8th-15th December 2017 Energy Update, Crypto News & Energy Tips (Week 50): THE END OF THE OLD CYCLE
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8th-15th December 2017


WEEK 50 - The End Of An Old Cycle

WEEK 50: The End Of An Old Cycle - Fanaticism Immanent!
WEEK 50: The End Of An Old Cycle - Fanaticism Immanent!









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Dear All,

Hope you are all doing well!

The energy barometer this week is on deep red again, but nothing to worry! Remember, the colors mostly indicate INTENSITY LEVELS not necessarily how things are going to play out practically! However, high intensity usually triggers extremes in us, which is why most perceive those times as challenging.

It is obvious that things are shifting, be it our outer or inner world. This week and until the end of the year, we will mainly be dealing with the INNER TRANSFORMATION SYMPTOMS of the ongoing THE OLD CYCLE COMING TO END END-energies around us.

In the video I talk about the practical aspects of PHYSICAL INTEGRATION (theme of the year and next two) on many different levels - and why it's so important to not exclude any area in our life. 'Physical' in this context is not reduced to our body - but more so referring to our 3D lives.

SPIRITUALITY is not theory or a matter of beliefs - my team/your team! Spirituality is about our internal CONNECTION TO THE DIVINE, so from an energetic perspective your beliefs are nothing but vibrational (mental) limitations. Therefore, to understand the true meaning of modern or PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY I am talking about in this update you need to feel into how to surpass or bypass belief systems and religions. This new form of spirituality that is transforming which us is based on HARMONY & WHOLENESS within - which INCLUDES all areas - as opposed to singling parts of our lives out.

Once more I am illuminating the conflict or FIGHT between our ENERGETIC REALITY and PHYSICAL REALITY as main cause for perceiving our lives as a struggle and basically WAISTING OUR ENERGY on resisting change (more in next week's update). The way we perceive our world/self/others is subjective.Period! Therefore, it is not a matter of how we conceptualize how we perceive, but how we CONTEXTUALIZE what we are experiencing.


We may continue wanting to feel like 'victims' for as long as we don't own our full source of energy. We may feel an increased need to be safe, to be loved/and love and to feel fulfilled and happy. These are our CORE HUMAN VALUES - now we are asked to find practical ways to to move toward our values, preferably in an INTEGROUS and TRUTH BASED manner.

So, no matter how you justify not feeling happy or fulfilled - scared, angry or helpless - it is in your FREE WILL to align yourself to what you want to experience. Part of our karmic inheritance is that we were never told that we HAVE A CHOICE...and therefore it can bet difficult to understand that 'free will' is not about control, but our WILLINGNESS TO DECOUPLE FROM COLLECTIVE ENERGIES in the first place.

In order to deal with the intensity of current energetic waves it becomes more important than ever, that we ACCEPT CONSTANT TRANSFORMATION as part of our evolutionary progress - and that we understand that our true power is that we can OUTVIBRATE THE COLLECTIVE KARMIC EXPERIENCE.

At the moment, the transformations process triggers CORE FEARS in people. So, in order to not get sucked into our fundamental EGO EXPERIENCE (and with it the bounds of Collective Karma) we need to know where our CENTER or SOURCE OF ENERGY lies. It lies not outside of us....

I talked/have written about this in length in past, so please resort to my energy updates and articles(click on tabs or keyword search) for more discussion on EXTERNALIZING OUR INNER POWER.


Source: Sacred Self-Healing Course

Granted, the speed in which all of this is happening right now, especially in the financial/crypto markets is scary, but this is exactly what we have been preparing for on our journey! Why do you think you have been prompted to learn how to meditate, or even learn energy work? So you could feel superior or more 'spiritual'? No, you and so many more now, are receiving the prompting to go deeper into their SPIRITUAL NEED TO BELONG AND CONNECT because it is the only way to stay sane while CHANGE is ripping through our lives!


Learning how your fears and unprocessed energies affect the way you perceive your life, and how you deal with it (or not) has nothing to do with woo woo. Therefore, GOING DEEPER doesn't mean to 'become more spiritual', do more yoga, meditate more or wear specific clothing (as there can be limitations in a our spiritual that do not allow us to see our energetic blindspots) - but rather to allow our UNCONSCIOUS TO BECOME PART OF OUR CONSCIOUS.

