intention we are unconsciously inhibiting the connection with True Self and the unfolding of our full potential.

Incongruence and Self-Expression are directly linked: The more incongruent I am – the less connected I become – the less able I am to express my True Self.

After the clearing some of the emotional and mental residues of our incongruence, white-shadow and programmed conformism, a very interesting development took place during the session…many of our individual energy fields began to consolidate and merge with themselves (very similar to the Unified Self modality) and we (our energy fields) looked like we had an extra layer for protection around us. Form here on the energies coming in felt very vitalizing and joyful, absolutely liberating!

What was shown were the mechanics of ‘letting go and breaking through some of our unconscious programs through an energetic overwrite. All it required was the willingness to acknowledge our incongruence in some areas and the inner intention to make a course correction – like getting back on track to who we really are.

In energetic lingo, we call this an ‘overwrite’ because it describes a Higher or True Self intervention prompting us to shift our energy and to initiate change in our lives..  

Some of you may have felt this sudden shift during the session; others may still be processing this new download …it may feel confusing for our egos, as conforming to our personal and collective programming feels more familiar…however, just know, that you have the power to make this kind of energetic shift any time you finally had enough!

This is the inner power that can come through connecting with our True Self – even if we are not fully aware of it or ‘see’ any of these energetic things happening within our field – everyone knows what it feels like to suddenly know that a change is happening. Trust in this feeling – trust in your True Self!

‘Change is inevitable – growth is a choice.’

Thank you for this great teaching!

Have a wonderful End of the Year 2013 and lots of growth for 2014.

Much Love,

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Originally posted by jona on Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 6:07PM

Wow ! What a powerful session! Thank you all for participating.
Much of the energy work done derived around breaking through patterns and liberating ourselves from the collective programming - Self-Expression was a subject fro many...

Right when the session started I saw the most beautiful halo around the sun. Very vitalizing session!

Session Report will follow later.

Thank you,
Love, jona

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Originally posted by bluette on Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 6:58PM

Dear Jona and All:
It's so cool how synchronistic things have been lately. My meditative focus was on releasing any and all programs/programming that I could at this time.
I also went face to face in a way, with my True Self. I was feeling the need for a heart connection while 'looking' at my True Self. It worked and then I asked for it to be a part of my always(not that it isn't), but a sense of a merge took place when I asked this. Thank-you for this wonderful transmission!

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Dear Bluette,

thank you for sharing this with us! The ability to recognize synchronicities and to act on them is what could be called 'integration'. Integrating our inner Divinity into our human existence. What you described is exactly what is meant with the process of Integration of True Self: to call on our Inner Divinity tend to ask it to always be there. Beautiful, Bluette!

On the transCODES facebook page I posted the picture of the sun halo ( also see homepage) and I wrote:
The session was extremely powerful and beautiful at the same time. Right at the start of the transMISSION, which was attended by people from all around the world, this amazing sun halo appeared on my sky (full rainbow around sun at 22 degrees). For many this solar halo is a symbol for Divine Harmony and synchronistic human/divine interaction. The transMISSION proceeded under this mystical event filled with Energy Work assisting us to connect with our inner Divinity and Self-Expression.

This session was mainly about breaking free of (collective) programs and patterns, cool you had the same prompting! There was a very strong overwrite in your field (also for some others - I will go deeper into this 'overwrite code' in the session report) and a shift was initiated - almost like a new level of truth for you.
Just remember not to externalize your True Self and Source - these energies are always with you - you know this Bluette!

Lots of blues in your field today [smile]

Much Love,

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Originally posted by suzen on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 2:09AM

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for this last transmission of 2013.

As I had a long and stressful day, I unfortunately fell asleep and therefore can't say much :/ The only thing that I can remember was that I was surrounded by swirling colours and that I felt energy moving through the middle of my entire body immediately after the invocation. Curious what you may saw in my field anyway.

Much love and happy Christmas to you all! Eternally grateful for all that I receive here.