Focusing on what we don't have or what is not working yet aligns our energy to LACK and FLAWS in us, and is extremely counterproductive to our journey!


Basically, the energies of this week force us to look at these deeper or unconscious patterns (look up COPING PATTERNS) and learn how to heal/transcend them. For this you need an alignment to CONSTANT FEEDBACK, SELF-CORRECTION AND IMPROVEMENT, which pretty much sums up the deeper purpose of our journey.


Our FEARS OF THE FUTURE are nothing but our EGO's FEAR OF DYING - expressed in fear of LOSS, LACK or NOT BELONGING. Time to learn how to overcome this fear!



(paraphrased quote from the movie 'Sucker Punch')




Change can only frighten, stifle or freeze us because of our ego's inherent FEAR THE UNKNOWN. The more you make yourself familiar with things, the less scary they appear. Educate yourself, be it cryptos or energy work! Both of these new 'technologies' will help you to adapt more efficiently. Both can EMPOWER YOU and provide you with a ROADMAP to personal fulfillment on many different levels!



stay away from too much drinking alcohol and fatty foods this week! Your system is processing deeper aspects, which means it needs more TLC and less outer stress. Pay attention to anything you are 'ingesting' (including emotions, thoughts, and beliefs). Beware of falling for HYPES! Stay calm and witness developments rather than trying to be first or best. In this space you will find the slower speed that will allow you to make better (higher vibrational) choices! Otherwise you may experience ADRENAL FATIGUE SYMPTOMS flaring up.


Pay attention to your liver and PANCREAS! Energetically, they are linked to your core resistance and restrictions in life. Eat healthier, drink lemon water first thing in the morning, and have a cup dandelion root tea before going to bed.


we will most likely come across heavy FEAR OF LOSS, LACK and especially for those in the crypto market FEAR OF LOSING OUT OR BEING TOO LATE. The intensity of current collective energies triggers our core stuff, so be extra diligent to not fall into your old COPING PATTERNS, addictions or extremes. If you feel robotic, or that you are constantly putting fires out, take a break!


this week your ALIGNMENT is more important than the form or content you give to how you see your life! If you want to mentally address what is rubbing you the wrong way, you can ask yourself "What has already proven not to work" and develop the beginning stages or a STRATEGY on how to eliminate these aspects out of your life. However, the main theme for this and the coming weeks is REMEMBERING YOUR LIGHT WITHIN - leading you to the more spiritual aspect of your being...this cannot be done with the mind!


since we are experiencing a dip into the DEEPER ASPECTS OF SELF, don't be surprised to feel a little heavy this week. A deep need to belong or be with likeminded will continue to nag on you, so be extra careful not to violate your core values for the sake of 'being loved, validated or feeling safe'!

If you are a crypto investor, you will perceive current developments as delightful and it will inspire you spiritually, big time! However, you need to be cautious to not externalize your power to money, either! Don't throw everything away (family, relationship, home, job, friends), just because you are seeing the opportunity of a lifetime! Remember, seeing the the opportunity doesn't guarantee RESOLUTION of old/inner conflicts! Remember to connect within, and take regular time-outs from listening to crypto news!


1st and 7th Chakra are beginning to merge. This means that anything in the way of connect with our ENERGETIC/HIGHER SELF will most likely pop up (see chakra charts below). If you are imbalanced in the denser aspects listed above, you are running into danger to lose or compromise your ETHERIC UMMUNE SYSTEM. ENERGETIC SHIELDING is very important all throughout December!

The biggest issue besides our ability to transceive higher vibrational energies is our 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus fixation mechanism when things become less predictable/more frightful (due to our ANS). We have been conditioned to muscle through things. This will not help with dealing with current energies. You'e got to be willing to allow the deeper stuff to come forward.

Whenever core fears are triggered, as explained above, our unresolved KARMIC and INNER CHILD ATTACHMENTS take over! Expect a great opportunity to heal those in the next couple of weeks! Check out transcodes service to learn how to address/work with these aspects as they come up.

Continued: The energy tip for the next 2-3 weeks is to remind yourself to BREATHE THROUGH your (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) pain, and RESET your alignment to your higher goals in life!