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Dear Suzen,

thank you for participating - and than you for your dedication! The transMISSION takes place around midnight your time and this can be a challenge to stay awake, especially if the session develops very deeply like this one.

There was a massive mental clearing taking place in your field during this session - it could explain the feeling of 'spaciness'...the majority of us had these kind of clearings going on and I bet many of us, including myself, may have felt a bit off or 'out of it' yesterday and today.

There were also some guilt-patterns that were being cleared/worked on during this session. Here is a chart that shows the different energy levels of different emotions. If you look at the emotion of guilt you can see that this frequency is really low in its vibratory rate. To actively work on transcending guilt it's actually okay to become angry, as this is already an increase in frequency. Ultimately, we all want to transcend our lower emotions so that our energy field can change from being contractive to expansive. This is the purpose of connecting with True Self. By consciously participating in this high frequency transMISSIONS we can kick-start the quantum leap into our more healing energy states. Try to continue working on connecting with your True Self, Suzen; you don't need the transMISSION for this process.

Overall, your energy seems to have calmed down a bit and your connection with Source is getting stronger; however, there still is too much projection of your energy going on, which makes you a bit vulnerable for absorbing other people's energies and triggers of low vibratory states. Try to work on consolidating your energy more. As an exercise, try to consciously pull your energies in and become invisible.... it works [smile]

Much Love,

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Originally posted by tracielp on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 2:55AM

Dear Jona and group,

This session felt like it went very deep for me, especially the first half.  There were a lot of calming very pleasant and expansive sensations in the chest area.  The main theme / energy for me seemed to be one of reassurance and acceptance - acceptance of my shadow aspects, acceptance of myself just as I am - "it's ok".  (Which is not to say that there's not a lot of work to do!  But a withdrawal for a time of self judgement and criticism and a beautiful sense of self love and acceptance).  This heightened to a few moments of a sense of pure "wholeness".  The second half wasnt as deep / heavy, though I was shown a connection between some physical symptoms and feelings of abandonment associated with my father leaving as a child (he's now terminally ill, so saw the connection with these feelings surfacing again).  I felt some sadness around this issue and had a bit of a release here.  I think though that I only registered this on a surface level and that it probably goes a lot deeper.

Have felt very spacey all day since the transmission this morning and look forward to a deep sleep tonight.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved <3
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Dear Traciep,

thank you for sharing and participating!

It's cool how you can make all these connections now. Your realizations about your dad and the associated emotions is very deep and healing. There was also a clearing of fears around this aspect visible and it seemed to have brought you a new level of connection with your inner source of energy. What I mean with this, is that when we are able to clear an energetic attachment like say a 'father/abandonment issue' like you described, a whole new perspective on our inner patterns can be shown.

There was also a connection with the healing process of your feminine energy visible - try to feel out how this father aspect impacted your understanding of your inner femininity and role patterns - How did this karmic family aspect influence your relationships in the past? What needs to be healed so you can liberate yourself from these patterns?

The second part of this transMISSION session went very deep into our inner balance and consolidation. It may have reminded you of the feeling of the Unified Self transMISSION, as this process came in for you during that time. Try to use the Unified self modality to continue working on the different layers of inner connection - your dedication to your True Self and your willingness to connect and see is serving you well, Traciep! Lots of new energy is starting to come in for you!

Much Love,

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Originally posted by anne-katrine on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 3:25AM

Dear Jona and group
Me too, felt a shift...has been coming on/of for the past days.Many things.

My brother gave me a copy of "Da Vinci´s Demons" which I saw prior (hadn´t seen it before). The first episode is called "The Hanged Man" and was very mystical.
Turned on a lot of switches. Among many things he talked about progress being a matter of overreaching [smile]. I could feel that.

I felt REALLY ready for this transmission! Saw a pottery workshop (I am having a lot of clay coming in) and saw a mold break open with a figurine inside (one lady looking a bit like the three graces sculpture-but couldn´t see it up close). Saw a circle of people dancing round and they got older and older...but they looked pretty ok happy.
Other things that I can´t remember, and then fell asleep.
This morning felt shadows flipped into gifts (yes, finally [smile][smile][smile]
Meditated and fell asleep.
Had a lucid dream about a gathering. At one point I was outside the venue in yellow desert sand seeing a leopard in a tree, and as it jumped turned into a bigger tiger, and jumped onto a castle tower just in front/above me, also of yellow sand, turned into a BIG lion and it roared and gestured fiercely showing its power. It starred at me. I thought WOW, what a wonderful, wait this is not a dream, and then got frightened it would attack me, tried to slowly back off, but the sand beneath my feet kept rolling me back. And I woke up.
Thank you all
Most grateful
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Dear Anne-Katrine:

Nice to share yet another transMission with you  ;-)

Very cool dream.  It really felt like you breaking out out of the mold.  Your power, a bit daunting isn't it?  LOL...I get bears chasing me.
Do you think the big cat, your inner power, was taking down the tower of the mind?

Your energy feels very alive and open to me.  Nice!  Your field was very expansive and transforming.  

What a wonderful sign of change....seeing the gifts in the shadow.  Shows a big softening towards yourself as well.
Thanks for being there and sharing your energy...even if you fell asleep...tee, hee.

Take care, much love Catherine

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Originally posted by hakimida on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 10:02AM

Dear Jona and all,

The free group session is such a blessing, and I am grateful to be able to join and be there with everyone. I focused on the invocation... letting go of attachments which is a big challenge for me, and also focused on the chakras and heart energy. This time I sat up straight to keep from nodding off... it worked pretty well and I did go deep a few times. Saw a beautiful black backdrop full of stars... so beautiful. Always get glimpses of the sacred animals which is so cool - lets me know I'm still in the circle no matter what the 3-D circumstances are.

Once again, very appreciative of this opportunity to connect.

Love to all... Ida

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Dear hakimida:

Thanks for sharing and wonderful to be with you again!

Sounds like you went to the void?  Did you feel that nothingness?  Cool.  
Thanks for sharing about the's good to remember we have a LOTS of divine support, always, no matter where we find ourselves in life.

  Remember that focusing on the attachments will create more attachment.  We all have areas  where we are stuck some.
Create a new matrix for yourself by seeing it,  and skipping to how that will feel for you.  Not too much on the form it takes, but  the feelings you want.  It
helps you make the shift to your True Self and take you from trying to fix yourself.  (you don't need fixing)

Much love Catherine

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Originally posted by donnie22 on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 11:30AM

Hello Everyone!
I've had a few stressful days, so I was tired and looking forward to the meditation. Must have been very tired as I fell asleep but I knew that the energies come whether I am conscious or not so I didn't worry about it. Upon awakening, there was a feeling of many hits to my head, which was not uncomfortable but I could feel something there.. Hits were very fast, don't know what they were. At the beginning, lots of purple from 3rd eye , like pulses, going straight out.
Feel much better today. Thanks all.
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Dear Donnie:

Nice to share another TransMission with you!

As you continue in your life, with the focus of shifting into your Higher Self perspective, you'll find these days of stress turn into a day of stress, then hours of stress, then moments of stress, etc.  In these moments where we find our life "stressful", take time to shift internally to your True Self and hand the burden to it.  Be honest with how you feel and simple feel.  These feelings with move and you'll automatically go up the emotional scale into the feelings of the True You.
Practice with this and when I read your post, the Grace Integrity invocation came to mind.  You could sit a moment and invoke that.
The outcome of practicing this is a solid, grounded connection with your non-physical self.  When you have that, life is a way lot easier and a lot more fun  :-)
When we hang in the lower resonances we are so much more prone to "hits".  It looks like this tranMission helped clear you of those hits...and remember it was really
"you" clearing you.  You took the time to attend and give yourself what you needed.  Cool.

Much love and take care, Catherine

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