I am still seeing fires (physical as well as diplomatic) escalate and grow, but I am more concerned about earthquake related changes (such as earth slides) that are heading towards us; this can also be seen in a social and political sense.

Personal Announcements: Please help me share the energy updates and videos! The number of likes and youtube subscriptions do not reflect the number of people watching them. I do not get paid for any of this, yet find myself progressively spending more and more time on compiling them, answering posts, and educating myself on cryptos, so I can relay this info to you without cost.

My choices are to charge for energy updates or to create a LARGER COMMUNITY. Therefore, I am working on making our Self-Healing Community more accessible for people on this journey. Stay tuned for a new and simple way for you to join this cool circle or likeminded people from all over the world!

Please check out our HEART WARRIORS RADIO , which went only first its first episode at: http://

If you don't want to be part of a 'group' (which it isn't really as nobody knows another) but want to send positive energy into my direction, sign up for working with me personally or donate. Those of you active in the crypto market (many of which have made lots of money in the past months through watching my videos) consider giving back by sharing this info or signing up for the only affiliate linkI've put out there. Thank you!

All the best!






The information provided here and accompanying material or personal recommendations is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered as financial advice. You should make an effort to do your own due diligence or consult financial advisory professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs. transCODES does not make any guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from using our content. No one should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial advisor and conducting his or her own research and due diligence. To the maximum extent permitted by law, transCODES disclaims any and all liability in the event any information, commentary, analysis, opinions, advice and/or recommendations prove to be inaccurate, incomplete or unreliable, or result in any investment or other losses.

In the video went through recent movements in the bitcoin world, and what they could mean for the future. As we are nearing the 'early adaptors' to recognize the crypto world, a lot more is to be expected. Again, watch the development of MARKETCAPITALIZATION and draw your own conclusions! We have't seen anything yet! (Nom, it's not too late!).

This week, I warned to not get sucked in by the HYPE and act irrational. It still is a jungle out there, so stay calm - you have time! Get a bitcoin wallet and load up on BITCOIN, bit by bit. If you want to play it safe, stick with the currencies (Litecoin and Etherium) apart from bitcoin.

Continue to pay attention to the integrity of companies, if you are researching ICO's. Are they centralized or decentralized? Are they practicing open source or do they merely present great marketing?

Invest in proper TRADING TOOLS and find good sources for educating yourself that resonates with you. I recommended buying Clif High's Monthly Crypto Report and below you can find a list of you tubers I like, and where I receive my info from (THANK YOU CLIF, JSNIP, JAY, MIKEB and IVAN!)

Continue researching the USE CASE (application of tokens/companies!), for example Tokens/Companies that provide Crypto Infrastructure or practical use to the digital currency world:

* Wallets: Pillar, Ethos, Wave

* Software/Smart-Contract protocols: Etherium, Neo, Iota

* Payment Platforms: Utrust

* Decentralized Exchanges: Eos

* Lending/Invoice Factoring/Payroll: Veritasium, Populous, Paypie, Salt, Spectre

* Future Technologies: Foodcoin

Start with watching the recording of our first Sacred Self-Healing Webinar (free for members) in October here:


My tips for educating yourself through articles are:

Besides coming to our Sacred Self-Healing live crypto workshops (free for members), here a few youtubers that I recommend to start with (even though some of them can be quite annoying, but their info is good):

Ivan on Tech


Arcane bear

Clif High


Mike b

Suppoman has a couple of udemy video courses ($10-15 on sale) that are worth watching. He is more of a day trader but his videos give you a good overview what it happening daily.

Jsnip4 has a course membership for people interested in professional crypto trading:

Beware of getting too mesmerized by the current gains possible! It is energetically NOT conducive to allow yourself to fixate on cryptos! Find balance!


Twitter Accounts worthwhile following (more technical):

Vitalek Buterin (Etherium)

Charlie Lee (Litecoin)

Those of you who feel they want to buy into some of these emerging businesses I have been mentioning in my videos can email me for more detailed information or book ENERGETIC ABUNDANCE SESSIONS with me. Heart-Warriors and members of our Self-Healing Community can discuss this with me in person.

Next week I will start a CRYPTO FOLIO for 2018 for you.

Stay calm and ask your heart to guide you!



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